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Easy Sliding: Enhancing Your Rod Pocket Curtains

The rod curtains look stunning on windows, change the room’s aura, and form an elegant visual look with several rods mounted on a window. Rod pocket curtains have style, fashion, and advanced features, meaning they are never out of fashion.

But did you know that rod pocket curtains are not supposed to be shifted to either side of the window or door after being fixed? Their opening and closing tamper with their design, thus, losing the fashionable, classic, and appealing look they bring to a room.

However, there are different ways you can make the rod pocket curtains slide with ease while maintaining a healthy balance and a fantastic look on them. Join me as I take you through how you can do it.

Rod Pocket Curtains Slide

How To Make Rod Pocket Curtains Slide Easier

The purpose of the rod curtains is to give space for all curtain parts to be correctly fixed, thus effortlessly fixing them on pin hooks, rings, or rods along with their pockets as the ring offers stability to the hook.

How can you make them slide easily? Take a look

Curtain Slide Tape

For a smooth look on the rod, use the slide tape on top of the curtain rod. It will create a smooth look on the rod to allow easy sliding of the curtains and smoothen the rod to enable the rings to pass over the joint curtain connectors.

Custom-cut the Curtain Rods

It is a perfect option if your primary challenge is from the extending joint in the middle of the curtain. The custom-cut rod is measured and cut to the exact length of your preference, meaning you wouldn’t need to extend the curtains instead of a single material without a visible connector joint at the middle of the ring to stop the curtains from sliding into the rod.

Dry Silicone Spray

It is a non-sticky liquid form that is fast dry when applied on a particular surface. Spraying it at the top of the rod offers a smooth surface that quickly lets the rings slide into the curtain. Additionally, it doesn’t attract dirt from the rod to the curtain due to its non-stick characteristic. Therefore, you can easily slide in your pocket curtains.

Measuring Tape 

 It will assist you in bypassing the connecting joint by cutting out 6-inches from the measuring tape and using glue/double-sided tape to stick it over the gap like a ramp.

If the whole rod is uneven and catching the rings, measure the length of the rod and glue the tape across. Its top to form smooth surface rings to glide across.

Use of Rings

You can hang the rod curtain on rings to avoid stress. When attaching the rings with curtain clips watch for the ring spacing equidistant from them and use more clips for extra heavy curtains.

A glance at how you can easily slide your curtains

  • For wood rods, wrap them with some waxed paper
  • Coat your curtain rods with silicone spray to reduce the friction on the rods.
  • Enlarge the pockets of your curtains to prevent them from snugly tightly on your rod.
  • You can install some holdbacks to separate your curtains and pin them back to the wall.

Reasons Why They Don’t Slide Easily

Rod pocket curtains can be very hard to slide. Here is why:

Connector choice

What you use as a connector to the curtain plays a vital role in how the curtain will slide to the rod. Rods with differing shorter interlocks and slides are difficult to slide because the connecting joints are unseen. As a result, the curtain slides to one side. While the other side cannot slide in nicely because it is stuck on the connecting joints.

Painted/wooden Rods

The curtains cannot slide into the rod with the wooden or painted rods and neither would they find their way out when forced. Painted rods get damaged in the course of painting them after fabrication. They are not meant for hanging the curtains.

The constant movement of the rings over the surfaces of wooden rods/ painted rods causes damage like chipping becomes jagged and uneven curtain rod top for the rings to catch.

Wood is also susceptible to temperature change. For instance, the moisture in the air changes, and wood responds to the changes by expanding and contracting all day long.

 The solution to the above issue is to spray the wooden rod with dry silicone. Lightly sand the surface to offer it a good base before spraying for a perfect outcome. 

 It would be best if you used smooth rods.

Dirt and Dust

Over time, most people will wash the curtains, but they forget. To clean the curtain rods because they don’t know their importance to the curtains. Too much dirt and dust become an impediment. To the rod resulting in a lack of friction that enables ease of sliding the curtains into the rod.

Lack of friction makes it hard to fix the curtain in the rod. Using force damages the curtain or hooks it in an unattractive way.

Significance OF Curtains Sliding Easily 

The ease and extendibility of the curtains have some advantages, such as:

Versatile- The curtains can be easily moved for any purpose, making them a range of options for you in the house. They can partition a room, use them as storage for a specific thing in the house and secure a workstation.

Easily folded to the sides, you can form a dividing and protection space within the curtain once you get your curtains to slide sideways easily.

Rod pocket curtains are elegant and classy. With the suitable options to boost their sliding into their extendable. They will make a room look coordinated and well blended with the entire décor of the room.

Although the rod pocket curtains can be a pain to open and close. By applying the hints in this article, the struggle of hard curtain rods and rings will be a by-gone story. You’ll get back to enjoying the appealing effect they will bring to your room.