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Effective Rust Removal Methods for Vinyl Flooring

Rust stains on vinyl flooring,  is believed to be resistant to most spills and stains. Unfortunately, some substances tend to leave long-lasting marks and rust on vinyl flooring. Learning how to get the rust off vinyl flooring will help you save money and keep the floor looking clean and attractive for years.

You can use various options ranging from common homemade remedies to commercial cleaners to remove rust from vinyl flooring. Before you start the cleaning process, Rust stains on vinyl flooring important to note that vinyl flooring is vulnerable to damage, and you need to be keen to avoid worsening the stained area and the unaffected surface

Please don’t use the highly concentrated bleaching substance or any product known to have poor outcomes when cleaning vinyl flooring.

What You Need to Know Before Removing Stains from Vinyl Flooring

Rust stains in vinyl flooring can be ugly and challenging to remove because of the vinyl composition. Vinyl is manufactured from ethylene and chlorine. Therefore, it’s a  durable synthetic material that is usually used as a substitute for metal flooring.

Vinyl is cheap and easy to install. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to rust stains, particularly when the oxygen flows continuously and reacts with vinyl through oxidation.

How To Get Rust off Vinyl Flooring Using The Homemade Solutions

Rust stains on vinyl flooring

Materials needed

  • Rags
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda


When you’ve assembled all the materials listed above, it’s time to do the work.

  1. Apply a thin layer of baking soda over the rust stain on the vinyl flooring. Baking soda has a rough texture making it an abrasive that is useful when scrubbing.
  2. Wet the rag using Vinegar.
  3. Start scrubbing by rubbing the wet rag over the stained vinyl flooring.
  4. Rinse the rag as you repeat rubbing it over the stained surface until the rust fades away.
  5. Finally, you must rinse the vinyl surface and wipe it using clean water. Remember that Vinegar is acidic, and it shouldn’t be left on the vinyl floor for too long.

How to Get Rust off Vinyl Flooring with Magic Eraser

Magic erasers are mainly used to remove scuffs from walls and floors. However, it can also be used to get the rust off the vinyl flooring.

Materials Needed

  • Magic Eraser
  • Piece of cloth


  1. Make the magic eraser wet by inserting it into a bowl containing water.
  2. Squeeze out excess water.
  3. Hold the magic eraser firmly and scrub it gently over the rust spot on the vinyl flooring.
  4. Repeat the scrubbing process several times until the rust fades away.
  5. Wipe the scrubbed area using a damp cloth to remove the residue and reveal the vinyl flooring that is rust stain-free.

How to Get Rust off Vinyl Flooring Using the Commercial Removers

Marine supply stores and home improvement shops have oxalic acid powder or solution that can be used in getting rust off the vinyl flooring. Oxalic acid is a highly poisonous substance. Therefore, you should buy it in small amounts and keep any reminders away from the reach of children.

Materials Needed

  • 5% Oxalic acid Solution
  • Protective gears
  • Bucket


Wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask when handling oxalic acid. You need to ensure ultimate protection before starting the cleaning process. In addition, the area you’re cleaning should be well ventilated, and also test the acid in a very small area to see whether it will harm your precious vinyl flooring.

  • Use a spray bottle to sprinkle the oxalic acid solution over the stained area.
  • Turn the bucket over the oxalic acid to prevent the fumes from escaping into the air. Remove the upended bucket only when you’re sure that the area is well-ventilated.
  • Leave the sprinkled oxalic acid in contact with the rust stain for approximately one hour.
  • Rinse the spot using clean water.

Products that You Should Avoid Coming in Contact With Vinyl Flooring

Please avoid the chlorinated floor cleaners when getting rust off the vinyl floors. They worsen the staining and cause other irreversible damage to the vinyl floor.

Regular bleach also has the potential of causing issues in vinyl flooring, especially if it’s colored; it can leave white splotches that are challenging to remove. In fact, the only bleach that you can use to remove rust from vinyl flooring is wood bleach.

Chlorine bleaches can set rust in the vinyl flooring because it has oxidizers. Avoid the standard bleach because it will cause yellow staining or discolor the entire floor design.

How to Prevent Stains From Forming On Your Vinyl Flooring

Rust stains on vinyl flooring

You can avoid rust forming on your vinyl floor by taking good care of it and ensuring that the floor has the proper treatment and finish. Additionally, follow the tips below to prevent rust from forming on your vinyl flooring:

  • Please don’t use the metal nail when installing the vinyl flooring since they rust easily.
  • Avoid splashing too much water on the floor.
  • The faucet flow should be kept low whenever possible to stop the water droplets from hitting the floor.
  • The rain-soaked shoes and coats should be rerouted through the different areas of the house whenever possible.

By preventing rust from forming on your vinyl flooring, you will have it looking great for several years. It’s also important to use the right products when cleaning vinyl floors since they contribute to the appearance and durability of the floor.

Wrap Up

Getting rust off vinyl flooring is possible using common homemade remedies. The average product in your household is cheap, and the entire process of rust removal will be inexpensive. The home remedies you need to remove rust from vinyl floors include baking soda, Vinegar, rags, and a bucket of water.

The concept behind the use of baking soda is because of its rough texture that helps in scrubbing. Baking soda also oxidises the stains. On the other hand, Vinegar loosens the stains making it easy for you to wipe them out using a wet rag.

Another solution that you can employ to remove rust off the vinyl floor is the magic eraser. It works by scrubbing off the rust without causing harm to the vinyl material. The second commercial product that can be used in removing stains from vinyl flooring is the oxalic acid solution. 

Oxalic acid is poisonous. Therefore, you need proper gear when handling them. Find all the steps and instructions on using the magic eraser and oxalic acid to get the rust off the vinyl flooring above.