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Fitbit vs Koretrak: Choosing Your Perfect Health Tracker

Fitbit vs Koretrak The most popular bodyweight fitness tracker used to be Fitbit. It has been one of the biggest players in the market and if you want to track your physical/mental health, Fitbit would definitely be an easy recommendation.

However, Arun Huang, CEO of Koretrak thinks otherwise. More like Fitbit, Koretrak is a bodyweight fitness tracker that uses a simple formula of converting your bodyweight into a metric to show you how many steps you have walked.

Here’s a detailed comparison between Fitbit and Koretrak to help find which one’s best for you.

Fitbit vs Koretrak Pro: Explained

Fitbit vs Koretrak

Fitbit and Koretrak are two of the most attractive and reasonably priced watches that keep an eye on your health. These fitness trackers are recognized for helping people achieve their fitness goals by monitoring their health perspective. Both are designed for you to attain key information and precise ideas about your health matters.

They both come with features that track your health and show time, daily activity, as well as health rate. At glance, one might think they resemble an ordinary watch, but coming down to performance, these are more than just wearable gadgets. They’ll even monitor your sleep and show notifications as soon as you have them on your wrist.

In simple terms, Koretrak and Fitbit are very effective and promising gadgets to monitor your health. It also incorporate many different features such as blood pressure, heartbeat rate, and oxygen level, alongside many other things. They are an amazing option for someone who doesn’t want to spend so much on those expensive healthy courses. They can monitor your health quite effectively.

The Difference between Fitbit vs Koretrak Pro

On a basic level, KoreTrak Pro is a convenient and simple wearable tracker that helps you to stay healthy and active. It enables you to track workouts, heart rate, and much more – whether it’s done on your own or with the help of expert yoga instructors or personal trainers.

Koretrak functionality includes one-button access to the basics (like calories burned, and steps taken) while providing more advanced feedback over time to keep your motivation up and increase your track of what works best for your body.

Fitbit fitness tracker is yet another wonderful blend of fabulous features and functionalities. One of the best aspects about these Fitbit smartwatches is that they all have IP68 water-resistant features, which makes them suitable for use in different environments.

 In terms of tracking, it has additional features to help you better track your workouts, sleep patterns, and many other things with just a single device – wouldn’t that be amazing?

The Fitbit benefits don’t end there though because when users are on their Fitbit app they also get to connect with the Fitbit community where users can establish competitive relationships to help encourage each other on healthier living practices – something that makes all the difference out there.

You can also have all your text messages sent directly to your wrist so that you don’t need to take out your phone while running errands or if you’re busy at work. And if the tracker goes far away from your mobile device too far away there’s the option of connecting to the internet using an optional SIM card.

Koretrak vs Fitbit: Comparison Table

Fitbit vs Koretrak

Features Koretrak Fitbit
Waterproof Yes Water resistance
Calling/text message vibration alerts Yes Yes
Track key health metrics such as blood and oxygen levels Yes Yes
Colors White and Gold Different straps of varied colors available
Sleep pattern detection Yes Yes
Wireless Charger Yes No
Price 49.99 $289.51


Koretrak Pro Key Features

  •         The device is available in many different types that allow the user to monitor their health effectively.
  •         The rating of IP67 means that the water is completely water resistant
  •         Comes with a built-in USB charger hidden by the wristband
  •         It features oxygen circulation sensors
  •         Distinct tendency to store your data for up to seven days
  •         Ability to track and measure heart rate
  •         LCD screen that shows everything and operates with a touch button

On the flip side though, the Koretrak fitness watch is not provided with an inbuilt GPS, which can be a handy feature to help track locations. Also, it is only available on the company’s official website.

Fitbit Key Features

  •         Available in many different colors and syncs
  •         One of the best cheapest, compact, and water-resistance devices
  •         Oxygen saturation
  •         Shows more about your heart and health
  •         It is enhanced with monitoring steps, calories, distance, and active time of the day
  •         User-friendly and can be used by just about anybody

Just like Koretrak, however, Fitbit also has its fair share of downsides. This device is not provided with GPS, and according to previous users, it requires continuous charging. It is also not designed to allow app downloads and there’s no control over the music.

Koretrak vs Fitbit: Pricing

Speaking of price, a decent smartwatch can retail anywhere between $50-$500 depending on the model, battery life, and excess features. Koretrak, in particular, is becoming more and more popular in countries around the globe including Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, and many other nations.

Fitbit, on the other hand, is available in many different stores, but you might want to buy it from its official website, where it is offered at around $150. It’s important to note that these prices are not constant and may vary with time. Otherwise, you can purchase many different brands and types from as low as $30 to upwards of $500.

The Bottom Line

So, which health watch is right for you? Well, it really depends on your needs and preferences. Both health watches come from two of the most popular brands, and they all have a lot to offer. That said, if you want a watch that tracks everything, KoreTrak Pro is a great choice. If you want a watch with some unique features, Fitbit is a great recommendation.