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Fixing Maytag Washer Startup Issues: DIY Troubleshooting Guide

Fixing Maytag Washer Startup Issues, A washer not starting can cause you much frustration. This is especially true if you have large heaps of clothes that need to be washed. However, identifying the root cause of a washer not starting for most washers is an easy task.

This article will walk you through some things you can check before consulting a professional if your Maytag washer won’t start. If you are handy with basic repairs and can handle small appliances, you will probably be able to fix the issue independently.

Maytag Washer Won’t Start: Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

Fixing Maytag Washer Startup Issues

Issue With Incoming Power

One issue that bothers appliance owners the most is troubleshooting the washing machine. A washing machine has many moving parts; therefore, mistakes are common.

Start by checking the power supply when your Maytag washer won’t turn on.

Test the outlet with a multimeter to check whether it is working. The outcome can be that your outlet is producing low voltage or not functioning.

Fixing Maytag Washer Startup Issues the problem is low voltage, you have probably overloaded your outlet. To solve the issue, you need to disconnect other devices connected to that outlet.

Fixing Maytag Washer Startup Issuesyour outlet does not have any power, check the circuit breaker. If it is tripped, ensure you turn it back to the on position. The problem could be your outlet if the circuit breakers are not the issue. To verify this, try connecting your washer to another outlet. You might need to replace the outlet if it is broken.

Perform a Hard Reset

Your washing machine might require a hard reset to get it back in working order if you’ve done everything and it’s still not working.

Below are the steps on how to hard reset your Maytag washer

  • Plug the device out
  • For 5 seconds, hold down the start button
  • For another five seconds, hold down the pause button
  • To restart the device, plug it back in and press the power button

A Stuck Maytag Washer Start Button

If the start button of your washer is stuck, the washer will not start.

Apply light pressure to the areas near the start button if it is stuck. Additionally, you can tap the region around the button to help remove any foreign objects that might be lodged there and restore the button’s functionality.

Control Lock is Active

The Control Lock feature on your Maytag washer prevents you from operating it while it is plugged in. This feature is activated by continuously pressing the lock button or the washer’s start button for three seconds. Once active, the feature locks all functions, thus preventing accidental starts.

 To disable the control lock feature, you need to press the lock/unlock for three seconds or continuously press the start button until all the display lights on the washers go off. 

If it doesn’t work, hold down the “Delay” or “Delay/Extra Rinse” buttons for 10 seconds to deactivate the control lock.

Improper Washer Settings

There are a few things to examine if your washer won’t start. Check to see if your Delay Start setting is taking up the time you intended for your cycle to run. Additionally, confirm that the washer door is shut and that your chosen setting is appropriate for your wash load.

Choose “Adjust cycles” from the main menu on the screen of your washing machine to make changes.

Faulty Lid Switch

The lid switch on your Maytag washer may be damaged if it won’t turn on. Close the washer lid to see if it’s functioning correctly. No click? Your Maytag washer might not start because of the lid switch, which must be replaced.

Faulty Control Board

User control boards, commonly known as display boards, frequently malfunction in Maytag washers.   This board is often the blame when a button doesn’t work after being pressed. Some buttons won’t operate at all, while others will only function occasionally.

Unplug the washer and remove the three screws supporting the control panel to access the user control board. Check the continuity of each wire with a multimeter to ensure none of them have been burned through.

A new user control board is required if there is no continuity or if a wire is discovered to be burned.

Faulty Timer

Fixing Maytag Washer Startup Issues

A machine’s spinning and washing functions are managed by timers, which make up the timing system of a Maytag washer. The washer is advanced through its cycles by the timer till the cycle is finished.

The timer also checks and maintains the water level in the tub by continuously adding water to the tub to make up for water lost to evaporation or drainage.

The timer system in multiple-cycle washers additionally consists of breakable springs and gears. Your washer will continue to run through some cycles, even if a spring or gear breaks, but not others. It might also fail to start at all.

The entire timer assembly must be changed even if just one timer component is damaged. Getting an expert to handle the repair process is crucial because it can take a long time if you choose to do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Maytag Washers Have a Reset Button?

Maytag washers do not have a reset button. However, if you want to reset the washer, you can unplug it for five minutes and then plug it back in.

Why is Your Maytag Washer Stuck on Sensing?

Maytag washers occasionally experience programming issues; an algorithm may have failed. This leads to it getting stuck on sensing. If you experience this with your washer, try resetting it and see what will happen. Unplugging it for around 5 minutes, then connecting it back in is the simplest way to reset it (you can also reset it via the breaker).

Final Take

Fixing Maytag Washer Startup Issues is common for a Maytag Washer not to start. If your Maytag Washer fails to start, the troubleshooting tips discussed in this article will be helpful.