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Troubleshooting Guide: Why is Your Softheat Light Heating Pad Blinking and How to Fix It

Everyone enjoys using a heating pad to relieve discomfort and pain. This is especially true if you use a heating pad by Softheat Light. It is far more effective than taking a bath at improving circulation and easing pain and stiffness.

It can be annoying when your heating pad begins to blink. Your heating pad is no longer functional in this situation. In the end, the old pad’s ineffective operation will increase the desire to purchase a new one.

But you shouldn’t waste your money buying a new heating pad. This article will walk you through some reasons why a heating pad may blink and how to fix the problems.

Heating Pad by Softheat Light Just Blinks

It is not uncommon for a heating pad to blink. When a heating pad by Softheat  Light blinks, different colors indicate different issues.

Heating Pad by Softheat Light Blinking Faint Red Light

The faint red right here indicates that you have utilized your heating pad for so long. Just like with every electrical device, a heating pad needs to be recharged after using it for a long time.

So if your heating pad is blinking a faint red light, you need to stop using it and allow it to recharge before resuming to use it.

A red light blinking could also indicate that the cables of your heating pad are not well connected. So, also make sure to check the connection of your heating pad if it is blinking red light.

Heating Pad by Softheat Light Blinking Green Light

The heating pad often displays a green light when it is functioning correctly. However, its timer is working inadequately if it is blinking green light.  Resting the heating pad will help solve the issue.

How to Reset a Heating Pad by Softheat Light

Resetting a heating pad by Soft heat Light can help solve the blinking issues. Below are the easy steps on how to reset a Softheat heating pad:

  • Unplug the heating pad from the power source
  • Keep the device disconnected for at least 30 seconds
  • Finally, reconnect your heating pad to the power source.

The steps above should help reset the heating pad, thus solving the blinking issues.

What if the Blinking Persists?

If the blinking persists, then you should clean your heating pad. Below are the steps on how to clean a heating pad:

  • Examine the Plug. Make sure the power cord is correctly seated in the wall before you do anything else. Most of the time, an outlet cord that is not correctly inserted is the most straightforward answer.
  • Unplug. Unplug the heating pad from the power source if the cord is firmly inserted into the socket. Always unplug before working on anything with an electrical component since the electric shock is no good thing.
  •  Open the Control. Carefully pry open the control on the cord with a screwdriver. To avoid damaging the control, use your screwdriver with caution.
  • Clean the Control. If you have alcohol and a cotton swab, use those. A microfiber cloth should work if not. To ensure no dust, dirt, or debris causing the issue, thoroughly clean the control.
  • Reassemble the Control. Use your screwdriver to reinstall the control once convinced that the unit has been thoroughly cleaned. Before using the pad, ensure that everything has been firmly and appropriately fastened.

What Advantages Does a Heating Pad Offer?

We know that heating pads can benefit our muscles and joints, but what other benefits can they provide? Understanding the full scope of what a heating pad can accomplish, particularly for people with underlying illnesses, can open up a new world of possibilities.

  • Better Circulation. Impaired circulation can have significant effects on the body. By enhancing circulation, the body can more quickly deliver nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and joints. Increased circulation helps to reduce inflammation, repair damaged muscles, and lessen back stiffness.
  • Reduce Stiffness and Pain. Back pain is among the most frequent causes of using a heating pad. When it’s severe enough, back discomfort can be almost completely incapacitating. A heating pad helps relax stiff, tense, and aching muscles, enhancing comfort and reducing pain.
  • Superior to Baths. The same health advantages of a heating pad can also be obtained via hot baths. However, bathing requires drawing a bath, stepping into the water, waiting for it to warm up, etc. With a heating pad, you can get pain treatment whenever you need it without all the fuss.

Why is Heating Pad Not Working

It’s bad enough when a red light flashes. But what if a heating pad has completely stopped functioning?

Several problems could be at play in this situation. The control unit on the wire has most frequently become dusty or blocked with debris.

The quickest cure is to wipe out the control unit, as described above. Make sure all of the internal parts are securely fastened. The heating pad can malfunction due to loose parts.

It might be time for a new heating pad if cleaning the control unit doesn’t work.

The Heating Pad’s Flashing F

A heating pad typically has a flashing red light when there is a problem. However, depending on the heating pad brand, you might see a flashing “F” on the LCD. But don’t be perplexed. The message is essentially the same.

The flashing F shows that the heating pad’s connection has not been made securely enough. The heating pad cannot function correctly because the control area is improperly connected to the power plug.

Do Heating Pads Automatically Turn Off?

The difficulty of having to remember to switch off a heating pad can outweigh its many benefits. It might be highly problematic if the heating pad is still on when you fall asleep.

Since it’s not a good idea to leave the heating blanket on for extended periods, there could be fire and health risks.

Your heating pad can include an auto-off timer, depending on the brand. Most of them are configured to switch off after two hours or so.