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How Much Does It Cost To Build A 24×30 Garage?

There are several reasons why you may want to add a garage to your home or property. In addition to protecting your car against elements, a garage can provide extra storage space and workspace for everything from car repairs to woodworking projects.

However, one of the most common questions among homeowners and property owners alike is the average cost of building a garage per square foot.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Build A 24×30 Garage?

While the national average cost to build a garage is $24, 000, or around $50 per square foot, the cost of building a 24×30 garage can be anywhere around $31,200. Garage cost can vary considerably depending on location, materials, size, and finishes like electricity and garage door style.

Single-Car Garage Cost

Typically, single-car garages come in many different shapes and sizes, each with its own price tag. You may want to choose a slightly larger footprint for extra storage space.

The cost for a single-car garage can range anywhere from $15,000 (12 by 24 feet) to $20,400 (14 by 28 feet). The costs are calculated using a $52 per square foot average and rounded to the nearest $100.

2-Car Garage Cost

A two-car garage typically costs an average of $52 per square foot to build. However, garage construction costs like a security system, slab foundation, and livable loft space mean that you could pay between $35 per square foot.

Perhaps the largest cost factor for multi-car garages is the number of garage doors that need to be installed. Subject to your lot size and how you plan to access your cars, you may choose to park side-by-side or front-to-back, commonly known as a tandem.

3-Car Garage Cost

Garages designed to accommodate three or more cars often cost more because they require more square footage. They are suitable for families with multiple vehicles ranging from recreational vehicles to economical cars.

The average cost to build a three-car garage can range anywhere from $44,900 (for a 36 by 24 feet garage) to $62,000 (for a 30 by 40 feet garage). Note that a single-car, detached garage kit can cost around $7,250 while an attached three-car garage with loft can cost about $50,000.

Detached Garage Cost

The cost of detached garages can range from $ 1,500 for a no-frills stainless steel kit that fits one car to $50,000 for a barn-like custom garage that accommodates three or more cars in an in-law suite.

The actual costs will depend on the size, functionality, labor, and materials. Stainless steel garage kits with manual garage doors and no insulation are often the most affordable and fastest to build.

Meanwhile, detached garages with siding, trim, and roofing that match your home will definitely cost more. You will have to hire an electrician if you’re installing or updating electrical to your detached garage to suit the security system, lighting, and automatic garage openers.

You will also need to hire a plumber to install wet features such as a drain, hose, or work-station sink.

Attached Garage Cost

It will cost an average of 26,000 to attach a garage to your home or property. However, you may end up paying anything from $10,000 to $43,000 depending on how many vehicles you’d like to accommodate and whether it provides livable space.

It usually costs less to install a new electrical or plumbing to an attached garage, especially where those features connect with existing lines. For example, if you want a garage with an apartment, consider choosing a floor plan that permits new wet rooms to share walls with your existing bathroom or laundry.

Also, you may need to replace the door connecting your home to the garage with one that is fire-rated. Consider checking local housing codes or talking to your garage contractor.

Garage Material Cost

On average, the garage material cost can range anywhere from $15 to $40 per square foot. This typically works out at $5,250 to 14,000 for an average 350-square-foot garage. Note that this does not include the cost of hiring a contractor or paying for building permits.

The costs vary significantly depending on whether you want a bare-bones model or a high-quality finish with an insulated interior, running water, electricity, and HVAC.

Adding windows, upgrading the flooring, or specifying better roofing or designer doors all add to the total build cost.

To put up a garage, you will need to start with the foundation. The average cost of a concrete slab foundation is $4 to $8 per square foot. Be sure to measure the length and width of your new garage foundation to generate a rough project budget with the following costs per square foot:

  • Foundation Cost: $4-$8
  •  Framing Cost: $5-$15
  • Siding Cost: $2-%50
  • Roofing Cost: $1-$10

Remember to coordinate concrete installation with any plumbing, drainage, or HVAC system requirements. It’s recommended that you hire a general contractor to complete the project successfully and on budget.

More to the foundation, you’ll either need a prefabricated garage kit or a custom wood frame to raise/erect the walls and roof.

After that, you can install the garage door as well as any exterior doors and windows. Check the following per-unit costs, including materials, labor and add them to your project budget:

  • Exterior Door: $600-$700
  • Exterior Windows: $100-$700
  • Garage Door: $600-$1,500

If you want a finished garage, you will need electricity to install a garage door opener, electric vehicle charging stations, and lighting. After installing electrical and optional plumbing, then you can proceed to insulation, drywall, painting, and other features such as storage solutions.

  • Garage Door Opener: $200-$525
  • Lighting: $80-$900
  • Storage solution: $500-$10,000
  •  Electric vehicle charging station: $1,000-$2,300


Having a well-constructed, secure garage can be a great investment for your home or property. You are likely to boost your ROI by creating livable square footage as your household grows, probably to suit guests or tenets. While single, or two-car garages are most common, the cost to build a 24×30 garage is often worth it.