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Is a Towel Warmer Worth the Investment?

Towel Warmer Worth, For that ultimate comfort after your bath, a towel warmer can heat your towels to the much-needed temperature so you dry off quickly and thoroughly. You can also count on the towel warmer to dry your towels.

However, when deciding to buy something that costs a substantial amount of money, there’s one inevitable question that hits most people’s minds “is it worth it?” This is especially the case if the items aren’t really a must-have in a home.

But what’s make buying something worth the price? Well, the idea of worth can be very subjective; what may seem good value for you might not be as good for me. Meanwhile, towel warmers (also known as heated towel rails) often range in price from $149-$499.

Various factors that determine price include product quality, durability, size, control features, number of rails, and energy source. A good towel warmer that’s durable, energy-efficient and heats evenly can be well worth the cost. So let’s get closer to these factors in a bit more detail.

The Cost of a Towel Warmer

Towel Warmer Worth

While the most budget electric towel warmer can be perfectly usable in warming your towels, high-end models tend to deliver more heat more evenly.

Premium high-quality towels are developed with more durable materials, and usually include auto shut off with a built-in timer function. Some of them even have more capacity (greater number of rails) and more reliable aesthetics.

Are Towel Warmers Worth it? Factors to Consider

As stated before, towel warmers can cost as much as $4599 depending on the style you choose. The question of whether a towel warmer is worth it or not can be attributed to the following factors.

Level of Satisfaction

This basically pertains to the benefits associated with the towel warmer and the reasons for purchasing it. Do you often get out of the shower, grab a towel and afterward get shivers while drying yourself with a cold towel, or do you prefer the idea of having a nice toasty towel waiting for you at the end of a shower?  Generally, towel warmers have a lot of tertiary benefits as well.

A good towel warmer can help heat up your bathroom. Bathrooms can get particularly cold during winter. And if you’re of those who find themselves dreading going to the toilet early in the morning because the bathroom is cold, towels warmers are for you.

Towel Warmer Worth  your bathroom is not well-heated, a towel warmer does a great job at improving the overall temperature within the bathroom- even though there’re other ways of heating the same. 

Personal Financial Situation

How much money are you willing to spend on it? Not just on the purchasing cost; you also have to consider the running cost and the installation expense. Different towel warmers tend to have different technology, which may have a significant effect on these costs.

Therefore, you need to consider which model suits you the best. While simple electric free-standing towel warmers can start around $100, high-end specialized models will go into thousands.

How Much/Long Will You Use the Product?

Are you going to use the towel warmer every day? Do you want it for towels only or would like to use on other clothing? Are you planning to use it throughout the year, or past winter months?

The purpose and how you’re planning to use your tower warmer will also dictate how often you use it. If you’re buying this for regular use, then that definitely affirms the case for investing to get one.

Cost of other Alternatives

Do you have alternatives? If yes, how much do they cost? For instance, if you’re just warming your towels, perhaps you could stick the towel in a tumble dryer- but that’s not a great idea as it takes up a chunk of electricity

For heating the bathroom, several options exist such as heated floors. But they’re also costly to install and maintain.

Now you’ve probably realized that even though you have options, they are expensive to secure and maintain, and most likely they don’t serve other different purposes that a towel warmer does.

The Type of Towel Warmer

It’s not all about purchasing a towel warmer; you also want to consider what model and features you want. You can choose between electric and hydronic towel warmers. Also, you can choose between freestanding and wall-mounted towel warmers.

Would you like a rail-type towel warmer or you’re interested in a cabinet towel warmer like the Brookstone towel warmer?

There are many options out there with varying price ranges for you to choose from. Price ranges from $149 way up to the thousands. Therefore, the type of towel warmer you choose will determine how much you’ll spend at last.

Are Towel Warmers Worth It? The Bottom Line

Towel Warmer Worth

At last, whether towel warmers are worth the price is upon you to decide, of course, based on the factors we discussed. Also, even when you decide to get one, you still need to consider which type of towel warmer will work best for you.

Most models are fairly affordable, making them an agreeable purchase. Prices usually start from around $140 and go up into thousands, for premium high-end specialized options. Moreover, towels warmers are available in different sizes, with enough variety to meet different needs and budgets.

Most people love warmers mainly because of the different uses and benefits they offer. Aside from warming towels, a good model can help dry clothes and heat the bathroom as well.

It can be a worthwhile investment and a pretty good value for money. Certainly, if you live somewhere that can get real cold in the course of the year, the luxury of having a warm bathroom and warm towels is indeed remarkable.