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Kitchenaid vs Insinkerator Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a timely invention that has been a significant contributor to environmental conservation efforts. 

While households benefit by not having to deal with the significantly difficult problem of food waste disposal, it is the overall environmental benefits that are truly essential.

Garbage disposals shred and pulverize food waste and dispose of it into a septic tank to be discarded through the sewer system in the same way as human waste.

By doing so, landfills do not get to be bombarded with the colossal amounts of food waste that is produced by each household. 

Aside from the fact that food waste cannot be incinerated in these amounts, it cannot be composted either in any meaningful way in these amounts.

By letting food waste decompose in landfills, we expose the air, soil, and water bodies to vast amounts of methane gas which will be released continually by decomposing organic waste.

Methane gas is dangerous to just about all forms of life both flora and fauna. Garbage disposals counter this problem by having food waste redirected into treatment plants instead.

Unlike any other appliance, garbage disposals are manufactured by only a handful of companies with Kitchenaid and Insinkerator being two of the best brands of garbage disposal.

Kitchenaid vs Insinkerator garbage disposal: Features to Look Out For

The following are the features to look for when selecting either garbage disposal:

  • Stainless steel body
  • Noise level or quiet operation
  • Multiple grind sections
  • The power cord
  • Anti-jamming feature
  • Quick-mount feature
  • Continuous feed or Batch feed 
  • Warranty


Stainless steel body

The best garbage disposal is one that is made of stainless steel since food waste and the process of grinding it for years is certain to cause corrosion and wear over time. For the sake of durability, go for a garbage disposal that is made of stainless steel.

Some garbage disposals can have an outer cavity that is made of equally durable polymer plastic which is also a good option if the blades are made of stainless steel. Many of the garbage disposals available now are being made of stainless steel.

Noise level

Garbage disposals make quite the ruckus while in operation which is expected but newer models are being fitted with materials and features that can absorb vibration to reduce and counter noise production. 

This is increasingly important since garbage disposals are also advancing in technology which allows bones and corn cobs to be disposed of in the garbage disposal. 

These kinds of food waste are bound to send the noise level of your garbage disposal up so nose reduction is going to become more of a necessity than a luxury feature of garbage disposals.

Multiple grinding sections

In order to completely pulverize food waste, it may be better to have more than one grinding chamber and many newer models have three grinding chambers instead of one chamber. 

The finer the end product that gets disposed into the septic tank the easier the overall job of treating waste so buy a model that has multiple grinding sections other than just one.

The power cord

Garbage disposals have to be connected via hardwired connections or on dedicated circuits and in many cases, the power cord must accommodate a higher voltage level. Some brands do not come with a power cord forcing you to buy it separately.

Some brands however have their own cord in the packaging so go for these brands instead so that there are no added costs and no risk of buying a power cord that is unsuitable for your garbage disposal.

Anti-jamming feature

This is a handy feature to have in your garbage disposal. Instead of having to pass water or reset the garbage disposal when bits of food jam, some brands now have an anti-jamming feature that detects stuck grinders and automatically reverses them momentarily to get them moving normally again.

Quick-mount feature

This feature is a design attribute that facilitates easy installation if the pipes are compatible with the nozzle of your garbage disposal. 

An instantaneous turn and lock system secures the garbage disposal to the sink fixing it tight enough without requiring expert installation.

The lock feature also makes it easy to detect problems since a loosening nozzle will equally be detected and the garbage disposal will automatically switch off.

Continuous feed or batch feed

Continuous feed means that you can dispose of food waste while the machine is still running while batch feed means you have to dispose of a batch at a time and cover the garbage disposal while one batch is shredded.

Either option is great depending on the overall feature profile of the garbage disposal.


Many of the newer models have a number of features absent in older models and with any additional features incorporated, appliances also increase the risk of malfunction so if you go for a newer model ensure that the warranty is more comprehensive to avoid unnecessary losses on your part.

Most if not all garbage disposals from both Kitchenaid and Insinkerator are built to last and hardly will you find any that is a repair-prone model. 

Garbage disposals will last fifteen years or more in good condition so there is no great need to spend too much more on extended warranties.


Insinkerator is the leading manufacturer of garbage disposals and their appliances are the most widely used. Some of Kitchenaid’s garbage disposals are made by Insinkerator.

The two brands are sure to be a valuable addition to your home and depending on the specific features you are looking for, either is a great pick.

Some top models from both Insinkerator and Kitchenaid that you can look into based on the above considerations are:

  • Insinkerator Evolution Garbage Disposal
  • Insinkerator Badger Garbage Disposal
  • Insinkerator Compact Cord Garbage Disposal
  • Kitchenaid Continuous Feed KCDS075T Garbage Disposal
  • Kitchenaid KCDB250G
  • Kitchenaid KGIC300H
  • Kitchenaid KBDS100T
  • Kitchenaid KCD1075B

Keep in mind that some of these brands may not have quiet operation features but are still incredibly efficient and solid picks, especially where durability is concerned.

The Insinkerator Evolution series ticks all the above boxes and is the best garbage disposal on the market currently.