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KOHLER Toilets: Stylish Design, Reliable Performance, Easy Fixes

Once you adopt a modern or contemporary restroom design, knowing why KOHLER is your best choice is not hard. KOHLER toilets mainly focus on those who want to break away from the norm of the “tank and bowl” look yet prefer to have it in their bathroom.

The KOHLER toilet is reliable, good quality, with an irresistible design that you can hardly avoid. Therefore, if you have longed for a one-piece toilet with better looking and superior performance, you have various choices in color, shape and features to match your bathroom décor.

In this piece, we shall look deeper into KOHLER toilets, their problems and how you can fix them. Let’s jump right in.

KOHLER San Souci Toilet Problems

KOHLER Toilets


KOHLER toilet is a renowned bathroom brand for its reputation for well-built and elegant fixtures. However, it is devastating when it stops flushing or malfunctioning due to other underlying issues. Fortunately, these minor problems are easily fixable with DIY skills and effort.

Toilet tank not filling up with water

The toilet at my friend’s house is this scenario. After finishing my plan, I closed the bathroom and washed my hands, only to see something was wrong with the ancient toilet.

Slow toilet filling is a common plumbing issue with KOHLER toilets. A tank should refill after each flush; if not, it needs fixing.

These would be due to:

  • Misadjusted fill valve
  • Misadjusted float and or ball
  • Low water pressure
  • Worn-out valve
  • Damaged toilet bowl
  • Damaged overflow tube
  • Damaged toilet trip lever
  • Broken shut valve not fully open

Steps to fix it:

  • Confirm that the refill tube is attached to the top of the overflow pipe
  • Examine the bowl refill adjustments and whether they are set correctly for water dispensing into the bowl after flush
  • Flush the debris from the fill valve
  • Repair/replace the fill valve

Toilet leaking/running

Continuous water running into the toilet bowl translates to an increase in water bills because there is a lot of water wastage. The problem may be the fill valve collecting lodged debris under the fill cap or the trip lever arm held.

If you hear constant noise from the tank without any stop, as well as a slight ripple of water in the toilet bowl, overflowing water into the overflow flush, then Your KOHLER toilet has a running issue that needs fixing.

When you press your KOHLER toilet’s handle, the handle lifts an arm in the tank, pulling on the chain holding the flapper valve over the drain hole in the bottom of the tank. A flapper valve may wear out from age or drop-in tank cleaning tablets, leading to phantom flushing.

How to Fix:

  • Clean the fill valve or replace it
  • Adjust the trip lever chain for a proper slack
  • Adjust tank water level.

Kohler Canister toilet replacement

A Kohler toilet flapper lifts completely to allow water flow into the bowl from a 360degreese angle.

Remove it by turning off the water to the toilet, rotating it ¼, turning counterclockwise and lifting it off. To install a new one, align the guide to the base and rotate it ¼ turn clockwise.

Issue with flush

The flush may be irregular or not have enough pressure, and there may be intermittent flushing due to a soft color or blockage.

Check the outlet, the rim wash and the flapper chain. 

You can fix the problem and clean the tank inlet and outlet. Tightening the chain can solve the problem if it emanates from the chain.

Weak flush

You can tell your toilet has a weak flush when you hear a gurgling sound after and during the bloom or blockage due to a soft flush.

Check the following:

Flapper chain adjustment-ensure there is little to no slack in the flapper chain that connects the toilet handle lever to the flapper or flush valve.

Bowl water level- low water levels in the bowl insinuate that it requires additional flushes. Check the specification sheet for proper water level measurements.

Clog in waste pipe-A waste comes back in the bowl when flushed; it may require snaking/auguring.

Tank water level height- Check the water line on the flush valve or inside the tank’s back wall.

Vent pipes- A clogged vent pipe prevents air from flowing through the event and is essential for adequate waste flow.

Rim feed hose connection- ensure it is connected to the overflow on the flush valve.

No flush 

Confirm if the trip lever is attached to the handle. Reconnect the chain to the trip lever or flush valve if needed.

Check the trip lever for excessive slack. You can remove one or two stretches if needed.

Kohler Toilet Flushing Problems

If the toilet is flushing slowly or not at all, the cause may be clogs in the toilet’s trap way, jet, or drain line. Or maybe the flapper is stuck, or the flushing mechanism isn’t working properly. You can usually solve these types of problems yourself by clearing clogs and taking apart the toilet, then putting it back together again. Read on to learn how.

Remove the top of your toilet tank and check if there’s any water inside. Use a plunger and auger to remove any obstruction in the toilet bowl trap, jet, or waste line.

Inspect the toilet tank for cracks or other damage. Check the water supply for leaks and verify that the water level is correct. Make sure you don’t lose any parts of your toilet during this process! If all else fails, call a professional plumber who can solve all kinds of problems related to toilets in an efficient manner.

Kohler Toilet Flapper Problems

If the flapper has been used for a long time and is worn out, it may not seal properly to prevent leaks from occurring. To fix this problem, replace the flapper.

When there is excess slack in the chain that lifts the flapper, it cannot raise it high enough to allow all of a flush’s water through when flushed. The flow typically stops prematurely and is not at its full force.

To fix this problem you need to remove the flapper from its seat, adjust the chain length and then reattach it to the tank.

Kohler Canister Flush Valve Problems

If the flush valve is not seated properly, the flush will be weak or non-existent. The only way to fix this problem is to remove and reattach the canister. It’s an easy job, but it will require you to remove your toilet lid and take it apart.

The flush valve is the part of your toilet that allows water to flow from the tank into the bowl. It’s a small rubber piece with a handle on top that you pull down to flush. The flush valve can become worn and lose its ability to seal properly. This will cause the toilet to leak and not flush properly.

Kohler Toilet Installation Problems

For the toilet to work, various pieces must be aligned. Toilet flushing may be affected by improper installation or placement.

It have trouble installing a Kohler toilet, examine the flapper, flush valve, and tank ball. Ifs all of these are fine and still don’t function, check the fill valve or flapper chain. If the flush handle is loose or broken, replace it.

If that fails, call a plumber to inspect the plumbing. A pro can rapidly discover problems so you can fix them.

Benefits of KOHLER Toilets

KOHLER Toilets

New fixtures to add luxury during a remodeling project include KOHLER toilets. They bring modern pampering, offering an aesthetic appearance with cutting edge, practical elements to enhance convenience and hygiene.

Improved Hygiene

Free hands-operation-KOHLER senses a person’s approach and opens the lid automatically, then closes and flushes itself when the person leaves, resulting in more hygiene and convenience.

The bidet feature also boosts and enables them to choose warm air drying. Water temperature, pressure and positioning are adjustable through an intuitive touchscreen controller installed on the walls beside the toilet.

Stylish and Versatile Design With Luxury

The toilets come in a range of styles. They are rounded and angular models, allowing you to choose the look that best suits your bathroom remodeling approach.


Easy to clean

Water-saving flush

Custom height

Low-hassle maintenance

Are you in need of super toilets? We can acknowledge that the KOHLER San toilet is not too bad regardless. The top-rated brand has many unique features like ergonomic design, easy to clean, powerful flush, and its diversified nature with a wide range in color, shape, and size is incomprehensible regardless of the high costs. 

The problems experienced by KOHLER are similar to other types, and the good part is that you can fix them yourself. We leave you with the liberty to decide which type of toilet fits your bathroom space.