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Mastering Bedroom Rug Placement for Maximum Comfort

Rug Placement for Maximum Comfort, Have you ever wanted to make that transition and take your bedroom from just a sleeping spot to a wonderfully outfitted space that screams comfort? If so, then adding an area rug to your bedroom can help create a focal point and bring together your décor.

Most people tend to spot their area rug under or near the bed in their room, which is an outstanding option as your bed is usually the focal area of the bedroom itself. Still, there are many things you should consider and think through before doing this.

Placing a rug under the bed, especially a heavy one can be a relatively tricky task. Fortunately, it seems like we live by the rule that when it comes to planning your home, there are no rules, but merely guidelines to help point you in the right direction. We’ve developed an article that explains and shows steps on how to place a rug under a bed.

Choose the Best Rug for Your Bed Size 

              Rug Placement for Maximum Comfort             

Before you jump into putting your rug under the bed, it is better to make sure the rug size is well-suited for your bed size. You don’t want to work hard trying to get your bed in place, only to find out that it is totally covering the new beautiful rug that you wanted to show off.

Well, there are no clear rules regarding what size rug works best with what bed size, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

King-sized beds normally require larger rugs to look firm and cohesive in a bedroom. The recommended rug size for such beds is 8’ x 10’ or 9’ by 12’. In case you find your favorite rug to be even bigger than the stated sizes, they can work too.

Many rooms that feature King-sized beds are usually larger, and therefore a tiny rug could distract them from the size and throw off the overall dimensions. Besides, smaller rugs will hardly show underneath the bed.

Rug for Your Bed Size

Queen-sized beds meanwhile tend to go well with 8’ by 10’ or 9’ by 12’ sized rugs. Rugs with these dimensions are usually easy to place perpendicularly under the bed because they are large enough to reach out on the sides and in the front to look stylish. That means you will have room to step comfortably onto the rug from your bed.

Full-sized beds often require 5’ by 8’ sized rugs. These dimensions may be a little smaller for even a full-sized bed but can work great with proper placement. On the bright side, 5’ by 8’ rugs are the most affordable options and work great for a variety of budgets.

For those who have a smaller bed, this size rug works just fine when placed running horizontally under the bottom with it exposed on the front and both sides.

Steps to Follow When Putting a Rug Under a Bed

Well, since you have a better idea of what will work for your precise bed size, next is to have a finalized idea of what you want the room to look like. It is important to know exactly where the rug will be and where you want the bed to sit on the rug.

People generally want to fixate the bed on top of the rug in some way, but this will depend on your final bed placement. For instance, if the bed is against the wall, you will just need enough of the rug under the edge against the wall to set it up.

You may then center the other sides of the rug around the bottom and outer sides of the bed. That said, if the rug is in the center of the room, it’s best to make sure that the bed is in line with the rug. We’ve broken down the entire rug placement process into simple steps.

Make sure the Floor is Clean

Start by cleaning the floor area where the rug will sit. Then remove all the moveable items and furniture that might prevent or hinder you from placing the rug under the bed.

Understand the Ends of the Rug

We suggest that you measure the rug to determine its exact size. Compare the measurements to the size of the bed you’re about to place it under.

Then determine precisely where you wish the rug to end once rolled under the bed. This is important because making adjustments would be rather difficult once it’s laid.

Roll up the Rug to One of its End

Rug Placement for Maximum Comfort

Given where the rug will terminate when unrolled, roll it from one side to the other and stop at a predetermined point. This makes rug placement easy because you only need to roll it out.

Lift the Bed’s Footboard

Once you’re done rolling up the rug, you will need the footboard of your board. You might want to use a car jack or ask someone to help you lift up the bed, just to be safe.

Rolling Out the Rug

After lifting up the bed’s footboard, roll out the rug from the lifted end till you get close to the other end of the bed.

Lift the Bed’s Headboard

Next, you will need to raise the headboard. However, before doing this, check that the footboard end is already dropped. This will help to eliminate too much work lifting the headboard.

Rolling Out the Rest of the Rug

The last, and perhaps the easiest step is to roll out the rest of the rug through the already lifted headboard end and then put it down the bed.


Remember to be careful when moving furniture to avoid damaging them. Also, when unrolling the rug, make sure it is oriented straight. You may want to find someone to help you when placing the fabric under a bed. The more hands you have the better.