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Mastering Box Spring Repair for Quality Sleep

Fixing a Broken Box Spring right away is vital to ensure a good night’s sleep. In this article, we will discuss the various reasons why you might be having problems with your box spring.

We’ve also included a step-by-step guide for fixing those problems as well as tips on how to replace your box spring.

Note that there are various reasons why your bed might be having problems. Sometimes, the issue may not originate from the box spring itself.

It may be due to the connection between the box spring and the bed frame that supports it. Here are the various common reasons for broken or squeaky box springs.

Sagging Mattress

Fixing a Broken Box Spring

All mattresses start to sag at some point. This is especially the case for innerspring mattresses that contain metal coils. Over time, the more pressure you exert on the mattress the more likely the spring will wear out and rub on each other, leading to squeaking noise.

Although replacing the mattress is usually the best option, there are a few temporary techniques to eliminate the sound and make the mattress more comfortable.

The Box Spring

The wooden panel and the coils in box springs are other common sources of squeaking. Springs generally deteriorate over time and squeak due to the metal rubbing on the metal. That said, however, the noise does not always come from the internal parts of the box spring.

When you move in the bed, the mattress puts pressure directly on top of the wood casing the box spring. This wood panel rubs against the wood slats or the metal of the bed frame thereby creating a squeaking sound.

Applying some lubricant or adding some padding between these surfaces will reduce this friction and lessen the squeaking noise.

The Bed Frame

The noise could also originate from the bed frame itself or its contact with the walls and floor. Constant movement, low temperature, or heavyweight can loosen bed frame bolts with time, creating an unsteady, unstable, and squeaky structure.

Shifting temperatures can also affect metal bolts and wooden bed frames as wood tends to swell and shrink. The instability in the wood can cause it to rub against itself and make a squeaky sound.

How To Fix a Broken Box Spring

Reduce Squeaky Noises

To eliminate the squeakiness, you will need to remove the mattress, covers, and padding. They apply pressure to the box spring and listen attentively to the squeaking sounds. Take off all the necessary bolts and screws with a set socket or a screwdriver. After that, spray all the bolts, screws, and framing pieces with metal lubricant.

Fix Faulty Springs

To fix faulty springs, pull the box into a basement or other well-ventilated area with a concrete surface. Create a solution of warm water and mild detergent in a bucket.

Clean the box spring free of dirt and another residue- you may want to put on a dust mask for this. Slide on safety gloves and glasses and then light a butane torch.

Move and hold the flame 1-3 inches from the faulty springs such that the flame tip is touching. Turn off the butane torch once the spring is red hot. Then use a pair of pliers to reassemble the spring back into shape.

Consider Padding an Uneven Box Spring

In Fixing a Broken Box Spring case, layer the box spring with a plywood board. Make sure that the plywood board fits well to the dimensions of the box spring.

Alternatively, you can use polyester padding to even out the surface area. Simply apply at least two layers of polyester padding and then secure it with plastic ties or other usable industrial staples.

When to Replace a Box Spring

Although you may be tempted to keep the same box spring every time you replace your mattress, Fixing a Broken Box Spring may not be the best idea. Your box spring may lose its ability to support a mattress even when it looks good. Besides, some mattress warranties suggest a matching box spring, or else, the warranty may be void.

New Mattress New Box Spring

Replacing your box spring whenever you replace the mattress is generally a better idea. In the event that the old mattress falls worn out and uncomfortable, the box spring most probably isn’t delivering its original level of support. In absence of proper support, even a new mattress will wear out prematurely.

Most stores offer package deals. Thus, purchasing the box spring and mattress as a set could be more economical as opposed to buying both pieces separately.

When purchased as a set, the box spring box you get will most likely pair perfectly with a new mattress. There will be no question concerning the fit or proper support.

Consider the Warranty

Fixing a Broken Box Spring

The type of warranty on a new mattress you’re about to buy basically has specific terms and conditions that need to be met for the warranty to hold. In some cases, the warranty is considered valid only if the matching box spring is used with the mattress.

This assures the manufacturer that the mattress was provided with the support it requires with no chance for avoidable wear due to inadequate support beneath it.

Both the Mattress and Box Spring Should be Aligned

Modern mattresses are generally a bit different from the old-fashioned models that have been around for some time. For example, plush and pillow-top mattresses do not necessitate flipping. The same case applies to memory foam or other specialty cushioning materials.

That said, however, some of these mattresses are designed for specific types of boxes or foundations. That means your old type of box spring may not be ideal for a new style of mattress, even if the spring appears to be in usable shape.

For instance, a memory foam option designed to stay still isn’t meant to rest atop a spring-filled, bouncy box spring; otherwise, the old spring will rob you of all the benefits of your favorite mattress.