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Mastering Delta Shower Heads: Operation and Innovation

Delta shower heads has been said that there are few maladies that cannot be cured by a hearty meal, a good night’s rest, or a hot shower. That would make all three, the perfect balm. 

After a gruelling day, a long hot shower to cleanse you of the aches and demands of daily life is something we all look forward to and in the 21st century, the advantages proffered by technology and innovation have made every single facet of life easier, faster and better.

Few luxuries compare to the simple pleasure of a good shower and a good shower should become great with the right shower head. In Delta shower heads regard, many companies have come up with a multitude of shower head options that will have you mightily confused if you have no clue what specific features you are looking for.

Delta Faucet Company

Delta shower heads

Delta showerheads are manufactured by Delta Faucet Company which is a subsidiary of Masco Corporation. 

The Delta Faucet Company makes and sells Delta, Peerless, and Brizo showerheads, handheld showers, kitchen and bathroom faucets, towel bars, water closets, and various domestic and commercial faucets.

Delta has been developing and selling showerheads and other shower fixtures since 1954, so their selection is impressive.

Delta has created over 100 showerheads and as many handheld showers for economy and luxury lifestyles via continual research and improvement.

The year 2011, the company debuted the ‘Delta Touch’ lines of bathroom and kitchen faucets. The Delta Touch2O came with touch sensors and its successor, Touch2O came with capacitive sensors for hands-free operation.

Delta faucets debuted VoiceIQ in 2019 to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Any Touch series model from the previous year can be retrofitted with VoiceIQ to respond to voice instructions.

How to turn on Delta shower head

With such a vast array of showerheads and with the inclusion of smart technology, it stands to reason that different showerheads will come with different fixtures and therefore varying techniques on how to turn on the showerhead.

Since touch series faucets respond to touch or tactile feedback or are hands-free, the alternatives are straightforward. Voice-operated showerheads require only telling Alexa or Google Assistant to take a shower.

Voice commands can tune temperature and water pressure, combining utility and elegance. Older but equally functional Delta brands have to be operated manually and for the most part, many of them are straightforward. The showerhead that confuses most people is the Delta Monitor showerhead particularly the Classic series 17. 

These are the two-in-one models that have both the shower option and the tub option which is where the difficulty comes in.

How to turn on a Delta Monitor shower head

The Delta monitor series has three main fixtures that are visible;

  • The shower head or the handheld shower
  • The valve which turns the water on and off
  • The faucet or tub faucet which releases water into the tub.

Of note is the diverter which is a knob. The diverter when pressed or pulled directs the flow of water to either the showerhead or to the tub faucet. 

The diverter on the monitor classic 17 series is located at the mouth of the tub faucet and simply looks like a smaller protruding faucet mouth.

In some models, the diverter is a simple small knob on the top part of the tub faucet where it is clearly visible. In either case, the procedure is the same.

To activate the diverter, you can either pull it forward, backward, upward, or press downwards depending on the model you have.

Delta Monitor shower

Delta shower heads

In the Classic 17 series as well, located on the water valve is a separate knob and this one will be indicated as the temperature control so this series has the valve and the temperature controls being two separate rotating features on the same fixture.

The earlier 14 Series had the water valve and the temperature control as the same knob which made controlling water pressure versus water temperature slightly inconveniencing.

  1. In order to turn on the showerhead, simply turn the water valve in the direction indicated for turning water ‘ON’,
  2. By default, the water should start running from the tub faucet.
  3. Turn the temperature knob until you have the desired temperature setting. The water should feel as hot as you would like your shower to be.
  4. On the tub faucet, push the diverter forward, backward, or pull it downwards. Any one of these motions should work.
  5. Immediately, the hot water will be diverted upwards to the showerhead or the handheld shower. 
  6. Enjoy a delightfully hot shower.
  7. To turn it off, you only need to turn the valve OFF. Set the temperature back to cold as the default as well. 
  8. Once you have turned off the water valve the diverter should also restore automatically or be restored manually to avoid receiving a spray of cold water the next time you turn on the water valve.

Simply put;

  • Turn the water valve ON
  • Turn the temperature knob to calibrate water temperature
  • Press or turn the diverter

Regardless of where or how the fixtures appear, the above is the process of turning on a delta shower head.

However, Bluetooth and Wifi technology will soon replace these bulky manual household gadgets.Wireless and voice-activated machines are integrating technology into our daily lives faster than before.

Delta showerheads Soon, we’ll control our homes and appliances without ever using them. The only question is whether you prefer manual operation or technology.