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Mastering Troubleshooting: Resetting Your GE Profile Oven

GE Profile Oven Troubleshooting, The GE self-cleaning oven is a self-cleaning appliance that saves you a lot. If it won’t turn on or display an error code, don’t give up yet. You can do some at-home troubleshooting to establish the issue and, in most cases, solve it.

There are multiple troubleshooting techniques you can deal with GE oven errors. The quickest and the most popular home fix for an oven displaying an error code is to reset the device. 

Therefore, for any error displayed on the GE profile oven, the first step is to rest the control panel by shutting off the breaker that gives power to your oven. Please switch off the breaker in your electrical service panel and let it be off for 30 seconds before turning it back.

This writedown will give a comprehensive guideline on resetting your GE profile and other tips.

Why Reset the GE Profile Oven Control Panel?

GE Profile Oven Troubleshooting

Resetting the control panel could be due to various reasons. First, you may have replaced the circuit board and would love to refresh the memory. Secondly, if the displaying lights are not working and the display isn’t showing all the numbers for the clock, timer or temperature, the control panel has some problems.

This appliance has self-contained front control panels. The control panel consists of the display, additional buttons and touchpad. It also has a logic board which regulates the display and the touchpad.

In addition, the control panel communicates with the oven via a bus connection to the logic board, which sometimes is lost and requires resetting. This two-minute procedure can fix minor problems that can be frustrating.

GE Profile Oven Control Panel Reset: Step by Step Guide

Due to the piling up of issues, the smart system of the oven may result in errors that may be more complex to solve. It, therefore, is quicker to reset to diagnose what the exact cause would be by following these steps:

Unplug the GE Profile Oven– if it is plugged in, you need to do it cautiously because it is in-built, making it inaccessible.

Turn off the circuit breaker- Resetting the clocks is done after turning off your oven. First, locate the breaker controlling the oven in your main electrical panel- it is found in your circuit breaker box or fuse box. 

Wait – After switching off the breaker, wait for a minute and verify whether the power is turned off or it is on. The oven will reset in one minute.

The appliance turns on and off in a double switch. Therefore, it is important to ensure that both switches are switched off. The two switches are joined together in a band, and the other automatically goes off when you switch one off.

Press the clock button and wait for the display to show the “off” option. Finally, press the “Start” or “On” button to save the changes you just made.

Top 3 Causes for the Malfunctioning Of Your GE Oven Control Panel and Fixes

A GE control panel is the communication medium between you and the oven enabling you to use the control button or pads to set the temperature and perform other tasks such as troubleshooting error codes.

With the malfunctioning control panel, you’ll be unable to control your time-consuming oven functions. The top 3 causes are:

Power Failure to the Control Panel

The entire GE oven requires power to operate. If your control panel buttons are inactive and the display is blank, the underlying issue could be a power problem. Some of the power problems with an impact on the operation of the control panel are:

  • A damaged oven power cord
  • A tripped circuit breaker (a blown a fuse)
  • A loosely plugged cable
  • A turned-off outlet switch
  • A dead wall outlet
  • Insufficient voltage to the range room


Check the oven power cord for damage or breakages and if necessary, replace it.

Open the circuit breaker housing and assess whether the oven is tripped and if so, turn it back up to restore the power supply to your oven. If your home uses a circuit breaker, ensure the fuse isn’t blown. You may call for an expert to help with this process.

Confirm if you have connected the oven power cable to the wall outlet

Check whether your switch to the wall outlet where the power to your GE profile oven is on

Change a different appliance into the wall outlet for voltage

You can use a multimeter to assess the wall outlet voltage or get help from a professional

The “Lock Controls” Feature is Active

This feature in GE ovens allows you to deactivate the control panel. Thus another user can activate the “lock button” feature, making you think it is unresponsive. 


 If “LOC” appears on display, and if it does, deactivate the “Lock Control” by pressing the “9” and “0” pads simultaneously until the message disappears.

Alternatively, some models require you to press “Control Lockout” for 3 seconds to clear the “LOC” message.

The Malfunctioning Of the Electric Control Board

GE Profile Oven Troubleshooting

The control board acts as the brain by storing data and executing the commands sent via the control panel. If it fails, the control panel fails, and so are the oven’s functions.


Reset the electronic control board by cycling power as discussed earlier, and if it doesn’t respond, you will have to replace it using these quick steps:

  • Switching the GE oven off
  • Unscrew the control panel at the front and rear to remove it
  • Remove the control panel connection wires
  • Unscrew the control panel board to release it from the panel
  • Peel off the overlay from the old control board and replace it with a new one
  • To screw back the control board on the panel, do a reverse of these steps, replace the wires and screw back the control panel.
  • However, it is advisable to involve a technician to assess it before replacing it.

Your GE Profile oven is a true time-saver but can also be a pain in the neck when it fails to work or start displaying multiple error codes. You can troubleshoot these issues in many ways, but the quicker and preferable one is “Resetting.” 

It is a two-minute procedure of unplugging the oven, turning off the circuit breaker and letting it reset for a minute. Resetting will help clear the device’s memory making it operate without any hitches. Use this hack on your GE oven to have it smoothly functioning.