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Mastering Wet Carpet Cleaning: Vacuuming and Care

Wet Carpet Cleaning are one of the most important parts of home decor. They provide warmth, comfort, and style. They also act as insulators for the floor above and for the room below.

However, if you own a wet-dry vacuum, then you might be wondering if you can vacuum a wet carpet. Unfortunately, we can’t just give a simple yes or no answer as there are pros and cons to each scenario when working with wet carpets.

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet?

Wet Carpet Cleaning

Technically speaking, you can vacuum a wet carpet but you need to use a special vacuum cleaner designed for wet surfaces. Regular vacuum cleaners are only meant for dry substances; otherwise wet surfaces can even damage the vacuum cleaner itself.

In other words, it’s best to stick to the dry kind when dealing with wet carpets. Even if you have a fancy Dyson, we recommend avoiding vacuuming up water or spills. Regular household vacuum cleaners are not made to handle liquids, and the filter can’t handle them either.

In fact, this is why many shop vacuums require you to remove the filter before sucking up water. When removing water from the carpet, it’s important to use the correct gear to avoid mold and smelly carpet. Using a regular vacuum cleaner is not ideal and can actually cause more harm than good.

So, it’s important to avoid using a vacuum on a wet carpet as the end results would be more than just an inconvenience. Plus, even if you took the risk, your vacuum probably wouldn’t be able to do any cleaning or drying in the first place.

Can a Wet Carpet Ruin a Vacuum Cleaner?

As we’ve mentioned, using a regular vacuum cleaner on a wet carpet isn’t worth the risk. For instance, if you’re trying to fix a wet carpet probably because the room is flooded, using the vacuum cleaner on such a flooded carpet would easily lead to shorting, which can be dangerous. This also introduces the risk of electrocution to anyone who comes into contact with the water. You can also damage the vacuum motor by trying to use it to vacuum up water.

Are Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners Worth It?

Wet carpets can be pretty tough to clean as the whole process can take a lot of time for water sucking, cleaning, and drying. If you want a quick and professional performance, you might be disappointed with regular home vacuums. Wet carpets sometimes require a special type of vacuum to get them clean.

Perhaps the most effective solution is to use a wet dry vacuum cleaner. The wet-dry vacuums are versatile and are typically designed to handle both dry and wet messes.

The shop vacuums might be able to absorb excess moisture from the carpet in no time as they’re versatile and packed with working methods and features. Even so, they can’t clean your wet carpet alone. You will need to follow a complete cleansing procedure. You also need to understand how to properly use a shop vacuum on a wet carpet for the best results. Note that there are several ways of using a shop vacuum:

Get Your Carpet ready before Using the Shop Vac

Before you start cleaning your wet carpet, the first and most vital step is to prepare it. This phase is quite simple but requires attention and care. Start by moving all the furniture over your carpet.

Next, check Wet Carpet Cleaning the room is dry enough. If the room is too wet and you can’t remove the furniture, it’s better to take your carpet outside. This will protect your furniture from damage.

Another optional step in the preparation process is using a regular vacuum cleaner to remove any extra dust. You might want to do this to make the whole cleaning task smooth and handy.

Get Rid of the Stains

Wet Carpet Cleaning

This step is all about stain treatment. First, take a close look at your carpet to see if there are any stains. If you can’t see any, that’s great. But if you need to do some extra cleaning, you’ll need to use a commercial stain remover. There are many different kinds available, so make sure you get the right one. And be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Before using any kind of solution, though, it’s always best to test a small amount on an inconspicuous area first. That way, you can avoid any disasters. To test a carpet stain remover, apply a small amount to a hidden area of your carpet.

If the color of your carpet is harmed in any way, do not use the solution. However, if the test goes well, you can go ahead and use the solution to remove all stains from your carpet.

Start Cleaning

Now that your carpet is wet, it’s time to start cleaning it. Consider starting with a commercial carpet cleaner. You can use a broom or bristle brush for this. Apply the cleanser evenly over the carpet, then use the brush to scrub it carefully.

You don’t need to go over the entire surface – just concentrate on the dirty sections. If a section isn’t clean enough, you can go over it multiple times. When you’re done cleansing and scrubbing, rinse the carpet with water.

Grab Your Shop Vacuum Cleaner

After completing all of the above-mentioned tasks, it’s time to break out the shop vac. The first step is to attach the flat extension, which will help you reach all those tight spaces. Once that’s in place, you can start the suction. Be sure to press down firmly to remove any lingering cleaning solutions or stain removers. And when you’re finished, use clean water to rinse away any leftover residue.

Note that even after removing the majority of the water from your carpet, you’ll need to go over it again to make sure that you soak up all of the remaining water. Once you’re finished, your carpet should be properly dry and clean.


Well, it turns out that you can vacuum a wet carpet fairly easily, as long as you use the right vacuum cleaner and take some precautions. Just be sure to read our guide so you know what to do.