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Microwave Showdown: Whirlpool vs. Samsung – Which Is Better?

Whirlpool vs. Samsung microwave, A microwave is one of the most convenient appliances to have in the kitchen and while they may receive less consideration and awe than the range, the dishwasher, and the refrigerator, they play a major role in the overall efficiency of the cooking process and save us a ton of time by cutting down on many heating and cooking activities that would otherwise take up time and energy.

One of the factors to look at when buying a microwave is definitely the brand. A long history of efficiency and durability in their appliances is usually a promising starting point. 

In many instances, a good brand has long established itself as a reliable appliance manufacturer and it is all but likely that the trend will hold even with your microwave.

Whirlpool and Samsung are two such brands with long-running careers manufacturing microwaves that stand the test of time. Whirlpool is a trusted and reliable brand with its microwaves holding steady as one of the best appliances consistently. 

This is in no small part due to their long history in the appliances market which comes with a strong grasp of what the consumers need.

Samsung is a newer player in this space with their appliances manufacture being fairly recent. Samsung is an established name in the technology and entertainment arenas but has certainly made its mark and acquired a considerable market share in this market.

Regardless, you can only have one microwave so which one is better?

Whirlpool Vs Samsung Microwave

Whirlpool vs. Samsung microwave


Image Product Features Price
Samsung MS14K6000AS/AA MS14K6000 Speed-Cooking-Microwave-ovens, 1.4 cu. ft, Stainless Steel Samsung MS14K6000AS/AA MS14K6000 Speed-Cooking-Microwave-ovens, 1.4 cu. ft, Stainless Steel
  • Sensor Cook automatically adjusts cooking time
  • Senses both moisture and temperature to provide optimal heating
  • Triple Distribution System improves the heat distribution to cook food more evenly and thoroughly
  • Effortlessly remove grease or oil from surfaces and protect against scratches that occur from daily use
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Product Dimensions & Weight (WxHxD)- Cavity Dimensions- 14 3/4 x 9 13/16 x 16 1/16 Inches. Outside Net Dimensions- 21 7/8 x 12 5/16 x 18 5/8 Inches. Turntable Size: 14.2 inches.Amp Circuit:13.3A


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Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave Oven 0.5 Cu Ft Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave Oven 0.5 Cu Ft
  • Fits easily into corners to maximize counter space
  • Fits A Full Dinner Plate
  • Add 30 Seconds
  • Level Variable Cooking Power Control
  • Control Lock


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In the current consumer climate, appliances must do more than just offer utility. They must offer a world of convenience while conserving energy and maintaining durability. This is a tall order but manufacturers are not disappointing.

The following are key elements to consider when selecting either brand of microwave:

Whirlpool vs Samsung microwave: Durability 

Your microwave should give you at least seven years of service in good condition. Many surpass the twelve-year mark and this is something a good microwave should be able to do without needing repair work.

Whirlpool has a strong background and is a reliable brand to have as far as durability is concerned. Whirlpool microwaves easily get to ten years oftentimes without a single instance where they may need to be repaired or replaced.

Samsung microwaves, while lasting quite long, do not hold a candle to Whirlpool and have often disappointed in this regard. 

The microwaves are highly efficient but will experience a breakdown from time to time which will cost you quite a bit in repairs or replacements.

The make or models that Samsung produce are not built poorly but rather the technology used to make their microwaves digital and smart is their Achilles heel. 

These features are prone to error codes that can become a nuisance yet they are supposed to apply convenience.

Smart panels tend to make Samsung microwaves the lesser choice here.

Whirlpool vs Samsung microwave: Energy efficiency

Power is a critical concern where microwave use is concerned and many governments have placed restrictions on how much power can be consumed by devices made for mass production and distribution. 

The need to conserve power has seen governments place laws governing which machines can get certified for distribution.

Both Samsung and Whirpool microwaves particularly any models that have debuted within the last decade are all energy-efficient and certified as such. 

When selecting either brand, check the energy rating labels which should be up to date with the latest certifications. It is however unlikely that you will encounter any model in distribution that is not certified and approved.

Whirlpool vs Samsung microwave: Appearance

If appearance and aesthetics are of importance to you then you should get yourself a Samsung model. 

Samsung appliances are made for the modern contemporary look which is an aesthetic that is appealing and gels well in any size kitchen.

Whirlpool microwaves oftentimes still sport a fairly dated look which can be less appealing compared to the sleek ultramodern facade of Samsung microwaves. 

Stainless steel exteriors and recessed handles are a consistent feature of Samsung microwaves while slate, black, and silver palates coupled with bar handles tend to be the staple for whirlpool microwaves. That said, you must keep in mind the overall design motif of your kitchen to avoid having appliances that clash instead of gelling. 

Whirlpool vs Samsung microwave: Smart Technology

Of the many ways in which manufacturers today appeal to consumers, smart features are top on the list. 

Samsung has always been a pioneer in this regard but Whirlpool is a strong contender as well and in recent models, their smart features easily outdo Samsung in terms of efficiency and sheer quantity.

Against the background of durable microwaves, smart technology in a Whirlpool microwave is definitely a worthy selling point. 

Smart technology is quickly becoming the major deciding factor where most electronic appliances are concerned and these two brands are neck and neck.

Consider these two microwaves which can be compared based on a fairly similar price point.

Samsung MC17T8000CS

This is an over the range microwave with the following features:

  • LED cooktop light
  • Slim Fry  – This allows you to cook food with very little fat
  • Timer – Can be programmed to turn off or on at any time
  • Steam Clean – Loosens food that has spilled for easier cleaning
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior – The cavity is stain resistant and built for durability
  • Can be connected to your devices via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Whirlpool WMH78019HV

Whirlpool vs. Samsung microwave

This is also an over the range microwave:

  • Can be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Adjustable Cooktop Lighting which lets you see your cooking fully
  • Remote Start – You can start your microwave from anywhere in the house
  • Turntable On/Off Option – You can set the plate to rotate or to cook without rotating
  • Multi-Step Cooking – This lets you send several cooking instructions to your microwave
  • True Convection – This feature achieves the best and most even cooking results 

Of the two microwaves, Whirlpool is the clear winner despite the two machines being slightly apart in price with Whirlpool being the pricier option. The difference in price is rather small given the quality of features that Whirlpool is offering.