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Moving Laundry Room From Basement to Main Floor

Moving Laundry Room: Basement to Main FloorMoving laundry room basement to main floor: A laundry room is a place where you want to be functional but also comfortable. The basement laundry room can be difficult to use if you have small children or elderly family members in your home. Sometimes it’s just easier to put things where they are most convenient rather than where they belong.

Moving the laundry room from the basement to the main floor is one of the most common home improvement projects. It’s not only a good way to increase the value of your home but also an easy way to get more space in the house.


What to Consider Before Moving the Laundry Basement to Main Floor

The Noise From the Washer

Laundry machines make noise when they are working. This noise can be quite annoying if it comes from inside your living room or kitchen. To avoid this problem, you can place your washer at the end of the hall so that its noise doesn’t disturb other rooms in your house.

If you have young children or pets, then you might want to consider moving your washer away from where they sleep.


Moving your laundry from one floor of your home to another can cost quite a bit of money depending on what sorts of equipment you want installed in your new location as well as how much work needs to be done on walls or floors.

Make sure that all costs are considered when planning how much it will cost to move your laundry room from the basement to the main floor.


Make sure that there’s enough room for everything and that it’s easily accessible.

If you’re going to move your washer and dryer upstairs, make sure there’s enough space for them in your new location and make sure they fit properly under cabinets if that’s what you’re planning on doing. Also, check to see if there is enough space between them and other appliances like refrigerators or stoves, so they don’t get too hot while they’re running.


There are also some safety concerns when moving your laundry room from the basement to the main floor that should be addressed before getting started with this project.


One reason why many homeowners prefer having their laundry rooms in basements is that it allows them to ventilate the room while they run their washing machines and dryers. This eliminates some of the moisture buildups that occurs when running appliances like these in enclosed rooms, but it sometimes doesn’t eliminate enough moisture. If you don’t want mold and mildew problems in your new laundry room, consider installing additional ventilation systems or opening up windows during dryer runs or other times when humidity levels seem too high for comfort.

Plumbing Work

If your current basement laundry has pipes running through the floor or walls, then those pipes will have to be moved as well when you move the space upstairs. This can require some serious plumbing work and may not be something that can be easily done by yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing in terms of plumbing repairs or maintenance work anyway (and even then!).

Why Would You Move Laundry Room from Basement to the Main Floor?

It can be a daunting task to move your laundry room from the basement to the main floor. Here are some of the benefits:

You’ll get more use out of your appliances

If you have a washer and dryer in the basement, then you have to go down there to do laundry. If your laundry room is on the main floor, then you’re more likely to actually use it.

It will save you time, energy, and money

Having an appliance that’s convenient to use is good for your health and budget because it encourages you to wash clothes more often (and thus save on clothes). You’ll also save money on utility bills if you use an electric dryer instead of running up your gas bill with a gas dryer in the basement.

Your house will look better

When people come over and see that you have to go downstairs to do laundry, they might think there’s something wrong with your home’s design! By putting all of your appliances in one place on the main floor, everything looks great!

Moving laundry rooms isn’t easy work — but it’s worthwhile when it comes time to sell your home!

Moving a laundry room from the basement to the main floor can be a big job, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Determine if you need more space in your home

If your laundry room is small and doesn’t have enough room for storage, maybe it’s time to move it to a location that has more space.

Moving Laundry Room: Basement to Main Floor

Decide where the new laundry room will go

You could add on or move an existing room, such as an unfinished attic or garage, into a laundry area. If you’re moving an existing laundry room somewhere else in your home, make sure it’s not too far away from other parts of your house so that it remains convenient for everyone who uses it.

Choose fixtures that match your decorating style

Whether you’re going with stainless steel or brass faucets and handles, chrome plating or enameled cast iron tubs, choose fixtures that fit with the rest of your decorating scheme — whether modern or traditional.

Set up lighting around the sink and washing machine area so you can see what you’re doing without straining your eyes.


If you’re thinking of moving your laundry room from the basement to the main floor, this checklist will help you decide if you have the space for it and assess the impact on your home’s value. It may not seem like a big deal to move a small laundry room, but it’s an expensive project that’s likely to affect your home’s market value. You should consider all angles before making a decision.