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Okna Windows Vs Pella

So you’re in the midst of researching replacement windows, but don’t know much? Most people are familiar with the Pella and some other brands but not really Okna. Yet, it seems like many professional contractors and window forums prefer the Okna brand even though they are vinyl.

Okna and Pella are two premium window brands. They all produce high-quality windows. Okna windows are considered better overall and are of higher quality and craftsmanship. Pella windows are durable and are available in a wider variety of styles and sizes.

The best part about both companies is they offer better warranties than their competitors. You will hardly go wrong with either brand. Even so, choosing which window best suits your budget and requirement is key.

Okna Windows Overview

Founded in 1996, Okna windows has evolved into one of the leading window companies across the Midwest and East of the United States. Based in Bristol Pennsylvania, the company specializes in a select number of window types including slider, Double Hung, Bay, Casement, and Bow windows.

In comparison to other brands, Okna vinyl windows fall in the category of the rather large vinyl industry. The fact that this company is often mentioned in this very top category is impressive considering that there are hundreds of vinyl manufacturers in the United States.

Okna offers six different window models that come with both names and numbers attached to them. There is the 900 series or Starmark, 800 series or Envirostar, 700 series (Casement and Awnings), 600 series or Eco Pro, 500 series or Insul-Tec, and finally the 400 Series or Precision Weld.

It’s good to state that the 900 Starmark is a composite window and not vinyl as in the case of the other four series. The company also offers two common packages, the Deluxe and their Standard. The deluxe is an upgrade glass and performance package that’s meant to enhance the energy efficiency of windows. However, expect to spend around $50 per window for this option.

The only real downside to Okna windows is availability. The company is based in Pennsylvania and has good distribution in neighboring states in general but they are not available in the west. Hopefully, they will expand because they are among the most popular picks for consumers.

Pella Windows Overview

Founded in 1925, Pella started off as a novel idea; creating a window screen that rolled up and down like a shade. The company later invented the tilt-wash, double-hung window, which is a consumer favorite due to the ease it brings to window washing.

Currently, Pella is one of the largest manufacturers of windows, patio doors, storm doors, and entry doors. The company has developed a reputation for high-quality durable windows. They offer eight different styles of windows from bay windows to traditional casement windows.

The best part about Pella windows is that they are energy efficient and feature a low-emissivity coating to hunk the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In terms of quality, this company offers high-quality well-crafted windows that are designed to last. Their material selection includes wood, fiberglass, and composite or steel.

However, Pella windows are known to come at a premium price tag. The company’s prices are pretty much higher in comparison to other brands including Okna. Also, it offers fewer color choices than its competitors.

Okna Windows Price

Okna windows price- just like most popular window manufacturers- vary significantly depending on the size and style of the window and what area of the country you are making the purchase from.

Okna windows, however, have a reputation for being high-quality products at an incredibly reasonable price. Buyers rave about the value of buying and installing Okna windows. When compared to the competitors’ prices, Okna would rank below the medium price for standard replacement windows.

Occasional specials and discounts can bring Okna windows prices even further down, making a manageable purchase for many. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend anywhere between $375 and $750 for most of the Okna windows series. Others such as the 800 series are likely to be on the higher side of the range.

Pella Window Prices

On the other hand, you can expect to spend about $600 to $1000 for each Pella window. While this amount includes installation costs, individual windows start at around $300 each and run upwards of $2,500.

The prices tend to vary depending on the style, material type, finish options, and level of efficiency. For instance, wood windows are likely to cost more than vinyl windows.

Okna Windows Warranty

Warranty length varies, and so does the amount of coverage provided by the warranty. Keep in mind that not all windows are made equally. A high-quality window warranty will be one that covers both the product and the installation. Checking for the best warranty is essential as it gives you the confidence that the manufacturer will stand behind their product.

Okna offers some of the best warranty terms on the market. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty across its windows and patio products. The warranty covers the life of the owner and is completely transferable to another homeowner. Moreover, it is a single-page warranty, meaning you can easily read through, as opposed to numerous pages of tiny print warranty.

Pella windows are also backed by some of the best windows, patio doors, and installation warranties. These products are sold with a 20-year warranty for glass and a 10-year warranty for non-glass. Quality products like Pella windows doors are accompanied by strong warranties as they are made to last.

Okna Windows Reviews

Assuming the installation companies are good, Okna windows are ranked among the best windows specializing in a select number of window types including Double hung, Casement, Slider, Bay, and Bow windows.

Okna only has a few reviews listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website but the company does however maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. Generally speaking, Okna is recognized for a range of vinyl replacement/new construction setup windows for residential use.

Okna Windows 500 Series

The Okna windows 500 series, commonly known as the Insul-Tec Series are a mid-range vinyl window option from Okna. It is one of the most popular options for window replacement as it combines a traditional look and feel with excellent craftsmanship.

The 500 series incorporates just about any benefit you can expect from vinyl windows, alongside a variety of options to make your place energy efficient without falling short on elegance.

Customers can order the Okna 500 series as a double hung, picture slider, single hang, or hopper window, and is available as a replacement or in a new construction set up. And given that all Okna windows are custom-designed, buyers don’t have to worry about a perfect fit, as this model is meant to save on time and labor during installation.

Where to Buy Okna Windows

Okna recommends its customers to contact the company’s support team, who will introduce them to a certified Okna dealer in their local area. Your inquiries will be forwarded to the certified dealer in your area who will be able to discuss with you all the properties of Okna windows.

Pella Window Warranty                               

Pella claims to offer some of the strongest warranties in the industry. Their warranty includes free parts and labor for replacement or repair for the first two years. After that, parts will still be covered, but the labor cost will be up to the buyer. In case you purchased Pella’s extended warranty, labor and parts are usually free for the life of the warranty, but they come with a $75 service.

Overall, Pella is a solid choice with one caveat: be aware that the window itself may be covered for a much longer period than the labor costs, and the difference can be significant. It’s something worth considering before you make a purchase. Otherwise, other than that, Pella is a highly organized company with excellent reviews.

Okna Window Warranty

Reading from the company’s website, Okna offers a limited warranty on all its product lines. The vinyl extrusions and vinyl components featured in Okna windows and doors are warranted to be free from defects often caused by peeling, blistering, flaking, fading, and corroding of the window or door.

However, this warranty is fully transferable one time to the next owner, so we recommend buyers to read the single-page document in full prior to buying their windows. Different product lines may not always reflect the same quality or warranty.

Various models such as the Okna 500 series and the Okna 800 Enviro-Star include a lifetime warranty on all vinyl i.e. the mainframe, sash, and all components. The IGU or insulted glass units on homes located near the east coasts are covered for ten years from the date of purchase.

Best Pella Windows

The Architecture series: This line of windows is designed based on the specifications of standard architecture. The windows can vary but they generally comply with industry norms for easy replacement.

Pella Lifestyle Series (wood): This is a wood window product and is ranked among the best offerings due to its energy efficiency.

Pella Impervia (Fiberglass): The Impervia is made of 5 layers of Duracast material, which makes it one of the most durable and energy-efficient options on the market.

Pella 350 Series (Vinyl): The 350 series is considered best for triple pane windows which offer 54%-83% more money efficiency compared to single-pane windows.

Other popular choices from Pella include the Pella Encompass and the 250 Series; both are energy star-rated and are made with multi-pane design to reduce noise.

Pella Replacement Windows Price

The average Pella window can cost anywhere between $500 and $3000 per window unit. Pella windows vary depending on the selection, frame types, size, colors, installation, and local labor cost. The average installation cost of a Pella bow or bay window can range from $625-$1,500.

Note that the cost of replacing your windows with Pella products can vary depending on the product type and the scope of the project. The best way to understand Pella replacement window costs is to request a quote.

The Bottom Line

Based on reviews, Okna windows are a much better performer over Pella in terms of energy efficiency. The price level of Okna products is also generally better. Other than that, both companies offer very nice looking windows that are made and designed well.

Okna and Pella windows do not look like the cheap offerings that homeowners are accustomed to. From excellent air filtration ratings to durability and warranty, Okna and Pella may be your best bet for your replacement window.