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Optimal Closet vs. Dresser Storage: Organizing Your Space

Closet vs Dresser Storage, are two primary storage options that are readily available. Although a dresser is best for the bedroom while the closet acts as a prime storage solution, both store items, they vary in several ways.

A closet offers more space for storing large items, thus a top priority, whereas a dresser is for foldable clothes and small valuables.

With the idea of the two storage options, you might be wondering what to put in a closet vs. dresser? Well, ensure you read through to the end for more details on the topic.

4 Features to account in a Closet vs. Dresser Arrangements

Optimal Closet vs. Dresser Storage

It is advisable to put foldable clothes, accessories, jewelry, and other small items in the dresser. The large items which require hanging like suits, jackets, dresses, and button-up shirts should be in a closet.

To ensure the items maintain their structural integrity, we take you through the four rules to observe regarding what to put in the closet vs. dresser.

Foldable Items- Dresser

When arranging clothes, foldable items and clothes go into a dresser. Dressers come with drawers; thus, items like t-shirts, undergarments, and pajamas suit perfectly without getting ruined. 

A closet is best for hanging clothes that don’t need folding, like your favorite party, office clothes, and jackets.

Higher-Value Clothing In The Closet

Hang expensive clothes such as suits, button-ups, and dresses in the closet to keep them crease-free and from getting ruined. You wouldn’t like to see your office suit crumpled in a drawer. So it is best to keep your valuable clothing in a closet because they have enough space to breathe and maintain their natural shape.

Frequency Of Use

How frequent you use some items determines where to put them. For instance, some of the clothes that you wear on particular occasions; therefore, they should go in the closet.

On the contrary, the t-shirt you wear when sleeping every other night can be stuffed into a dresser for easy access before you go to bed.

The rule of the thumb here is that anything inexpensive and needs less attention for daily use goes into the dresser and your premium apparel in the closet.

Put Larger Items In The Closet

It is recommendable to put items in a manner that doesn’t ruin their shape or quality. A closet provides more room to help keep your clothes neat without creasing them. 

Dressers are for bedroom essentials and daily clothing so wear torn pajamas and t-shirts more than your suits. Hence it is best to know how to maximize that space by putting large items in a closet instead of the dresser.

Simple Ways To Organize Your Closet

You’ve always decluttered and organized your bedroom closet for many years for it, only to look like a bull busted through it. Maintaining an organized closet is a continuous process, but here is what you can do to get it scheduled for good.

Declutter your clothes by category- Separate clothes into categories such as pants, tops, accessories, outerwear, etc. and sort them through before moving to the next, thus reducing inefficiency.

Empty and clean your closet- get a proper deep-clean, wipe down the shelves, vacuum the carpet, and scrub any dirt off the walls.

Store your clothes by category- keep like items with like items. For instance, store your belts in the same spot, your gym attires separate from pajamas, etc.

Hang delicate, valuable, or sturdy items– Delicate items such as dresses, lingerie, and skirts, fancy things like suits and sturdy, structured pieces like coats and blazers..

Use coordinating hangers- reduce the visual clutter and closet chaos by using corresponding hangers for a sleek, streamlined appeal.

Tip: Hang all items facing a similar direction, starting with longer items on the left and shorter stuff on the right, creating an upward sloping line

Quick Closet Tips To Remember

  • Stack items like sweaters and denim together
  • Store your frequently used items where you can easily access them
  • Color code your closet
  • Hand scarves are put on hangers 
  • Utilize the empty wall space to hang jewelry and accessories
  • Turn hangers backwards based on how often you wear your clothing

What To Put In Each Dresser Drawer

Optimal Closet vs. Dresser Storage

Dressers come in colors like white, black, wood, etc., each with drawers varying from 3-to 10. What to put in each depends on you.

Clothes are in a wide range from jeans, dresses, and shirts to jackets. So assign every pair of clothing in separate drawers. For instance, t-shirts, shirts, and jackets should be put on the top drawers and in the bottom drawers, put bottom apparel like jeans, pants, and trousers.

Should you put your dresser in the closet?

Yes, the dresser may be installed in the closet, making it a suitable bedroom addition, but you must consider its shape and size to fit without taking up too much space.

However, it is more attractive in the bedroom than in the closet because it is a popular décor.

Although positioning dressers outside the closet in the bedroom is preferable, your bedroom arrangement is more crucial.

Other Common Benefits of The Dresser in the Bedroom 

  • Provide more space for household items
  • It creates extra space for decorations like family photos and house plants.
  • It is used to hold your bedroom T.V.
  • It ties your bedroom down. Dressers add some personality to your space, thus completing the bedroom, and the good news is you can match it with your other room elements.
  • You can use the dresser to keep other bedroom essentials like jewelry, paper products, etc.

A closet is an enclosed space with doors for storage purposes, especially clothes, while a dresser is a piece of furniture with multiple drawers used to store clothes or other things. To stay organized, you can use both fixtures.

From the details herein, dressers are for foldable items and accessories and a closet for hanging clothes that don’t need folding, thus saving you much time.