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Pex Home-Run and Remote Manifold Plumbing Systems

Remote Manifold Plumbing Systems, Except for power distribution, plumbing is the most important aspect of building and construction.

We need power and plumbing, but plumbing may be more vital. Water was essential to design before electricity and used a lot of resources in any building that housed people.

Plumbing is expensive, and installing the right system demands the best and most creative people. You may take hot or cold shower water for granted, but you’ll be amazed by how much piping and plumbing are required.

You may initially notice a complicated network of pipes in and out of metal fittings. To address the growing need for residential and commercial housing, the best brains continue to build innovative plumbing systems. The untrained eye may not see the distinctions between Pex home run and remote manifold, yet each has perks and cons.

Pex home-run vs Remote Manifold

Remote Manifold Plumbing Systems

The naming of these systems can be somewhat confusing since many plumbers will at times use different terms for the same thing and at times overlapping tags refer to separate things so first some definitions.

  • Pex: This is a company that produces plastic polymer piping that has almost completely replaced welded and soldered copper and other metal piping.
  • Home-run: A plumbing system which is expounded below.
  • Manifold: A manifold in plumbing is a device that distributes water from the main supply line to different points in the house such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the cistern. A manifold has built-in ports into which pipes are attached and carry the water to designated taps or outlets.

A manifold is in the Pex home-run plumbing system. Remote manifold systems can be done with Pex plumbing equipment.

Except for trunk and branch plumbing, all other plumbing systems use manifolds. Remote manifold refers to the sub-manifold plumbing system in this article.

Pex home-run

The home-run is a cold water manifold near the main water line with enough ports to supply a Pex pipe to the fixture. The kitchen sink, sink, and washing machine have two ports.

A separate hot water manifold is located next to the water heater and has various ports that feed single pipes directly to fixtures like the shower, kitchen sink, and overhead shower.

Advantages of Pex Home-run

  • Water pressure is not adversely affected by the spontaneous use of another fixture.
  • It saves water since there is no wasted water that runs while you wait for the pressure to catch up.
  • It saves power since high-pressure water uses far less power to heat up.
  • Trouble-shooting is easier since piping lines are separate.
  • No fittings are used between the manifold and the fixture or outlet.

Disadvantages of Pex home-run

  • It requires a large amount of piping to run sufficiently since each fixture needs its own dedicated line.
  • It is impractical for larger homes given the sheer amount of plumbing logistics needed.
  • You need to drill a lot of holes in the property to install a home-run system.
  • In a larger household, increased demand for water could overwhelm the main water line or water source which will create the same pressure-related problem you sought to solve.

Pex sub-manifold or remote manifold

Remote Manifold Plumbing Systems

A sub-manifold system involves placing a main manifold at the main water source and smaller shared manifolds at select junctions in the house. 

This means that the kitchen can have a manifold serving all its fixtures while the laundry has a separate manifold to serve it. A separate manifold can serve all bathroom fixtures. 


  • It solves the problem of runaway piping that is present in the home-run system, particularly for a larger home.
  • The home-run has water pressure advantages, but it may be made more efficient.


  • Without added techniques such as water recirculation to the main manifold, this system can waste more water than the home run.
  • Additional water wastage usually means additional energy costs.
  • It is more challenging to install and with added features, it could be more expensive to have this system instead of the home-run.


Despite its efficiency, the home run is best for a smaller home with few fixtures and possibly few residents. Remote manifold plumbing works better in homes with more fixtures.The latter works for small to mid-sized businesses where the home-run might tangle pipes. This much pipe is unorganized and requires creative housing.

Lagging in home-run would be a headache to fix, and pressure concerns would eliminate the system. Without changes, remote manifold will waste as much water as truck and branch.

The plumbing system you desire distributes water dependably with few logistical and financial constraints. You can only choose the ideal system with professional advice.