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Dishwasher Safety for Yeti Drinkware: Tips and Guidelines

If Yeti refers to a company’s high-end drinkware, not the mythical creature, then sure, you can put it in the dishwasher.

Yeti is well known for making and selling sturdy, efficient coolers in Texas. Outdoor gear maker Yeti is a major player. After failing to locate coolers that kept their drinks and catch cold in Texas heat, Ron and Ryan Seiders invented Yeti in 2006. As ardent outdoor enthusiasts, the pair used their technical and outdoor passion to create a device to solve this problem.

Yeti makes and sells goods for fishing and hunting enthusiasts that want high-performance gear, including coolers.This includes portable soft-sided coolers and mugs and tumblers from ten-ounce to one-gallon.

Can you put Yeti Drinkware in the Dishwasher?

Yeti Drinkware

Yes. Yeti glasses, bottles, mugs, and jugs may be the greatest in quality, build, and efficiency for outdoor use. A Yeti cooler or mug can keep its contents as hot or cold as science allows, making it a versatile product.

This is relevant if you have any of these goods and want to keep your Yeti cup fresh. Since Yeti invented their wonderful coolers, the firm has suggested handwashing their cups and mugs and branded them dishwasher-unsafe.

Customers ignored this warning and put their Yeti gear in the dishwasher with other dirty items. This broad propensity became a mass testing operation and serendipitously led the corporation to reconsider its position. Yeti certified its drinkware dishwasher safe in 2015 after a big favorable response and matching internal testing.

Since then, Yeti cups, mugs, bottles, and jugs have maintained their outstanding quality. Since Yeti cleaning in the dishwasher used to void its warranties, they have been updated to cover dishwasher damage

Washing Yeti drinkware in the Dishwasher: Specific Instructions and Care

If you’re still unsure and think the dishwasher is harmful, you can handwash your Yeti cups. Given the increased cost of a Yeti mug, this is sensible.

The cup, mug, or jug can endure dishwasher heat. The dishwasher won’t crumble the double-wall steel cavity vacuum insulation because it won’t buckle in the wild. The lid is slightly different since it is so beautifully made that it could disintegrate in the dishwasher. The lid is responsible for top-shelf performance, so avoid washing it. If it has little filth, a hand wash in soap and water is enough. Washing it completely is only necessary sometimes.

If the lid requires further work, disassemble it and wash the parts with soap and warm water.Focus on the gasket. Most filth sticks on the gasket. Before reassembling the lid, rinse and dry the components. Some parts of the lid are too small to maneuver. Let them soak in soapy water for 30 minutes.Baking soda can also break down invisible dirt in water. A lid that cannot be cleaned this manner is unlikely.

Can you put the lid in the dishwasher? Maybe

Yeti Drinkware

Many people still put the disassembled pieces in the top compartment of the dishwasher where silverware and smaller kitchen appliances are placed. They claim the lid continues to function just as well years down the line. This is a testament to the exemplary engineering of Yeti drinkware. The concern here is the gasket which may not withstand continuous exposure to heat in the dishwasher and could lose its density with time.

That said, barely any commentary is available claiming their gaskets are vulnerable which is an excellent occurrence. While it is always prudent to err on the side of caution, this is definitely a strong exception to the rule and the proof is available in the rave reviews of Yeti’s performance in the public.


For even better cleaning, Yeti cleaning tablets do an exemplary job of getting the grime off rather quickly. 

Put them in the dishwasher or soak your Yeti drinkware in a warm water bath until you’re ready to scrub and rinse.

However, Yeti drinkware performance does not represent drinkware performance overall. Vacuum chamber seams prevent dishwasher washing of insulated drinkware and other home items.

There are only a few players in this market that can give Yeti a run for their money and if you have any other brand of drinkware, find out whether the specific brand can withstand the dishwasher. 

While it may be an excellent cup, assuming that it is the same as Yeti could lead you to destroy it.