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Quick Tips for Optimal Zinus Mattress Expansion

Zinus mattress expansion are in high demand. And why wouldn’t it be? These mattresses are built with comfort in mind and buyers can pick from a wide range of memory foam and pillow top options. This makes Zinus one of the most popular mattress brands in the world with over a million satisfied customers.

But is it advisable to sleep on a Zinus mattress the first night? Well, we know that you might have your own opinions about this, but our research says otherwise. Here’s what we found out!

How Long Does Zinus Mattress Take To Expand

Zinus mattress expansion

Depending on the model of Zinus mattress you have, you can expect it to take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for the mattress to decompress and reach its full thickness. Zinus mattresses come in three different models; Zinus, Zinus Plus, and Zinus Sleep on Latex.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the time frame for your mattress so that you know when to check if it has expanded properly. This way, you can avoid any potential issues or damages that may occur.

If you’ve just gotten your Zinus mattress, you might be wondering how long you have to wait until it’s ready to sleep on. The company says that it can take up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand, but that you can use it the first night if you want. Much like other beds, using your Zinus mattress will speed up the decompression process.

However, if it hasn’t reached its expected thickness after a week, you can contact customer service for a warranty claim. It’s important to note that, like other memory foam mattresses, you’ll only get the most use out of your Zinus bed after it’s finished expanding.

What Is A Zinus Mattress?

You’re probably wondering why it takes time for a Zinus mattress to fully expand. Well, the reason is that Zinus mattresses use memory foam, which can take some time to decompress and might also have an odor when first unpacked due to the off-gassing process, during which any chemicals in the mattress are released into the air.

However, Zinus mattresses use BioFoam with green tea extract, charcoal, and castor seed oil to keep the material fresh and minimize any odors. The foam is also CertiPUR-US-certified, so you can be sure it is safe for your health.

At this point, you should feel confident that your bed is made without any harmful components. But what about its longevity? Reading from the company’s website, you can extend your mattress’s lifespan by rotating it but never flipping it because it’s not compatible with the bed’s structure. If you want to keep your bed in tip-top shape for as long as possible, following the company’s guidelines is a good idea.

Can You Sleep On Zinus Mattress the First Night?

It is best to wait 24-48 hours for a memory foam mattress to take on its full shape. The reason why manufacturers recommend this is to cover the warranty terms and responsibilities thereof. By waiting, customers can be assured they received the product they paid for. This will also minimize the chances of any cracks or splits in the memory foam layer.

But what if you don’t wait?

If you think that waiting 24 hours is not really your thing, worry not. While the manufacturer’s instructions recommend waiting, it’s generally okay not to. The manufacturer always leans towards caution, but consumers should understand that some instructions are recommendations. If you aren’t short on time, it’s okay.

As mentioned earlier, sleeping on your new memory foam bed for 24 hours can speed up the process. Body heat makes the memory foam more pliable, so it will expand faster.

Your mattress won’t wear down and become deficient from just one night of sleep – it takes more than that. However, if you do choose to sleep on your mattress before it has fully expanded, you likely won’t experience the full benefits that come with it that night.

A memory foam mattress can provide a supportive and plush feel, but only when it is in its full shape. That’s why so many online companies offer lengthy sleep trials; they want customers to have the opportunity to try out their new mattress and see if it’s a good fit before making a final decision.

When you open up the box, you will find your new mattress rolled up and folded. Memory foam mattresses are safe to sleep on immediately, but if you notice any defects in the foam or it hasn’t expanded after 24 hours, you might have to call the manufacturer.

How to Make Your Mattress Expand Faster

Zinus mattress expansion

Unpack it and Use it

Zinus mattress expansion can often be quite a wait for a mattress to reach its full potential form-wise. However, by following a few simple practices, you may be able to have your bed decompressed and ready to sleep on in as little as two days.

For instance, unboxing your mattress within 72 hours of arrival will help it expand faster. This is also important because it will give you the full 100-night sleep trial from Zinus. Once you’ve taken it out of the box, sleeping on it the first night will help to open up any air pockets.

Make Your mattress Warm

Some Zinus mattress customers say you can walk or roll on it, but others say it takes time to relax. Zinus mattresses are temperature-responsive, so your body heat will help them relax faster.

Keep the room warm or use a steamer to target specific mattress areas. A steamer should speed up bed expansion by focusing on the edges and corners, which may take time to adjust. If you’re sleeping comfortably and supportively, waiting is worth it, but these tips should speed decompression.