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Rain Glass and Obscure Glass: Shower Door Comparisons

Rain Glass and Obscure Glass, Gone are the days when panel screens and wooden partitions used to provide privacy in a room. On the flip side, these solid pieces of furniture took away a whole chunk of space and block the entry of natural light, making it a foul decorative option for small rooms and bathrooms. As a result, most homeowners are now considering more efficient alternatives for their shower doors.

While Rain Glass vs Obscure Glass is two well-known brands, choosing the right option for your home can be a little difficult. Generally speaking, they are not the same; there exist some notable differences that might influence your final decision. So let’s begin:

Rain Glass Vs Obscure Glass: Quick Comparison

Rain Glass and Obscure Glass

Feature Obscure Glass Rain Glass
Light Passing Capability Very Low Medium
Appearance High Medium Privacy
Maintenance Quality Bit Difficult Easy
Attractiveness Not quite the best Fairly aesthetic
Sustainability High Medium
Installation Bit Difficult Easy


Difference between Rain Glass and Obscure Glass

Considering the need to have a glass shower, whatever sort of glass to choose for the fixture is still up to you. Keep in mind that the material you choose for your bathroom will have a big impact on how it looks.

Rain Glass vs Obscure Glass: Appearance

As the name implies, Rain glass looks like rain streaks streaming down the window. The glass has a dreamlike air to it, although the texture is also an ideal match to modern settings with an earthly aesthetic.

If the bathroom is shared, rain glass for the shower door will provide privacy and functionality. This is suitable for large families or folks with one bathroom. Rain shower glass has modest privacy, so you can see movement but not anyone else.

However, any opaque glass will distort or conceal the other side. Obscure glass may be better than rain glass for displaying shadows or concealing items.

Rain Glass vs Obscure Glass: Light Passing Capability

As mentioned before, rain glass has been designed to seem like rain and deliver protection when using the stall. It has an elegant look overall and a modern mood. While the exterior light is dim, a fair amount of light passes through the rain glass.

Because of the ingredients, it doesn’t block the light completely, which is why sometimes there’s some shadow that can be recognized from outside.

Obscure glass, on the other hand, is generated from the sheet glass, which has been acidly etched to create a pitted surface on the side. Consequently, the glass pane becomes transparent, scattering light as it travels through. The resultant pictures are blurred while still allowing light to pass through.


With rain glass, you can achieve a semi-private area in the shower cabin without giving it a distinct identity. This is particularly important when you’re looking for a large open appearance while still having adequate seclusion for a relaxing atmosphere. No matter the design, rain glass showers are particularly attractive for all sorts of bathrooms.

Obscure glass, on the other hand, reveals a distorted picture on the opposite side. One major highlight that makes it stand out from rain is the white opaque icing that comprises hazy transparency.

However, this is not the same as being opaque as large volumes of light can still travel through obscure glass, lighting a space. So don’t expect an opaque surface such as a wall from obscure glass showers. Even so, their privacy level is still better in obscure glass compared to rain glass.

Maintenance Quality

Rain glass is generally harder to maintain than obscure glass, mainly because it is a type of patterned glass. Rain glass panels or showers incorporate a number of features including decorative qualities and the sheer amount of blurred privacy they deliver.

One major advantage of obscure glass shower enclosures is that they require far less upkeep compared to other materials. They are the hardier solutions, long-lasting, and simple to clean.

Rain Glass vs Obscure Glass: Sustainability

Rain Glass and Obscure Glass

You’ve probably come across the misconception about the glass being extremely fragile and prone to fracture. Contemporary glass meanwhile is subjected to a number of treatments and procedures in order to achieve its amazing strength and integrity that is reliable in both Rain glass and Obscure glass. That said, though, reports show that obscure glass has higher sustainability compared to rain glass.


Rain glass installation is simple. Always use caution when handling glass. Rain glass may enhance your bathroom’s environment and blend smoothly without overpowering its style with correct installation.

Installing obscure glass is tough since its substance and components demand greater safety precautions. Still, it’s manageable.

Similarities Between Obscure Glass and Rain Glass’s

Both are categorized as frosted glass. Frosted glass is acid etched or sandblasted to make it opaque. They both appear transparent because of light depression during transmission, obstructing visibility while it allows light to pass throw.

The frosting effect can also be attained by incorporating vinyl coating to the glass surface that acts as a stencil. Alternatively, canned frosted glass sprays can be used.

Another major similarity is that both glasses are less opaque in comparison to a brick wall and certainly less transparent than conventional glass walls. This allows users to achieve adequate natural light to brighten the room, which helps to save energy.

Natural light provided by these two options expands the area and makes it feel more pleasant. Moreover, frosted glass is known for inhibiting the sun’s damaging UV rays, allowing only the harmless rays to get through.