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American Standard Titan Toilets: Common Problems and Fixes

The majority of households have American Standard Titan toilets. In comparison to conventional toilets, these toilets are generally comfortable to use. No doubt, American Standard Titan toilets are among the best, top-grade toilets on the market.

However, that’s not to say that there are no American Standard Titan Toilet problems. Issues may pop up from these toilets and although you may choose to overlook or fail to notice some issues, they can cause significant damage later in the day.

It is therefore important to keep your Titan toilet from problems. So let’s get closer to some of the issues you’re likely to encounter while using American Standard Titan toilet and how to fix them.

American Standard Titan Toilet Problems

American Standard Titan Toilets

Non-stop Water Flow

Like most other brands out there, American Standard Toilets may sometimes keep on flowing. Note that this particular toilet is supposed to clean waste after flushing and then stop automatically within a short time.

However, in the event that your toilet is continuously running, it may have some issues that need checking and fixations. On a basic level, the toilet flush or water tank may have become faulty.

Damaged Tube or Hose

Have you encountered any issues within the toilet water line? Well, this is a common problem basically caused by a damaged or faulty toilet hose. Due to the damaged hose or tube, you might encounter leakage or overflowing issues in the water tank. This problem may also lead to other disturbances.

Toilet Not Filling Properly

Some users also grumbled about the American Standard Titan toilet that it doesn’t sometimes fill as expected. Usually, this problem happens when the tank is damaged. That means water won’t flow smoothly when the tank is damaged. If the toilet float isn’t working steadily, the toilet bowl won’t be filled with water, simply because there’s no indication to the bowl from the toilet float.

Those are some of the most common issues you may come across while using American Standard Titan toilets. Just be sure to address the disturbance the soonest to prevent any further extra expenses.

Flushing Issues

Some homeowners reported that the flush of their American Standard Titan toilets got ruined after a certain period of usage. Be that as it may, this problem can be a result of a few things.

For instance, if the bathroom pipe or drain is not in good condition, you may experience flushing issues. Moreover, flushing disturbance may be due to the toilet flapper. When the water level is not at a standard level and has a blockage, it can lead to problems.

How to Fix a Running American Standard Toilet

Now that you have already learned the common problems associated with American Standard toilets, let’s know how to fix them.

Replacing the Blue Ring

Sometimes your toilet may keep on leaking onto the bowl. Consequently, it will flush continually every time the blow gets full, which will increase the water consumption in your home.

This problem can be due to a defective blue ring. You can access it by unscrewing the thumb nut on top of the green dome. The replacement component can be obtained for free from the American Standard brand.

Check the O-Ring

Note that the American Standard offers a repair kit alongside a few parts. These include the O-ring seal and the rubber seal. After two years of usage, for instance, this will lead to some leaks or running water issues.

You will have to replace the whole toilet tank valve assembly to fix this problem. Check the flexible ring located around the valve with an up and down movement that drains the water after flushing. Follow the instructions provided in the packaging when replacing the O-ring.

Tighten the Top Screws

In case you’re having problems with running water, inspect the top screw as it may have not been tightened adequately. These types of screws are made out of plastic, so be careful not to over-click when adjusting. The point here is to make sure it is fastened securely, then consider checking again to see if the problem is resolved.

Check the Flappers for Any Issues

Another major problem in your toilet could be caused by a piece of rubber located on top of the flush valve. This rubber piece is known as the flapper and can be a major cause of problems such as leaking water from the tank into the bowl to trigger the steady flushing motion of the toilet even if there is one using it.

Check that the valve is shut off to keep a new supply of water from running into the tank. Then flush the toilet to drain the remaining water from the tank.

You might want to remove the flapper and take it with you when you go purchasing from your local hardware. Alternatively, you can contact your toilet manufacturer to see if they can deliver the product to you as a replacement at no extra cost.

Fixing Blocked Inlet Holes

American Standard Titan Toilets

Start by examining the condition of the inlets to check whether it has blockage problems or not. Normally, holes may appear below the lid of the toilet bowl. You will realize a larger leakage issue if it is clogged.

To resolve this clogging problem, take 9-10 ounces of white vinegar and heat it at a 20-degree temperature. Next, grab a panel and place it into the tube. Then add the hot vinegar to it. Leave it in that condition for several hours to react. You may have to leave them a whole night for the best results. After that, grab a hex key and use it to clean the inlay holes smoothly.


American Standard Titan toilet has become incredibly popular over the regular bathrooms due to their great handy features. They are generally easy to install, comfortable to use, and are not prone to excessive problems. Hopefully, this article will help you tackle some of the issues you may encounter with the American Standard Titan toilet. You don’t have to overlook these issues; most of them are easy fixes and you can do that all by yourself.