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Red Yeast Rice Brands to Avoid

Red yeast rice is among the most famous varieties of rice in Asia. It’s loved by many because of its potential therapeutic benefits.

Red yeast rice is a natural cure for high cholesterol, and it’s one of the few foods that includes the active chemicals found in prescription drugs. It may also help with inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, and increased blood sugar levels, among other conditions.

What is Red Yeast Rice?

Red yeast rice is a form of fermented rice generated by two mold species Monascus purpureus or  Monascus ruber. For ages, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its potent health-promoting effects.

Monacolin K, the active element in prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs like lovastatin, is found in red yeast rice. As a result, it’s frequently utilized as a less expensive alternative to expensive drugs to help lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

Other positive effects of red yeast rice that have been discovered range from reduction in cancer cell development plus to improved blood sugar and insulin levels. Red yeast rice is now widely available as an over-the-counter product that claims to lower cholesterol and improve overall health.

Red yeast rice has become quite popular in the West, particularly in the United States. That is due to the fact that it has potent therapeutic characteristics, aid in reducing cholesterol and enhancing the immune system.

The Food and Drug Administration, on the other hand, has suggested that some brands are breaking the laws of substance and label genuity. The FDA even considers some red yeast rice brands dangerous and advises people to go against them.

 Red yeast brands that you should avoid

Solaray Red Yeast Rice

Solaray’s red yeast rice has been lab-tested for pollutants, impurities, and radiation. The Solaray Red Yeast Rice brand is made in the company’s private facilities. They claim to have non-irradiated products checked for Citrinin using UPLC-MS.

However, heavy metals, germs, pesticides, and significant allergens are all identifiable in 600-milligram Solaray red yeast rice.

  • Spring Valley Red Yeast Rice

Spring Valley’s red yeast rice is free of yeast, gluten, and wheat. The twin pack has a total of 120 600-milligram capsules; you must take two every serving. According to customer evaluations, the product does not appear to function because it causes stomach pain, headaches, light-headedness, joint, and bone pain.

While the firm says that each batch of Spring Valley Red Yeast Rice fulfills the highest quality requirements, the FDA has not examined nor approved the claims. Furthermore, some customer reviews show that the product causes acute aches in the kidney areas.

Now Foods Red Yeast Rice

Now Foods Red Yeast Rice comprises magnesium stearate sourced from vegetables, 1.2 grams of red yeast rice, yeast, cellulose, and silica. Citrinin, a potentially harmful byproduct of the fermentation process, is carefully avoided in Now Foods red Yeast Rice production.

The manufacturer recommends that you take two veggie caps of the dietary supplement 1-2 times per day, preferably with meals. Combining it with CoQ10 capsules, chewable tablets, and soft gels would be best to get the most out of it.

However, there aren’t enough facts about Now Foods red Yeast Rice to recommend it as an excellent cholesterol-lowering product.

21st Century Red Yeast Rice

There are 150 veggie capsules in red yeast rice from the 21st Century Company. Unfortunately, since there is too little information on 21st Century Red Yeast Rice, the product has not been certified, FDA-approved, or even tested for impurities, toxins, or other additives.

In addition, there’s nothing in the21st Century Red Yeast Rice description that corroborates with its composition and the anticipated beneficial effects. Therefore, its components have not been checked, and you should avoid it.

Nature’s Aid Red Yeast Rice

Nature’s Aid Red Yeast Rice is intended to help maintain cholesterol levels within the normal ranges, just like the other varieties of red yeast rice. The product is gluten-free, non-genetically modified red yeast rice that is excellent for vegans.

A pack of Nature’s Aid Red Yeast Rice capsules comes with 10 mg of Monacolin K, magnesium stearate, cellulose, and silicon dioxide. It lacks dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, nuts, starch, wheat, soy, salt, sugar, and artificial flavors or colors.

According to the Nature’s Aid Red Yeast Rice manufacturers, the product is sourced using the best non-genetically modified effectiveness and purity approved for maximum quality of red yeast rice. However, due to the product’s incredibly low ratings and absence of user reviews, it’s a daunting task to test and verify its efficacy.

Red Yeast Rice Brands to Trust

  • Solgar Red Yeast Rice

Solgar’s red yeast rice is prepared by combining cooked rice with Monascus Purpureus yeast and fermenting it. Vegans can use the vegetable capsules of Solgar’s red yeast rice because they are gluten-free, certified, and non-genetically modified. However, it’s suggested that you consider taking the pills with Coenzyme Q-10.

  • Arazo Nutrition Red Yeast Rice

The red yeast rice from Arazo Nutrition has been tested for pollutants and impurities, including Citrinin, harmful to human health. The supplement has undergone extensive testing to ensure that you are getting a high-quality, non-irradiated, and pure supply of red yeast rice.

All-natural components are among the advantages of Arazo Nutrition Red Yeast Rice. You may buy the product over the counter because it does not require a prescription.

You’ll find 120 vegetarian pills for 60 days within the container of Arazo Nutrition Red Yeast Rice. It has a high efficacy due to 1200 mg of pure Monascus Purpureus extract per serving. There’s also no fermentation waste for Arazo Nutrition Red Yeast Rice like some red yeast rice brands.

  • Weider Red Yeast Rice Plus

Weider Red Yeast Rice Plus is formulated to help users keep cholesterol levels within a healthy range. Phytosterols in the product aid in minimizing the quantity of cholesterol absorbed. The red yeast rice brand is trusted because it’s focused on fitness. Red yeast rice experts advise moderate exercise in addition to the Weider Red Yeast Rice Plus supplement.