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Replacing Garage Door with Windows: Benefits, Considerations, and Step-by-Step Guide

A garage is widely known as a place to park your cars. But does a garage serve any purpose? Yes. It has two critical roles in a home. First, it is the functional part, and second, it is for visual appeal.

A garage door offers aesthetic and standard curb appeal for your house. In addition, they offer insulation and security to your house’s large entryway. At some point in life, we do change our perceptions of things. How about having those windows on your garage door? 

It is okay to give some touch to that plane garage door. Here is a guideline on the benefits of having windows at your garage door, elements to consider, and how you can do the replacement. Let’s get started!

Replace Garage Door With Windows: What are the Benefits?

Upgrade your garage door with windows has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • They allow more natural light into the garage without opening the door itself.
  • They make small garages look more spacious.
  • Windows do complement the exterior décor of your home.
  • Windows in your garage add value to your home, especially if you are planning to sell your home.
  • They make the garage more habitable for family gatherings or a gym.
  • It can act as additional rental space or an extra sleeping area for visitors.
  • Improves the general curb appeal

Elements to Keep In Mind When Replacing Garage Door Windows

To ensure your garage has an excellent appeal but still enhances security and gives your exterior a facelift, you should consider some factors before renovating. Check them right below:

Current Location of Your Garage Door

Most people would want to keep the frame and present the model to cut the cost of replacing the windows. However, it will all depend on the type of windows that would work with your door. It is crucial to get the design’s measurements, embossments, color, grooves, etc.

Location of the Window Placement

Garage doors and windows are available as per the function they serve. Therefore here it is all about what your preferences are. If you want great results on your garage door windows, place them on the upper part. As a result, you will allow natural light into the garage, but at the same time, you will secure your things.

Some may prefer the third-section type of windows, allowing them to see through their valuables inside or outside. However, if you still need privacy, then opt for a 2-way-mirror kinder of glasses. 

Spring System and Imbalances

The spring system is an equalizer to prevent the door’s system from going off balance due to the weight of a light door. The spring system enables the door to open and close automatically.

Usually, the systems are made to withstand a 5% difference in the total weight of the door. For instance, a door risks losing balance if you get the windows are heavy and the door weighs 125lbs or less.

Alternatively, you can get new spring systems that are robust to counter the weight. You need to be cautious about this hack because you might encounter difficulties raising and lowering your door if you lose your balance.

Blending Your Home Window Styles

Matching your garage windows with your home’s front windows and the front door is essential. It will make a home stand out. In addition, pick a style that compliments your home‘s visual curb appeal.


Do you keep valuables in your garage? If you answer yes, insulated windows are all you need for your garage. Not only will they protect your valuables, but they can convert the space into a holiday party room.

Energy Usage

In case your garage door doesn’t contain adequate insulation from the inside, too much sunlight inside the garage can have a negative impact regardless of the season. Nevertheless, insulating the windows and or doors will help keep energy efficient.

How to Replace the Garage Door Windows?

For a start, you should know your window types. A window may have a frame with plexiglass or glass, compelling you to replace the whole unit. Other windows comprise plexiglass or glass inserts that suit the door framework.

It is essential to obtain the new window or insert and get the correct measurements and size, including the door manufacturer.

Remember, the replacement method for a broken window changes depending on the frame type.

How to Replace Frames and Windows

Step 1

Unscrew the face of the frame using the correct screwdrivers, set them aside, and tell the person assisting you in pushing from the other side and remove the structure from opening the door

Step 2

Take the new frame and window unit and place it over a thin wood strip or some piece of plywood with the broader sides facing outside the frame that is facing up.

Put the required template on the window as you align the guide marks to the corresponding frame edges.

 Secure the template with the glue to the frame using short strips of the masking plate

Step 3

Next is to drill holes through the frame with the help of the template marks.

Step 4

Mount the frame and window in the opening with the broader sides of the structure facing out with the rubber seals along the edges facing in. Secure the frame using the screw at each of the drilled holes.


When replacing inserts, it is vital to put on your gloves to avoid getting exposed to injury during repairs.

Step 1

With a putty knife, straighten the small tabs that place the glass edges or plexiglass insert in the frame.

Step 2

Cut the caulking at the edges of the opening using a utility knife. Remove the glass or plexiglass and any residual caulking at the entrance with a wood chisel.

Step 3

Make an application of all-weather caulking near the edge of the opening. Press the new panel into place. Bend the steel tabs against the face panel by hand.

In case of wood stops, apply some additional caulking beads at the opening edges, then reinstall the holidays in the original configuration by hand.


Overall, your garage may be in dire need of a facelift, or you need to fix the damage using the guidelines that we’ve shared. Ensure you consider all the elements necessary to avoid a mess and unnecessary expenses. Yes, you can go to give that old plane door a touch and convert your residence to fit your taste!