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Revitalize Your Old Jacuzzi Tub: Modern Upgrades

Jacuzzi tub, Do you have an old Jacuzzi tub making your bathroom look old-fashioned? There is good news for you as there are ways you can upgrade the old tub fixtures to spark some life into it and make it look more modern.

You may be wondering if this process is not costly and how it is even possible. It is possible to replace Jacuzzi tub fixtures at an affordable cost. You can go about this process in three ways: updating the tub’s surrounding walls, changing the tub’s institutions, and using a bath refinishing product.

In this article, we shall explain in detail the subject and enlighten you on the importance of the Jacuzzi.

3 Ways to Upgrade a Jacuzzi Tub 

Jacuzzi tub

Updating The Tub’s Surrounding Walls

One hack that is certain when replacing the Jacuzzi tub is the walls around the tub or the tiled area. A repaint using another solid color or a stencil to design unique styles is recommendable if they are painted.

If the walls are made of tiles, consider replacing them with a new design or even tile of a different color. There are multiple options on the market, unlike before. The best part is that you can do it yourself.

Don’t forget to upgrade the trim around the tub. It is paramount to remember that for your tub to pop out. It would be best if you did contrasting paint or tile colors. For example, if your tub’s color is yellow or white, convert the wall colors to medium shades of blue or green.

Alternatively, considering your tub material, you can reglaze the trim around your tub. Acquire a vinyl or a new laminate from the hardware store near you. The new tiles, fresh sealant, and trim brighten the tub, making it stand out.   

Exchanging The Tub’s Fixtures

A Jacuzzi is a place to relax after having a long day at work or after your day’s activities. If your Jacuzzi’s tub fixtures are worn, ruined, or more badly corroded, you won’t enjoy your soaking bath as it should because of the tub’s condition.

It calls for an immediate replacement. You can opt to switch out the colors. For instance, if you have a brass fixture, you can change it to stainless steel or brushed nickel. Research more ideas from Google or Pinterest, bearing in mind that all institutions have to match, and it all trickles down to your individualized preferences.

Replacement of the Jacuzzi’s Tub Fixture 

Tubs come in a variety, and there might be a slight difference between each. However, the standard replacement procedure is as shown below. 


You must switch off the circuit breaker to disconnect the power to the whirlpool tub.


Open the side panel at the underneath side of the tub. If there are screws, remove them with a screwdriver and twist the valves clockwise until you find resistance.


With a flathead screwdriver under a cap’s corner at the faucet’s upper part, lift the tip to loosen the lid, wrench it, and place it aside.


Remove the screws from the inner top of the spout handle with a screwdriver and set them aside.


Hold the faucet lever right under the hole at the top using a pair of pliers with a single hand. Strike on the pliers’ side that is farthest from you using a hammer using the other hand. Do it repeatedly until the faucet starts to rotate counterclockwise.


Remove the screws, draw off the handle from its position, and put it aside. Remove the screws on the plastic tube over the rod with your fingers. If you find resistance, twist the line counterclockwise using pliers.


Take off the tube from the rod. Use a dry cloth to clean the rod, including its base.


The replacement faucet handle’s plastic tube over the rod. For the threaded pipe, screw it onto the rod using clockwise turns.


Tighten the screws of the replacement faucet onto the rod with pliers. Ensure you cover the spout’s handle to protect the handle from scratches caused by the pliers.


Replace the screws you initially removed into the upper part of the new faucet handle. Tighten them using a screwdriver. Put the cap with the new faucet handle on the uppermost part of the handle and press it down to lock it.

The final step is for you to twist the valves counterclockwise to reinstate the water flow to the tub. Replace the panel to its place and, if need be, reattach the screws. Then turn on the electric power at the fuse box.

Bath Refinish Product

Jacuzzi tub

Refinishing is one way to change your tub to look new again. The refining process involves repairing any spoilt areas like scratches, holes, and dents due to wear and tear. It entails applying a refinishing epoxy to the tub’s surface.

You can do a tub refinish as your DIY project. All you need to do is purchase the product at an affordable price, not exceeding $200, and 2-4 hours to finish. It is crucial to change the tub color to something with glamor.

Keep in mind to take into account your bathroom’s other decorative elements into consideration while doing so. For example, do a darker tub for light-colored walls to make it stand out.

You can also accessorize your area behind the Jacuzzi by adding a waterproof cabinet to keep your essential oils, bath towels, and other spa stuff.

Uses of a Hot Tub (Jacuzzi)

  • It boosts the atmosphere and comfort of your bathroom 
  • It adds value to your property
  • It aids with physical therapy for stress management and injuries
  • It tops your home’s gymnasium

Can you Replace Jet Tub Fixtures?

Yes, replacing the tub jet fixtures with home tools like a wrench and a screwdriver is possible. You need to drain the two tube lines and the drain tub by removing the old jet fixture and replacing it with a new faucet in their respective places.

Replacing your Jacuzzi tub fixture is boggling, but it isn’t impossible. With the above information, you are in a better position to do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Adhere to the guideline given for best results.