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Samsung Ice Maker Resetting: Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

Samsung is a renowned brand for top-notch appliances in the industry. However, just like any other appliance, it may experience a malfunction. Resetting is the best way to troubleshoot any minor issues without having to call on a plumber.

How and why do you reset your Samsung ice maker? If your ice maker isn’t making ice, try resetting it by removing the ice bucket, finding the test button, and pressing it until you hear a chime before quickly replacing it.

In this article, we unmask the details of how safely you can reset your Samsung ice maker, and the dos and don’ts, among other significant tips. Therefore, read on.

How to Reset Samsung Ice Maker: A Guide

Samsung ice maker reset

Dos and Don’ts

Before you reset your ice maker, here are the checkpoints you should look at:

For a start, keep in mind that resetting should come in as a last resort. Also, ensure water flows into the appliance as it is essential in its functioning.

Secondly, you can only reset your ice maker if you experience low ice production or when there isn’t any ice making. 

Thirdly, ensure your ice maker is on, and if it is off, turn it on and wait 24 hours before establishing whether you still need to reset it. 

Lastly, you can only reset your ice maker once in 24 hours, and it is good to follow the manual guidelines from the manufacturer. Remember, your ice maker’s location is critical.

Step-by-Step Resetting Guide

Step 1: Take out the ice bucket

To access your ice maker, remove the ice bucket by lifting it and pulling open the freezer. The ice maker looks more like a white box with a cover. However, based on your ice maker model, it may consist of a lid or may not.

Step 2: Find the Reset Button

The reset button’s location depends on your ice maker’s model. Therefore, the reset button is at different positions. However, most of them have it underneath, behind, or on the side of the ice maker.

The test button is small and rectangular. Some ice makers may have a label of “TEST” adjacent to the switch.

You can refer to your user manual to assist you in finding its location and even further identify the test button.

Step 3: Press and Hold Test Button

After locating the test button, press and hold it until you hear a chime. Based on your Samsung ice maker model, this step can last up to 10 seconds. Allow the process to take place without disruption for it to succeed.

After completion of the reset process, your ice maker may need 8- 24 hours for the ice maker to make ice regularly again.

Step 4: Replace the Ice Bucket

After hearing a chime, quickly return the ice bucket when the reset begins. Ensure you correctly push it back to place to capture the ice cubes it will produce.

Tip:  It is not advisable to press the button repetitively as it may lead to a water overflow or ice jam destroying your ice maker. According to Samsung, reset should be once daily regardless of the model you might have.

Allow your ice maker to sit for 24 hours after resetting before testing if your ice maker is producing ice or not.

Eventually, your Samsung ice maker has reset and is operating appropriately. In case it doesn’t work after resetting, you can contact your company or a professional for further assistance. 

What situations require a Reset?

 Resetting your Samsung ice maker can solve minor faults. Unfortunately, it may not resolve all the ice maker’s issues. Hence, below is a list of circumstances that you will get help by a rest process:

Examining the ice maker- A reset will be helpful if you intend to test the appliance to ensure its proper functioning, for instance, before selling it or relocating it to a new place.

Frozen parts- Your Samsung ice maker comprises multiple moving parts that may experience ice buildups. Resetting will help return the details to regular operation.

Fail to dump the ice- Certain ice makers freeze ice but fail to deposit it into the bucket. A reset will troubleshoot the problem.

Failure to produce ice- For your ice maker to fill the ice bucket requires 24 hours. Thus, you can reset your ice maker if there is no ice after an entire day.

Why Does Your Samsung Ice Maker Stop Functioning?

Samsung ice maker reset

It is paramount to understand that the sole reason that requires you to reset your ice maker is if it doesn’t make any ice. With that said, what causes the ice maker to stop working? The most common causes are:

Clogged filter- A filter sieves out impurities in the water that probably can harm your ice maker. If it is blocked, it restrains the water flow to the ice maker.

Too high Temperature- The ideal temperature for the ice maker to operate is between 0 and 5 degrees F. If the temperature exceeds the standard, the ice maker ceases to function. Resolve it by adjusting the thermostat on your freezer to lower the temperature.

Insufficient water supply- Lack of enough water in your unit will make the ice maker stop operating. This issue arises when the water line has a leak, there is low water pressure, or when the filter is clogged.

Disconnection – Your ice maker might be off because of a tripped breaker or a power outage leading to the device not working. You can troubleshoot the issue by switching the appliance and waiting 24 hours. After which, reset it using the above-discussed steps. 

In conclusion, resetting your Samsung ice maker is pretty simple. However, ensure you follow the recommended guideline to prevent your appliance from further damage. We have comprehensively shared the steps to follow and what you should and should not do. Most importantly, you can get your ice maker to work again with a reset. I wish you luck when you do so!