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Resolving LG Washer OE Code: Troubleshooting Guide

One of a home’s most valuable appliances is a washing machine. Over the course of its lifetime, a washing machine can save you hours, days, or even weeks. However, when a flaw manifests, it cannot be enjoyable.

Fortunately, with the use of an error code reader, several of these flaws may be swiftly and simply found and remedied by the user.

This article will assist you in identifying the cause of the LG washer OE code and how to resolve them so your washer can function again.

LG Washer OE Code: How to Resolve it

LG washer OE code

An OE code on your LG washer display can cause it to buzz and not operate. This can be a significant issue, but it also might just be a minor issue that needs a quick repair.

The OE error code on an LG washer denotes a problem with the washer’s ability to empty the water it utilized during the wash cycle. Kinked drain hoses and blocked drain pump filters are two typical causes of this problem.

Below are the causes of an LG washer OE code in detail and how to resolve each one of them.

Unbalanced Load

Unbalanced loads are one of the causes of your LG washer showing the OE code. Large or heavy items may settle to one side of the drum when being washed.

As a result, the machine can go out of balance, and water might remain in the drum. To prevent this, try mixing in a few lighter items besides the heavy ones to keep the drum from being imbalanced.

Employing the Wrong Detergent

A non-HE detergent can cause an LG washer to display an OE code. This is because non-HE detergents produce excessive suds that prevent a HE machine from draining correctly, which might cause your washing machine to become stuck in the middle of a cycle. Your garments won’t be cleaned as a result, and you might have to repeat the cycle several times.

Use the suggested detergent and carefully read the instructions to get the most incredible performance out of your LG washer.

A Kinked or Clogged Drain Hose

A kinked or clogged drain hose will cause your washer not to drain as it should. This will, in turn, cause an OE code to display on your washer.

Take out the drain hose from the back of the washer to inspect it for kinks or bends to determine whether your LG washing machine’s drain line is producing problems. The hose appears to be crimped or twisted in a way that obstructs proper water flow, you can quickly straighten it out.

If the hose is not twisted, check whether it is clogged. If the hose is clogged, utilize a flexible tube for clearing any drain hose obstructions. Make sure you have a bucket on hand to collect the extra water the drain hose discharges.

When you are done, reconnect the drain hose to the washer, and test your washer to see if the problem has been resolved

Drain Pump Filter Clog

Maybe the drain pump filter is clogged if you get an OE code. If that is the case, you will need to remove and clean the filter. Below are the steps on how to remove and clean an LG washer drain pump filter:

  • To inspect the drain pump filter, start by unplugging the washer to cut off the power. The filter on your LG washer is located at the front bottom of the washer.
  • Proceed and remove the filter cover for the drain pump.
  • Next, detach the little plug from your drain pipe and remove it.
  • You will need a little basin to collect the water that runs down the inside of the tub.
  • The drain pump filter must be removed by rotating it counterclockwise once the water has drained.
  • The most excellent way to clean the filter is to run warm water over it.
  • You should also clean the drain pump filter interior with a towel or cleaning brush.
  • When everything is clean, you should reattach the cap on the drain hose and reconnect the drain hose to your washer
  • Just make sure the filter is reinstalled firmly.
  • This time, turn the drain pump filter cover clockwise to secure it over the filter.

You can test your LG washer by running a small load to check whether the OE code is cleared after cleaning the filter and re-securing it.

Faulty Drain Pump

A faulty drain pump can also cause your washer to display an OE code. It is preferable to perform a spin-only cycle to test the drain pump.

  • To do this, turn on your washer by pressing the power button
  • Next, press the speed spin button until HIGH is visible.
  • To start the spin cycle, push the start/pause button.
  • Do you notice any humming sounds? If so, the drain on your washer has started.
  • If not, you might want to engage an appliance repairer to examine the drain pump physically.

If you’re not used to working with electrical components, it may be more difficult to examine this element because it is inside the washer.

Door Lock and Switch Assembly Fault

LG washer OE code

Inside your LG washer is a little door lock and switch unit. This device alerts the washer that everything is in order when you close the door. Here, failure is frequently caused by two factors:

  • The switch or lock may be broken.
  • A lock or switch wiring to the control board can be loose.

The door switch and lock mechanism on your washer’s door may have broken if you cannot open or close the door. It is always advisable to change this assembly because trying to repair it might result in further harm.

Final Take

Those are the most common causes of an LG washer OE code, and we hope you can easily remedy any of them by reading this article. However, it is advisable that if you are unsure how to handle any of your washers components, you consult a professional.