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Troubleshooting Sound Cutouts on Samsung TVs: Causes and Solutions

Samsung has a record of high-quality and reliable electronic appliances such as TVs. However, their televisions are susceptible to failures like their counterparts in the market. Using a Samsung TV whose sound keeps intermittently cutting can frustrate you.

What is the cause of the audio cut outs? How will you fix the issue? A Samsung TV sound cutout is primarily due to the Anynet setting, which, when activated, hijacks the sound. To fix this issue, you will have to modify the Anynet setting.

In this piece, we shall show you how to troubleshoot this issue and discuss what causes the problem. Let’s dive in!

Samsung TV Loses Sound Intermittently: What Could be the Problem and How to Fix it

Cutting out of sound on your Samsung TV is a common issue among users. But for you to fix the problem, first, you need to know what is causing the sound cut outs to fix it in the right ways. 

Anynet Setting is On 

Your Samsung TV may lose the sound if the Anynet setting is on. Therefore, you should check whether the feature is on and if so, then follow these steps to modify it:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote
  • Choose General
  • Pick on the External Device Manager 
  • Tap on Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
  • Choose Enter and then Off

Faulty Cable 

Another reason for the sound cut is faulty cables, which fail to transmit audio signals correctly. If this is the issue, then cable replacement is essential.

Software Hitches

If the above fixes don’t clear the problem, it will most likely be eliminated from the software. Typically software issues are not easy to diagnose, but they can cause transient or temporary difficulties.

The best way to fix software issues is to go the old power cycling way. To help know how to go about it, check the steps below:

  • For a start, switch off your Samsung TV
  • Disconnect the TV from the power socket
  • Allow the charge in the capacitor/memory to cool off for a while 
  • Connect the TV back to the outlet 
  • Turn on the TV

Alternatively, you can troubleshoot the issue of your Samsung losing sound by running a diagnostic test to enable you to identify the problem. However, it is crucial to consider your TV model. 

Follow these steps to run the test successfully:

  • Press the menu button
  • Choose support and the Self Diagnosis 
  • Select sound test
  • Listen to the sound that comes out of the built-in speakers
  • If the speaker’s sound is quality, the sound loss isn’t from the TV’s hardware. Most likely, the problem might be with your built-in speakers or the television’s circuitry o

Plugged Headset

Using your headset on your TV is better to check if they’re well connected. Otherwise, the sound will re-route to the equipment while disconnecting. Therefore it is best to unplug the headset from the TV.

In addition, check for any obstructions in the headset port, as they can prevent the audio from reaching your built-in speakers.

 HDMI Port Issues

When your HDMI ports are ruined or defective, the sound from the television might be cutting out intermittently. Ensure your HDMI cables are of high quality and not damaged. Unplug the wires and reconnect them to solve the problem.

Here is the process you should follow while fixing:

  • Start by disconnecting the audio equipment
  • Connect the equipment to a separate port on your TV
  • Ensure the HDMI ports are clean and set for use

Weak Internet

If you’re using the internet to play your videos or music, you can experience inconsistent sound due to the low speed. Also, if your cable box needs high-speed internet, it can trigger the cutting of sound.

Use a website or a speed test tool to troubleshoot your internet speeds. Remember, the best internet speed for streaming videos and music is at least 3 Mbps in standard definition and 5Mbps for videos in HD

Trouble Route the Audio

If there is a glitch in your Samsung TV, you may experience cutting sound due to the undesirable Bluetooth frequency.

Troubleshoot by power cycling your TV, as explained earlier.

Check all Physical Connections

Ensure you check all the connections between the television and any hardware. For instance, check the satellite receivers, cable TV boxes, Blu-Ray etc. 

Sound Settings

It is also essential to check the sound settings of your TV. Confirm your audio channels to them if it is connected to the external speakers. If not, check if the internal ones are functioning.

You can find the information in the audio segment of your TV’s on-screen menu.

Involve a Professional

If you’ve exhausted the above options and are still not functioning, it is prime time to contact Samsung, an expert, or your internet provider to fix the issue. 

How Can You Update Your TV’s software? 

 It is important to note that your smart TV requires consistent updates, just your smartphone. To ensure your Samsung TV remains functional and efficient, you need to upgrade its software from time to time to avoid many problems, including sound issues.

First, you need to find the latest firmware update for your TV model. After that, proceed to update your TV by following these quick steps:

  • Click on your settings
  • Choose the “Support” option
  • Next, go to “software update.”
  • Finally, click on the update software section

Your Samsung TV will directly update itself. However this process may take a while, but when it is through, it will notify you on your screen.

Tip: If the software update grays out, click on SOURCE/INPUT on your remote and ensure your TV is on. Then click on the Software Update.


Samsung TV is amazing but demanding in terms of sound. If the sound of your TV cuts out from time to time, there are various reasons. However, there are solutions to this issue which you can try by yourself to get fixed.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to identify the problem associated with being able to fix it. Follow the guidelines in this article; if it fails, you can contact a TV professional, Samsung, or your internet provider.