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ShowerGuard and EnduroShield: Choosing Shower Door Coating

Getting the right shower door coating requires a good understanding of your needs, budget, and ensuring that the quality is excellent. When it comes to shower doors, the path usually leads to two common options: EnduroShield vs ShowerGuard.

As such, you will need to compare Showerguard vs Enduroshield and determine which one is better suited to your needs and shower door requirements. ShowerGuard is considered to be one of the best shower door coatings on the market. It is resilient, easy to apply, and aesthetically pleasing.

When compared to EnduroShield, Showerguard is well-formulated and more affordable too. Generally, you will be better off spending extra bucks on Showerguard due to how refined it is. It is designed to bond well for the structural integrity of the shower door once it has been coated.

That said, the most crucial factor will always be what your needs are and what your budget is looking like. In case you are still undecided, this article will compare Showerguard vs Enduroshield to better pinpoint what the benefits are of each.

EnduroShield Vs ShowerGuard: Finishing

ShowerGuard and EnduroShield

When you hear about shower glass door protective coating, you will know these two options are going to last considerably. They are both effective, versatile, and serve well when set into place.

Even so, you might want to have higher standards when it comes to protecting a glass shower door and keeping it structurally intact. This includes knowing how shower door coating is going to settle. On a basic level, Showerguard has a much cleaner finish.

It provides a seamless finish that is easy on the eyes yet great enough to add value to the shower door glass. Enduroshield, on the other hand, does a fantastic job with its solution, although it is slightly off in some parts of the fixture.

This may not always be an issue, but it’s enough for Showerguard to etch forward as a more reliable solution. So if you want a shower glass door coating to settle into the background, Showerguard is your best bet.


Another aspect that makes Showerguard stand out is consistency. This option has a consistent finish that will serve well in ensuring the glass shower door remains intact for a long time to come. This is great, given that it is not going to be weak in various parts- which is exactly when a glass shower door gets compromised.

Enduroshield, meanwhile, also does a remarkable job of this and is fairly consistent. In this regard, it’s safe to say that both companies deserve praise for the effort they’ve made.

Enduroshield vs ShowerGuard: Durability

Utilizing hydrophobic coating for a glass shower door means assessing how long the coating will stand. Thus, there’s nothing worse than having a glass shower door coating in place and then watching it break down after a few weeks. This occurs when you realize a below-par solution.

Although both options are not “below-par” by any stretch of the imagination, there is still a gap between the two that’s worth mentioning. The overall reliability and finishing of Showerguard are second to none. This makes it one of the best brands on the market and one you can safely count on for the glass shower door.

Enduroshield, on the other hand, is reliable and competent too, but will slightly fall short on resilience over time. It tends to work well over the short to mid-term, whereas Showerguard does better over longer stretches while maintaining consistency in the shorter.


Considering the shower glass protective coatings, you will have to keep your budget in mind. The glass shower door becomes an investment already, and then there’s the coating, which is another layer in addition to what you’ve already spent. This is why we recommend having a budget in place.

As such, Enduroshield is typically mentioned as an option. It is quite affordable and tends to deliver great value while being easy on the pocket. Showerguard, on the other hand, is a premium coating that’s going to cost more.

However, the latter means that you are getting one of the best options around. This is certainly a detail to keep in mind when comparing these two brands, and looking up to getting something that will keep the glass shower door safe for many years.

How to Maintain the Beauty of Protected Shower Door Glass?

ShowerGuard and EnduroShield

Maintaining your new glass doors will keep them looking wonderful. Additionally, it need not be difficult or time-consuming. Keeping your shower enclosure shiny and brilliant is the finest part of coating your new glass or choosing Showerguard glass.

Simple cleaning with a microfiber cloth and light cleanser can replace vigorous scrubbing with poor results. Showerguard or Enduroshield glass can also eliminate the need to dry glass after showers, depending on tap water quality.

While precise care and maintenance instructions will be provided for the type of protected glass you choose, the simple truth is that achieving a constantly new-looking shower doesn’t necessarily require hard work.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most important variables to factor in when deciding between Showerguard and Enduroshield. Both are excellent and effective in their respective ways but some traits definitely set them apart.

Ultimately, Showerguard tends to be a more premium protective coating, best suited for shower doors. It is more resilient, effective, efficient, and serves well in a wide scope of situations.

When compared to Showerguard, Enduroshield is also an exceptional coating that comes in at a budget-friendly price. Which is a great thing, granted that most people’s choices usually come down to their budget.

To sum up, Enduroshield is an ideal option, but will not be as effective or rather potent in comparison to Showerguard. These are some of the factors to keep in mind when choosing between these two coatings.