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Solving Squirrel Bird Feeder Woes with PVC

Squirrels Climb PVC Pipe performing gymnastic maneuvers through the tree limbs might be a fun sight in your backyard. However, squirrels are more of a bother if you’re the kind of person who enjoys watching the birds that your bird feeder attracts.

They will raid the grain feeder and frighten off the birds as well. This may prompt you to consider the best strategies for preventing the squirrels from getting to the feeder. 

So, Can Squirrels Climb PVC Pipe?

Squirrels Climb PVC Pipe

PVC pipe’s naturally slick surface can be used to deter squirrels from accessing the birdfeeder. The PVC pipe needs to be at least four and a half inches up the support pole and have a diameter greater than four inches. Squirrels won’t plunder your bird feeder because of the greater diameter of the PVC pipe and its slippery surface.

Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure the PVC pipe has a cap on top. This will stop any birds you may attract from getting stuck inside the PVC pipe.

Using a PVC pipe isn’t the only way to deter squirrels from your bird feeder. Numerous more methods have been successful in stopping the little rodents.

Other Methods of Stopping Squirrels From Reaching Your Bird Feeder

Position Your Bird Feeders Wisely

Squirrels have been observed to jump more than ten feet horizontally. If you don’t want the squirrels to get to your feeders, you must put the feeders in a more out-of-the-reach location.

The initial step in this method is to ensure your bird feeders are positioned at least eleven feet away from trees.

As a result, the squirrels won’t be able to use these horizontal jumps to get to the bird feeders. 

It’s, however, crucial to remember that squirrels can use a variety of objects in addition to trees to reach the feeders.

Along with other things, they can use houses, powerlines, and decks. Ensure your bird feeders are not too close to any of these things when placing them.

In this manner, you can keep your bird’s seeds and enjoy watching the squirrels struggle to reach the bird feeders.

Purchase a Bird Feeder That is Squirrel-Proof

It may be time to consider a more sophisticated solution if you cannot prevent the squirrels from getting to your bird feeders.

Several bird feeders available allow birds to come and go as they choose but are also sufficiently small to keep squirrels out. The following are a few common styles utilized in creating bird feeders:

  • Weight Sensitive

These bird feeders have innovations that allow them to detect the added weight and respond appropriately. Birds are, as we all know, lighter than squirrels.

These bird feeders are designed so that the door closes whenever a squirrel or other animal heavier than the bird lands on them, preventing them from accessing the bird’s food.

  • Cage

Additionally, some of the bird feeders have a cage surrounding them. The openings in these cages are frequently large enough for the birds to use and reach the bird feeder and small enough for squirrels and other larger birds to squeeze through.

  • Birdfeeders Fitted with a Motor

These bird feeders have a motor that spins repeatedly and knocks the squirrels and other large animals trying to access them.

Utilize Seeds or Foods that Squirrels Dislike

You might want to utilize a different strategy if you’ve determined that it will be nearly hard to deter squirrels from the bird feeders due to where they are placed. Indeed, they prefer some foods over others. They like foods such as peanuts, corn, and sunflower seeds.

This knowledge may make Squirrels Climb PVC Pipe easier for you to deter squirrels from your bird feeders gently. Nyjer seeds, white proso millet,  and safflower seeds never seem to appeal to squirrels.

Because of this, you can investigate the seeds that are more likely to attract the birds you want with your bird feeder and those less likely to attract squirrels. Using this method, you may draw in more birds while keeping squirrels away from your bird feeders.

Use Hot Peppers

The chemical known as capsaicin, found in hot peppers, gives pepper-flavored foods their heat. If you want to keep squirrels away from your bird feeders, you can utilize this substance to your benefit.

Because squirrels can’t take spicy peppered seeds or food, which most birds prefer, you can use capsaicin to keep them away from the birds’ food.

For this tactic, all you have to do is sprinkle liquid or powdered capsaicin over the seeds or bird food.

When the squirrels reach your bird feeder and experience the taste and smell of capsaicin, they will be forced to stop going there and begin looking for alternatives.

It’s also vital to remember that many different bird species enjoy capsaicin. Thus, there are no known health risks.

Feed Them Separately

Squirrels Climb PVC Pipe

It might sound like a crazy idea, but yes, you can feed squirrels trying to reach your bird feeders separately. 

This approach will address the immediate issue and contribute to the practice of wild animal friendliness. To do this, purchase a feeder that will be used only for feeding them. This feeder must be located where the squirrels can easily access it.

There is a good probability that squirrels won’t need to climb up to your bird feeders and chase the birds away in search of food if you fill this feeder with the food they like.

If you do this on a regular basis, the squirrels will eventually form that habit and may even stop thinking about the bird feeders.

Final Take

We hope that this article provided you with the information you need to keep your birds fed and the squirrels at bay, as well as to address your concern about whether or not squirrels can climb PVC pipes. 

One of the best methods for deterring squirrels from your birdfeeders without harming them continues to be the use of PVC pipe. Because of this, many people use this tactic to keep their bird feeders out of the squirrels’ reach.