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Choosing the Best 20x25x5 Air Filters for Indoor Air Quality

Pollution is becoming a great predicament as the WHO reports that about 7 million people die annually from pollution inhalation. As a result, most homeowners have resolved to purchase air filters.

Air filters give your high-quality home air by taking out impurities and pollutants in the circulating air. You might live in a city with constant air pollution; it calls for a good air filter. Also, you might be at the point of replacing your old air filter.  

This guideline is the right piece for you as we will take you through everything you require to know about air filters, including the best 20x525x5 air filters available.

Best 20x25x5 Air Filter: 5 Most Outstanding

Air filters

As we help you narrow your search to get the best air furnace, the list is not in any order of preference; therefore, go through each and make your own choice per your taste.

Filterbuy 20x25x5 Filter


It is a brand by Filterbuy with a MERV rating of 13. It is  from synthetic material. Other compatible devices are air conditioners, HVAC systems, Furnace, and Heat Pumps. It is the replacement of complete house air furnaces from the HVAC system, AC, or heat pump.

MERV 13 synthetic media safeguards your home from pollen, dust, and other airborne particles by 98% without affecting the airflow. It consists of industrial-grade board (recyclable) frames with two wire backings that outdo the standard cardboard designs. It is an electrostatically charged, pleated (100% US-made) furnace, which traps more harmful particles and is triple as robust as fiberglass models.


Dimensions: Length 21, Width 25, height 2, and weight 81. 36. The company name is Filterbuy with a platinum color

Filtrete HDWRO3-5IN-2 AC 


Its can filter bacteria, viruses, and allergens. It is white. It has a higher MPR meaning it has a higher micro particle capturing the level of pollen, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses from the air passing through it.

Its draws and traps microscopic particles like bacteria, viruses, cough, sneeze, debris, and large particles, including pollen, household dust, and lint. Beats fiberglass, is non-electrostatic 3- month pleated 1, and washable in a home HVAC system furnace or air conditioner. It is a product from Filtre brand 3- in- 1 technology from 3M to trap contaminated air particles and eventually permit fresh airflow. Its has 1550 MPR, which equates to a rating of MERV12.


This type of air filter is a product from Filtrete, off-white with the dimensions of Width 25, length 42and length of 42, and a general weight of 36.17

Honeywell FC100A1037

It is the USA-made product. Its actual dimensions are 19. 88x 24.75x 4.38. It attracts and traps dust, dust mite, smoke, debris, smog, lint, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. It is ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. Replace regularly to ensure optimum use because it lasts 180 days. Free shipping on orders

Nordine 20x25x5 MERV 11

Its size is 201/4x25x3/8×51/4, designed as a replacement. It can filter pollen, mold, dust mites, auto emission, and large particles such as milled flour.

X6673 Lennox 20x25x5 MERV 11 

A double filter by Lennox with a MERV rating of 11. It has a filter media 2 Pack. It is suitable for residential and commercial use. They give free shipping on all orders. It attracts and traps pet dander, mold spores, smoke, smog, pollen, and other dust particles. It has an optimum performance of 180 days. It removes dander, pollen, lint, debris, mold spores, smoke, etc. Serves an optimum of 180 days

Why 20x25x5 Air Filter?

This type of air filter is among the best because of the following:

  • Improve your home comfort
  • Enhances indoor air quality
  • Trims down on energy costs
  • Assist their central air system to function better and also make it long-lasting
  • It makes you enjoy the heating and air conditioning.

What Pollutes the Indoor Air?

  • Indoor air is highly contaminated than the outside air. However, it is a common issue caused by:
  • Lack of sufficient ventilation that fails to reduce pollution
  • Multiple sources of airborne bacteria and particles
  • High-temperature levels
  • Incorrect humidity levels

What Are The Causes Of Indoor Air Pollution?

If you check on your air filter, you will find the following:

  • Hair and dander
  • Gasses, odors, and vapors
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Emission and smoke
  • Microbiological growth
  • Carpet fibers and other textures

What are the Various Types of Air filters?

There are various forms and types of air filters of varying materials, layouts, and shapes. Below is a list of air filters you will come across in the market:

Spun Glass Air Filter/Fiberglass

They are safe and affordable, and you can use them in your home. Fiberglass air filters have a MERV 1 to 4

Pleated Filtered

They are from cotton materials and fine polyester materials. This type of filter is good at capturing tiny particles up to 0.3 microns in width.

Washable Air Filters/ Electronic Furnaces

Washable filters are reusable, meaning you can trap impurities and clean them and fix them back into place. They are considered more efficient than their counterparts in the industry.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

The particular filters are 99.97% valuable in removing dirt and impurities. These include airborne particles and bacteria.


If you are after living a sustainable lifestyle

How to Choose the Best Air Filter

A furnace filter is essential as it improves your home’s air quality by trapping impurities such as dirt, dust, and dander that can clog your filter. How do you know the best air furnace to minimize the risk of pollution in your home? Here are elements you should look at when purchasing.


Different homes have various preferences and needs. Likewise, air filters differ in size and come in multiple choices. Therefore, you can choose based on your home needs. However, a 20x25x5 size works great for your home, as we shall see in our subsequent subtopics.

If you are wondering how to know your air filter’s size, use any of these three ways:

  • Get the air filter’s measurement in length, width, and depth
  • Measure the air intake
  • Check out the air filter’s label

The Performance Levels and Features

Features- Air filters comprise various features such as carburetor system, resistance levels, and Energy Star certification by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A good air furnace should be highly efficient in removing bacteria and air pollutants. It should remove odor and other gaseous contaminants. Also, it should withstand overheating.

You can calculate the efficiency of an air furnace by Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERV) ratings, ranging about 1 to 20, with those having a higher MERV rating termed excellent in trapping impurities in the air.


Price is of the essence as it should be affordable to an average buyer. If the cost exceeds the standard margin, it becomes an issue. A product can have a higher price when its quality and value exceed their counterparts.

Even so, the price should be attainable to the ordinary person. Therefore, when buying an air filter, ensure you compare the prices with that of other brands to make the right choice.


Similar to the price, the product’s material is crucial despite your desire to buy something affordable. Hence, don’t compromise the quality; strike a balance between the price and the material because it has to keep a certain standard. Low cheap material amounts to the wrong product.


If the product becomes unusable quickly, it is not worth your money to begin measuring. A good filter should last in a functional condition to prevent unnecessary expenses. Thus, ensure you find out the product’s durability.

Customer Review

The users’ review of the product matters as it gives the utmost satisfaction to the development and its use. You will be able to tell if it is user-friendly or not.


A great product should be easy to use and not a complex design that is hard to use.

Return Policy

If you realize a defect in your product after it is delivered and want a replacement for personal reasons, you may wish for a reimbursement. Whatever your reason, checking whether the product has a return policy before committing is advisable.

Often they get damaged within a short time or even come damaged, which is not normal; therefore, the only savior is a return policy that cares for its buyers.

How to Find the Right Replacement Air Filter

Unlike new installations, replacement is a bit tricky. You may get the proper measurements, but still, the filter becomes incompatible with your unit. Changing filters is mainly overlooked by most home users and rarely remembered.

Nevertheless, it is paramount that you change your filters every six months to keep your home comfortable and your HVAC system in good shape. But do you know how to choose the correct filter for your device? Keep reading as we show you how to get it right.

Find your filter

You can easily find your filter by searching. All you need to do is to enter the filter size or Part Number from your current filter in the search box, then click on the Find My AC Filter Sizes. If you are unaware of where to check, find your Part Number or the Size Number on the filter’s side.

The measuring of filters is by Nominal size (a rounded number that varies by brand). Several filters contain the part number for each to match the list.

How often do You Change Your Filters?

Knowing when to change your furnace filter or replace them with new ones is paramount in keeping your loved ones safe and allowing your HVAC system to operate efficiently. However, there is no standard to answer this boggling question as it depends on multiple factors.

First is the manufacturer’s suggested functional life span, which usually ranges from six months from the installation date. Therefore, ensure you take note of the dates to help you calculate your replacement time.

Even so, you need to examine your filter to establish its conditions. If it is filthy, what is the state of the filter? Are you asthmatic/ have allergies/ pets in the house? If you answer yes, you might want to replace the filter before the suggested date.

Secondly, your housekeeping habits- How regularly you clean your house contributes to indoor air quality. A clean home minimizes waste and helps the filters to function better, thus protecting your system and home comfort.

Thirdly, several people or pets are present- Animals track in all manner of dander, pollen, critters, and debris that contributes to indoor air pollution. In addition, more people means more particles and germs from the outside.

Finally, personal preferences and health conditions- The elderly, children, and those with rare allergies and asthma require cleaner and healthier air to remain healthy. Dust and other debris trigger respiratory issues, thus a reason to replace your air filter often.

Replacing your air filter is a simple process. People ignore this crucial maintenance task, not knowing that it can lessen their HVAC energy use by 5 to 10%, resulting in substantial monthly savings, extending your appliance’s life and life, and preventing costly futuristic repairs.

What are the Downsides of a Clogged or Dirty Filter?

Air filters

  • Contaminated air within your home
  • Skyrocket of utility bills
  • More damage and ill effects to the eco
  • Interfere with the operation of your HVAC system
  • Dirtier into your home, thus jeopardizing your health and those of your loved ones.

Air Filter Maintenance Tips

  • Do check the filter regularly
  • Invest in high-quality air filters
  • Replace the worn out or poor condition filters if necessary
  • Clean the air filters

Finding the best air filter to suit your preferences is demanding but not impossible. We hope from the comprehensive information; you have the details you need to make an informed choice. However, please research the product of your choice, as we have shared a few. Customers’ reviews speak volumes, so don’t overlook them as they offer great satisfaction.