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Solving the Dilemma When Your New Fridge Is Too Tall

New Fridge Is Too Tall and relocating homeowners may sometimes assume everything will perfectly fit on designated spaces.

Fitting hurdles occur, especially when homeowners relocate or invest in a new fridge. If you wonder what to do when the new fridge is too tall for the space, keep intact as we peruse more about the simple ideas that can aid in solving fitting hurdles.

What to Do When New Fridge Is Too Tall: Factors to Consider

New Fridge Is Too Tall

Sometimes homeowners may find out the fridge is too big for the intended space when it is too late.

Settling a big new fridge into place requires an adamant decision so as not to ruin the kitchen layout. As much as kitchen designs vary, it is vital to assess your kitchen layout before fitting the fridge by considering factors such as;

  • Size of the fridge
  • Ability to relocate the fridge
  • Amount of difference

When you are remodeling or amalgamating a giant refrigerator in your kitchen, there are higher chances that there may be a need for cabinet alteration. Although varying fridge models occupy different space areas, typically, fridges fit into a space 36 inches wide and 72 inches tall.

New Fridge Is Too Tall the fridge is too tall for your kitchen, there are available options up your sleeve in such a situation. Without further ado, below, we will guide you more on what to consider during installation and what options are available when the new fridge is too tall.

Remove the Upper Cabinet

Removing the cabinet above the fridge eases fitting and settling the fridge within the intended area. Removing upper cabinets generates almost a foot of free space for the fridge to fit nicely. This is one of the most obvious solutions to consider because;

  • It is quick
  • It offers a long term solution
  • It doesn’t ruin the fridge and the kitchen layout

Modern kitchen layouts integrate small cabinets that are used to outline the fridge top. Placing refrigerators in an already designated cabinet layout plan kitchen may incur alteration of cabinets.

The procedure entails the removal of storage space right above the fridge. If the fridge fails to fit within the cabinet outline, remove the upper cabinets to gain adequate space required for a perfect fit.

Removal of the cabinets is not relatively easy as they are screwed to the wall using 3-inch screws. Take measurements, remove the cabinet doors, and unscrew the screws to remove the cabinet from the wall, then place your fridge as desired.

More so, if you want to fit a new refrigerator under a cabinet, you can modify the cabinet by replacing the cabinet with an open shelf or trim the bottom lip.

Relocate The Fridge in The Kitchen

When the fridge is too tall, think of relocating. This alternative entails finding another open spot within the kitchen to settle the fridge in.

Relocation of the fridge depends on the layout of the kitchen. Some kitchen layouts may provide additional spots for the placement of a larger fridge.

Before relocation, it is crucial to carry out measurements, redirect electrical lines, and make needed adjustments within the kitchen for the new fridge. Ensure the fridge won’t be tall for the selected spot.

Keep scrolling through these details as you find an excellent solution to placing a huge fridge in the kitchen. Considering some of these options ensures the kitchen doesn’t look off, and the fridge fits perfectly.

Remove The Caps

This option solution entails the removal of the caps that run along the top. The idea is simple and provides a good amount of height needed to fit a tall fridge nicely.

Although the option provides enough space, removing caps depends on the type of fridge being set up.

Remove other available accessories along the top of the fridge to achieve ample space.

Lowering The Height of The Refrigerator

Height problems associated with fridges could be brought about by improper levelling and adjustments of height-adjustable rollers. If your fridge fails to fit nicely, you could consider levelling to acquire numerous inches for settling.

Levelling a refrigerator ideally entails letting it sit back a bit, with the front raising higher than the back.

The fridge has height-adjustable legs on either side behind the bottom grill. Adjust the height of threaded levelling legs by simply rotating the legs. Rotate the legs clockwise to raise the front of the refrigerator or rotate counter-clockwise to lower it.

Refrigerators with height-adjustable rollers integrate adjustment screws that can be used to raise or lower the fridge by rotating. Once the fridge is perfectly placed within the space, have the levelling just right for effective performance.

Cut Through The Countertop

New Fridge Is Too Tall

If your kitchen has laminated tops, use a laminate blade to cut through. Draw a line where you would like to cut off. Place a masking tape on the line to prevent chipping. Cut along the laminated top carefully and fit your fridge in place.

That a wrap on our today’s guide on how to fit a tall fridge in your kitchen. We hope the article was helpful and you have learnt more on probable solutions to undertake when the fridge is too tall for your kitchen layout.

FAQ on Fitting a Tall Refrigerator

  • What idea to consider if the refrigerator doesn’t fit?

It is not the end of the world if the refrigerator doesn’t fit within the intended space. The most recommended option is to remove the upper cabinet. Removal of pre-installed cabinets provides approximately 6-12 inches of additional height.

  • Can you adjust fridge height?

Adjusting the height of a refrigerator depends on the model. If a fridge comes with levelling legs, then the height can be adjusted. By use of the right tools, the height-adjustable rollers can be adjusted to the required height. More so, you can counter check on the manual of the fridge model to see whether it integrates such features.


It is imperative to find an excellent solution to counter situations where a new fridge is too tall for the intended space. Ideally, when the fridge is too big for the kitchen space, it is best to remove the cabinet above it or relocate it within the kitchen layout. Consider the best option for your setting.