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The Luxury of Pendleton Blankets Unveiled

Pendleton blankets wool blanket is paired with so many things. Whether modern, mid-century, gothic revival, etc., from various design styles to its diverse use such as bedding, wall displays, couch throws, picnic blankets, etc., it is a blanket for your home.

The Pendleton blanket has a rich history that has been passed down for generations. As we will see in the article, top-quality materials, the processing procedures, and other reasons make its value high. Let’s dive right in and unveil more on the topic. 

Top 10 Reasons why the Pendleton Blankets are so Expensive

Pendleton blankets

 A night of comfortable sleep at night is the best feeling ever. However, winter chills can ruin your experience, but never mind, thanks to the woollen blankets that can salvage you in all seasons. Some of the reputable brands cost a dime when it comes to choice.

Why would a bunch of colorful striped blankets be so expensive? Keep reading to know why the Pendleton brand blanket is expensive and worth the price tag.

An American Rich History

Thomas Kay, an English weaver by trade, founded a wool scouring plant which supplied wool to manufacturers. It changed later into a woollen mill in 1895 that manufactured blankets for the Native Americans. Kay’s grandsons transformed the company into Pendleton woollen mills in the 1900s and focused on manufacturing the trade blanket as the main product.

The Blankets have various patterns that are associated with all the American tribes. They have been passed from rich generations, making them valuable and of class. They are considered gifts during special events like baby showers and weddings.

A rich history attracts value and uniqueness to a product making it authentic and inimitable. With the Pendleton blankets, customers know that they are getting value for their money. The recognition and trust from clients make the Pendleton blankets more expensive.

Top-quality Raw materials

The Pendleton blankets are made using high-quality materials that are 100% wool. Since its initiation, the Kreb family has supplied wool to the company for over 90 years because their sheep are fed in places where they get better nutrition, reflected in the high-value wool produced.

Harvesting wool from merino sheep, known for high-quality wool, is expensive. The blankets are made with renewable wool and top-notch materials, making them warm, durable, and non-itchy, so they are tagged high in price.

The higher the cost of production materials, the higher the price.

The production Cost

The manufacturing process of the blankets involves a lot of stages and labour. Once the wool is harvested, it is sheared, graded, sorted and cleaned. Fleeces are made through a scouring process. Other stages include carding, weaving, spinning, and finishing.

To ensure the stages are successful, machinery and experts’ labor and the subordinate staff that help with the cleaning and scouring impact the product’s pricing.

The finishing stage is costly because of the interlocking and dyeing of the fibres to create iconic patterns, which requires over 2million pounds of yarn yearly. The cost of the dyes used is also high. These, among other factors, make the brand expensive.


Just as its name signifies quality, elite craftsmanship and premium materials, the Pendleton brand has retained its reputation for over 100 years. The blankets are from a high-end brand. The blankets’ quality attributes, such as warm, soft and non-itchy, contribute to their demand in the market and thus are rated high in price.

Customers are ready to pay more for a product that gets value for their money leading to an increase in price.


The brand has a sales team in its major divisions that works alongside the accounts globally. The pricing features the comprehensive marketing and public relation programs each season and other advertisement costs.

Top-notch craftsmanship

The use of experienced, skilled workers in the manufacturing process also costs an arm. Pendleton never compromises quality, and before the blanket is released to the market, there are a lot of quality checks it has to pass through to guarantee a quality end product.

Durable and sustainable 

The blankets last long because of the high-quality materials used. The high-quality wool attributes make them four times more sustainable than other natural fibres making them expensive.

These are blankets that are passed down to generations. The brand takes time to produce, process, and manufacture. The durability aspect makes them more costly.

High demand

 The blankets come in various colors, patterns, and other sharp details, causing demand worldwide. The brand has a wide variety of blankets to cater for every season, whether it is summer or winter. Thus, there is constant demand throughout the year.

When the demand is high, and the supply is low, the prices go up. The blankets’ production takes time to maintain quality and uniqueness. Therefore, they are limited, and everyone wants to grab one before they are out of stock.


 The blankets are weaved into designs that reflect culture and heritage. The very reason why many consider them valuable, such as dowry gifts, wedding presents, ceremonial objects, etc. The designs are crafted by an in-house expert who has experience.

The brand also makes customized blankets for its clients. All the above contribute to the price being high.

Loyal customer Review

Pendleton blankets

Pendleton brand has built a solid customer base for their blankets. The customers don’t hesitate to pay more for a product whose performance is assured. The customer reviews on the product lead to more demand and thus directly affects its price going up.

For 100 years, Pendleton wool mill has been the only mill that still weaves wool blankets for Native Americans in the US. Its commitment to durable and sustainable blankets has made them a household name.

The Pendleton blankets are soft, breathable, durable, and classic. The high-quality, unique style, vivid colors, and intricate patterns make the brand alluring many consumers. 

A Pendleton blanket is a part of rich history. The Native Americans, cowboys, and pioneers share many of the same values, simplicity, role, and heritage. Pendleton has stuck to their heritage, high-quality manufacturing products made with care and thought.

 Pendleton describes a Pendleton blanket as heirloom quality. Make the Pendleton blankets every home’s need and an investment piece which is expensive yet reliable and worth the splurge.