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Top Washing Machine Brands in Kenya: Features & Prices

Washing machine brands in Kenya, Gone are the decades when the washing machine was seen as a luxurious appliance. Currently, washing is a necessity in every household. Now, which is the best washing machine to buy in Kenya? How do prices vary?

When buying a washing machine, some factors to consider include the capacity/Volume, washing programs, speed, availability of the drier, safety lock, and, most importantly, price.

When you want a washing machine, you need to plan adequately by knowing the price and the key features. That said, it’s crucial to know the various washing machines available in Kenya and their prices. This guide is well-articulated to help you achieve that.

In summary, the price of washing machines in Kenya cost less than Ksh20,000 to over KSh200,000 for the most sophisticated options.

Let’s discuss some of the best washing brands in Kenya and their price ranges.

Best Washing Machines in Kenya

washing machine brands in Kenya

  • Von Washing machines

Von washing machines are famous for their quality and durability. It is among the top-selling washing machine brands in Kenya.

Various features make Von washing machines popular. Among them are the advanced functions that make them powerful and able to consume little power.

Therefore, if you decide to go for the Von washing machine, payment of energy bills won’t be a headache for you.

Von washing machines can operate in different techniques ranging from traditional soaking to super-quick washing. The different models of Von washing machines are considered eco-friendly.

The major drawback of Von laundry machines is that they are less noisy than other major brands. However, that can be attributed to powerful and advanced technology.

Major Models and Their prices

  • VALW-08FVK Front Load Washing Machine Silver – 8Kg VON; KSh65,995.00  
  • VALW-07MLB Twin Tub Washing Machine – White – 7Kg, VON; KSh32,000.00 to KSh27,995.00
  • VALZ-13FVK Dishwasher 14PS – Silver, VON; KSh 74,995.00
  • Bruhm Washing Machines

Bruhm washing machines are popular in Kenya because of their quality and ability. The high-end models of Bruhm are efficient and easy to use. They are adaptable even to wash the heaviest clothes.

In simple terms, Bruhm washing machines can wash different types of clothes without problems. Their prices in Kenya range from KSh20,000 to over KSh65,000. You can find the cheapest models costing less than 20k.

The various models of the Bruhm washing machine are sensitive to delicate clothes and gently handle the baby clothes. They also have the advantage of being durable and efficient. Even when you use Bruhm washing machines daily, they will last for years.

The disadvantage of Bruhm washing machines is their drying speed which seems to be slightly weak to squeeze out all the moisture from the clothes. That means it will take longer to dry your laundry, especially when you have big loads. You need to run the machine several times to dry the clothes completely.

Major Models and Their Prices

  • BWF-090H – 9kgs Front Loading Washing Machine – Dark Silver, Bruhm; KSh73,500.00 to KSh59,900.00
  • BWT-070H, Twin Tub Washing Machine – 7kg, Bruhm; KSh27,900.00
  • BWT 120SG, Top Load Automatic Washing Machine – 12 Kg – Grey, Bruhm; KSh 63,400.00 to KSh52,900.00
  • Ramtons Washing Machines

The price range of Ramtons washing machine ranges from under 20k for the cheaper options. High-end Ramtons washing machines cost more than 50k.

Ramtons washing machines are highly effective. It can handle different water types, including tap water, rainwater or borehole water.

On the negative side, Ramtons washing machines aren’t long-lasting. The short lifespan makes it a low-grade brand. In addition, the Ramtons brand offers a very limited selection of washing machines.

Major Models and Their Prices

  • RW/160-10KG Washer + 6KG Dryer- Dark Silver, Ramtons; KSh91,900.00
  • RW/115 -Twin Tub 8Kg Washer – White, Ramtons; KSh33,800.00
  • RW/149- 12KG Front Load Washing Machine-Dark Silver, Ramtons; KSh86,700.00 to KSh82,000.00
  • Mika Washing Machines

Mika washing machines have been in Kenya for quite some time. Mika machines can be customized. That makes them the most flexible and quality washing machine to handle different washing techniques.

In addition to the top-notch efficiency, Mika washing machines are also easy to operate. They are durable and will serve you for several years without problems or issues.

For the large-scale models, you can find Mika washing machines with a budget of under 20k and more than KSh40,000.

Most Mika users have reported that the machine is noisy when operating. That is due to their powerful motors that propel the cleaning components harmoniously.

Major Models and Their Prices

  • MWSTT2206 Top Load Twin Washing Machine, 6Kg – White & Grey, Mika; KSh23,995.00
  • MWSTT2209 – Twin Tub Washing Machine, 9Kg – White & Grey, Mika; KSh29,995.00
  • MWATL3508W Washing Machine, Top Load, Fully-Automatic, 8Kgs, Mika; KSh42,995.00
  • Nexus Washing Machines

Nexus is the newest washing machines brand in Kenta. It’s gaining popularity quickly because of the efficient and well-functional motor system.

The best Nexus washing machine model costs more than KSh30,000. However, you can find others costing less than 20k. It’s important that you consider buying the high-end models because they are efficient and durable.

Most Nexus washing machines fall under the category of top-load washing machines. Therefore, you can easily find the best option that meets your needs.

Remember, Nexus washing machines are differently engineered. They are made to handle delicate clothes, including heavy-duty loads.

Nexus washing machines tend to break down easily. Again they can stop working after you’ve used them for a few years.

Major Models and Their Prices

  • NX-WM-TL07 7kg Top Load Washing Machine, Nexus; KSh35,000.00
  • LG Washing Machines

LG is the short form of “Life’s Good.” It is the leading brand in the home appliance industry. LG has been in the market for a long time and its leading products include refrigerators, washing machines, electric kettles and televisions.

High-end LG washing machines are durable, smart, easy to use, efficient and cost over 150k. The various LG Models can handle different clothes, including the baby and delicate clothes.

Most people love LG washing machines because they have a larger volume than most brands. It’s perfect for households with a large group of people and gatherings in which individuals clean their clothes less often.

For some customers, LG washing machines are difficult to operate because they have many features. Therefore, read the user’s manual carefully to know how each setting works.

Major Models and Their Prices

  • F4V5RGP2T – Front Load Washer Dryer, 10.5/7KG – Silver, LG; KSh165,995.00
  • F4V9BWP2E Front Load Washing Machine, 12KG – Black, LG; KSh161,995.00
  • FH4G6VDYG6 – 9kg 1400 RPM Front Load Washer, Steam – Silver, LG; KSh87,040.00
  • Samsung Washing Machines

Generally, the Samsung brand produces beautiful and powerful appliances. Samsung washing machines have unique features in terms of design and functionality. That makes it a special and favored brand in the Kenyan market.

Some of Samsung’s washing machines’ technological and aesthetic features include soft buttons and LED lighting. Choose a Samsung washing machine if you want top-notch laundry performance, great functionalities and value for your money.

Samsung washing machines are relatively more expensive than the other brands. However, the brand offers excellent quality machines with sophisticated tech features like Eco Bubble that aid in controlling water use.

Major Models and Their Prices

  • WW80T4020CX Front Load Washing Machine – 8KG, Samsung; KSh96,000.00 to KSh93,000.00
  • WA75K4000HA – 7.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine – Grey, Samsung; KSh70,000.00 to KSh62,900.00
  • Armco Washing Machines

Armco washing machines have all the features you need for great laundry performance in your household. It’s expertly designed to last long and handle all textile materials, including heavy clothes.

Armco washing machines have an in-built turbo drum that washcloths faster. It also has an option that allows you to add a detergent or slat without opening the door.

The large capacity of Armco laundry machines can handle up to 8 kilograms of clothes. Unfortunately, they break down easily or even stop working after a few years.

Major Models and Prices

  • AWM-FL800VE-ST (SL) 8Kg, 55L Fully Automatic Steam Washer, Armco; KSh66,495.00
  • AWM-TT1105P – 10.5 Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine, Armco; KSh33,995.00
  • AWM-TT1355P – 13 Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine, Armco; KSh38,995.00
  • Hisense Washing Machines

Hisense washing machines are the most compact and suitable for small families. They’re well-designed, with 15 different wash regimens depending on your washing.

It balances and manages the cycle with Smart Wash time technology, ensuring 100 percent performance while conserving energy and water.

Another offer is the rapid wash feature, which washes your clothing significantly faster than the regular cycle. Consider 15 minutes.

Another useful function is the gentle wash, which gently cleans and scrubs all of your garments’ stains.

Did you know that when a washing machine has been used for a long period, dust can build up in the drum, allowing mold to grow? Hisense washing machines offer a clean drum mode that is engineered to clean your machine in that case.

Major Models and Their Prices

  • Hisense 6KG Front Load WFHV6012s Washing Machine; KSh32,500
  • Hisense WDQY1014EVJMT 10kg Washer & 6Kg Dryer; KSh64,499
  • Hisense WFQY1214VAJMT 12Kg Front Load Washing Machine; KSh70,000
  • Whirlpool Washing Machines

washing machine brands in Kenya

Whirlpool maintains its product lineup brief and sweet, and the brand also appears to offer good value for money.

Whirlpool’s line is frequently half the price of European-made competitors Bosch and Miele, with identical efficiency ratings and functionality.

The brand is touted to have class-leading designs, amazing functionalities and a price that isn’t too hard on your wallet.

However, any form of stop-cycle mechanism is commonly lacking from Whirlpool machines. Other manufacturers usually enable you to pause a cycle and toss garments into the tub midway through the process. That is a much-wanted feature these days, so it’ll be fascinating to see what Whirlpool comes up with.

If you prefer a more economical washer, you might want to look at other manufacturers. Whirlpool’s washing machines are on the higher end of the front-loading pricing range, so you might want to look at other brands.

That isn’t to say that the brand’s mid-priced alternatives don’t impress, especially given the low water and energy efficiency ratings. So, regardless of how much you pay upfront, you may save money in the long run through lower water and energy expenses.

Major Models and Their Prices

  • WHIRLPOOL AWOC 6105 – Front Load Washing Machine – 6KG   KSh54,995
  • WHIRLPOOL WWDC 9614 S – Front Load WasherDryer – 96KG    KSh104,995
  • WHIRLPOOL WWDC-11716S – Front Load WasherDryer – 117KG KSh124,995


Apart from the brands discussed above, a few additional washing machine brands are on the market. However, compared to some of the products mentioned above, they have fewer features and lower quality.

Samsung or LG brand is a great choice if you require a washing machine that is durable, reliable and efficient.