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Transforming Your Unused Breakfast Nook Creatively

Are you working on redoing your kitchen, and you need insight on what you can do with the unused breakfast nook?

You’re at the right place. Hunting for home and apartment styles is full of compromises, and the aspect of transforming your unused breakfast nook into something meaningful is not an exemption.

What is a Breakfast Nook?

Unused Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nook in an interior angle that has tables and seats. The area deserves top-notch decorations as you set it ready for taking light meals.

Making use of every space within your home is a brilliant idea that brings smart and appealing outcomes.

However, sometimes you need to adjust your preferences and bring down the nonsensical designs to create a home that suits you.

There is a likelihood that your current or new home has crannies and nooks that don’t rhyme with the intended purposes.

One might be located behind the kitchen cabinets, or perhaps there is a breakfast nook at the open corner from the renovated bathroom.

The unused breakfast nook is not a separate useless space since it typically means that it’s no longer matching your preferences.

The simplest thing you can do is transform it into something effective. Start by adding your creativity and stirring up with a character to create a cool environment no longer meant for breakfast.

What to Do With Unused Breakfast Nook

Make Use of The vertical Space

Utilizing the vertical space is the most straightforward way of converting your breakfast nook to something that gives value.

First, if you have the narrow nook whose height goes up to the ceiling, consider it the ready-made home to accommodate your mops, brooms, and vacuums.

Of course, we love and heavily rely on these tools for home cleaning, and sometimes the equipment are not appealing to look at.

If you’ve decided to convert the breakfast nook to the room where you can keep household cleaning tools, consider adding a screen that divides the room and keeps the cleaning tools out of sight.

Decorative flourish is very important; otherwise, the uncovered area of your room will leave the entire house looking awkward, disorganized and unwelcoming.

Create a Customized Storage Area

Whether your breakfast nook is tall or short, you can still convert it to a customized storage area.

You need the floating shelves mounted on the wall. Perhaps you can choose the one that has a custom length that suits any space.

Either way, if the nook can accommodate the standalone shelve or the organization units, it’s better to have them since they are not entirely permanent on the same space as the wall-mounted shelves in case you change your mind in the future.

When creating the customized storage area, you need to note that you intend to keep the nook visible without a screen while still keeping things in the area looking tidy.

Luckily, one shelve is not detrimental to the décor of your home as long as the style and color are picked thoughtfully.

Build Mini Gallery

Breakfast nooks and crannies have great practical appeal, and they can serve aesthetic purposes.

If the nook is located in the center area where it’s visited frequently by anyone in the house, you can hang the art or the framed photos.

You can still decide to repurpose the old delivery cartoons and create your art.

Set up the cabinet to capture the attention of the visitors even from a far distance.

Blend catchy colors, invent extraordinary things and do all it takes to have an attractive arrangement of the mini gallery.

Creating a mini gallery from the breakfast nook is not a hard task. You can opt to arrange the nook artfully with anything leaning on shelves and dress up the surrounding environment to look nice.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile and build a home exhibit, add some cool lighting to the unused nook to attract every eye to the piece that you’ve fitted therein.

Establish the Landing Zone

Upon arrival from school or work, you need a specified area to place bags, keys, hats, and masks, among other items, as you proceed to the main changing room.

It’s not good to toss such essentials anyhow; you will waste a lot of time and energy next time searching and assembling them. If the breakfast nook is at the back door; that is the ideal place to establish the landing zone.

The landing zone can feature a console table, small bench, mounted hook, and even a tall mirror. If the unused breakfast nook can still accommodate the coat stand, the landing zone can also help you when shedding the “outside skin.”

Set-up Home Office

Indeed, COVID-19 has brought a lot of unprecedented changes, and you’ve probably learned that anything can happen; you can create a conducive home office to work remotely.

However, in some cases making a shift from the workplace to the home office is not effective because the good work and structuring are not done.

If you’ve opted to convert the unused breakfast nook to the home office, first, make sure that there is enough space to accommodate the desk and sit.

The room’s air circulation should create a conducive and healthy environment that won’t make you sweat when trying to beat the deadlines under anxiety.

The most important thing to remember when converting the nook to a home office is that you need to create a workstation that is pocket–friendly. 

The home office is also the busiest place in your dwelling, and the surrounding areas should be quiet. It’s recommended that if the unused nook is too tiny, you ought to retreat to creating a home office.

Carve the Nook to Be the Study/Reading Room

Unused Breakfast Nook

Curling up with the favorite book is the coziest act you can enjoy at your home comfortably.

Find the comfortable seating position that fits the confines in little space, then add the lamp. If you’re too ambitious, you can add a shelf to create a home library.

The unused breakfast nook is suitable as a study room because, in most cases, it feels to be a private room that rests as part of the house, but it’s perfectly quiet and calm for focused reading.

The Bottom Line

When transforming the unused breakfast nook to any preferable options discussed above, always work with an expert to create a humble space free from hazards.

When you’ve floating shelves, they should be fixed and safeguarded to the wall. Are you ready to change the unused breakfast nook? Give your whole to enjoy the favorite choice.