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Transporting Queen Bed Frames in Your Car

Queen Bed Frames traveling a small distance, you may carry the wrapped mattress with your pickup truck, but only after you’ve double-checked that it’s firmly fastened with a strong rope.

It’s not a good idea to put the queen-size mattress on the top of your car. Well, that is about the queen-size mattress. Does the same case apply with the queen-size bed?

If you need to carry a detachable queen bed frame, it can fit into your car. It would be possible to transport it in a compact car over several trips. Therefore, the biggest secret to carrying a queen bed with your car is to break it down into sections.

Some items will always be more difficult to transport than others.  Protecting and transferring the houseplants, for example, is more complicated than packing and moving clothes. Similarly, protecting and transferring your home’s furniture should be far more complex than moving your books.

The queen size bed is huge, oddly shaped, heavy, and thus cumbersome to move. It’s a real challenge to move it with your car because of the large box springs that make transportation difficult.

On the other hand, most king-sized beds comprise two smaller box springs. In most cases, the queen bed’s box springs must be cut then reassembled to be relocated. Many contemporary queen beds come with split box springs, while many older queens do not.

Although a queen bed can fit your car, several other considerations could hinder the ultimate success of moving a queen bed with your vehicle. Typically the item should be disassembled if it’s longer than your automobile, or the transit won’t work. Check the logic, laws, and regulations when determining whether or not a queen bed frame can fit your car.

Will a Queen Bed Frame Fit In a Car? Some Factors that may Influence

Queen Bed Frames

Numerous aspects influence whether or not a queen bed will fit inside a vehicle. In short, queen bed frameworks can sometimes fit inside a car depending on the following factors:

  • The length of the car to the bed frame’s measurements
  • The possibility of disassembling the queen bed frame
  • The material used in constructing the bed frames

The three aspects play a crucial role in determining the ability of your car to transport the queen bed frame.  Cars can handle the small bed frames. Large bed frames can sometimes fit inside a truck, but only if the vehicle is big enough. While driving with the queen bed frame inboard, the driver should drive with caution or else risk the heavy pieces of furniture falling over his head.

Types of Queen Bed Frames

There are three different varieties of queen bed frames currently available in the market.  Notably, you’ll realize that some are easier to transport since they can fit into a vehicle effortlessly.

The three basic types of bed frames include:

  • The standard bed frame: has a simple leg plus a flat combination with a headboard.
  • Simple bed frame: legs and a flat surface for the mattress to sit on.
  • The platform bed frame:  The platform type is slightly elevated than the standard bed frame.

The simple bed frame variant is the most convenient and easy to transport. Things get a little trickier with the platform and standard bed frame varieties; thus, you must disassemble them first.

The Different Sizes of the Queen Bed Frames and Whether They Can Fit a Car

Of course, size is the most important consideration when deciding whether or not the queen bed frame can fit a car. The bed frame will not fit into your vehicle because of the following size-related issues:

  • If the queen bed frame length is more than that of your car
  • If the bed frame doesn’t allow dismantling

There are always exceptions in the two situations where the bed frames cannot fit the automobile or the other way round. If it’s also possible, you can dismantle it before transfer.

When assessing if the vehicle’s size is appropriate for transporting the bed frame, it is vital to utilize the small logic in the position sense. You need to decide based on the frame’s size and the car’s size. A large frame will not fit in a small car, especially for one trip. For example, with all factors held constant, a seven-foot bed won’t fit into a six-foot vehicle.

How Headboards Affect Transport of the Queen Bed Frame

Queen Bed Frames

Headboards are the other important factors to consider when determining whether or not the queen bed frame will fit your car. Headboards are the components that join up at the top of the bed frame forming the direction where the head lies. They can be made tiny and inconspicuous or big and ornate.

The largest headboards may easily take up all of a car’s storage capacity. Therefore, the headboards are categorized as variable elements of the bed frame that need adequate planning depending on the design. A headboard may be able to fit on its own, or it may be necessary to attach it to the roof of a car or truck.


The ability of the queen bed frame to be dismantled plays a significant role in determining whether it will fit into your car. Individual slats fit better in a car than any permanently assembled structure.

A bed frame may or may not be delivered fully assembled. You may have to disassemble it. Other times, it arrives dismantled, and all you have to do is figure out how to put the components into the car you’re driving.

It isn’t easy to fit all of the slats of the queen bed frame into your car. It’s like putting together a big puzzle where you have to think about the driver’s safety and the piece’s longevity. When fitting the queen bed parts into the car, the simplest things to do include:

  • Place the longest parts of the bed frame at the center.
  • The shortest pieces should be stored carefully so as not to obstruct the driver’s view.
  • The bolts, screws, and nuts should be stored within the trunk.

The longest portions shouldn’t be aimed towards anyone. If there is a collision and the wood pushes forward or backward, the worst consequences of the accident might follow.