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Troubleshooting and Resetting Comfort Zone Heaters

Comfort zone heaters are great appliances if you are looking to save energy in your dwelling. However, despite being largely reliable, they still have their fair share of shortcomings. This article offers a few simple ways of resetting and troubleshooting this type of device to help you manage your energy costs.

How to reset a comfort zone heater

Comfort Zone Heaters

Resetting a comfort zone heater might vary slightly depending on your model. However, most modern units use the same procedure: just push and hold the two right buttons for at least 3 seconds.

Troubleshooting a comfort zone heater

Sometimes, resetting the heater might not solve the problem. Let us look at some of the most commonly reported problems with comfort zone heaters and how you can troubleshoot them.

Heater does not operate

If your comfort zone heater does not operate, investigate if any of the following is responsible:

  • There is no power.
  • You haven’t plugged the power cord into the socket.
  • The remote’s battery is dead.
  • You set the thermostat lower than the room temperature.

How to solve

  • Make sure the power provides enough volts.
  • Plug the unit into an outlet.
  •  Replace the remote’s battery.
  • Use the control panel buttons to increase the thermostat’s temperature to a value above the room temperature. You can also use the remote to do this.

Warm cord and circuit breaker

Generally, this isn’t a real problem. However, the heater cord could get warm for these reasons:

  • Loose connection between the plug and the socket.
  •  Old or worn-out electric cord.
  • Other appliances may run from the same outlet.
  • Blown or tripped circuit breaker.

How to solve

  • Secure the connection between the plug and the socket.
  • Replace the electric cord.
  • Don’t run other electric appliances from the same outlet.
  • Replace the circuit breaker if it gets tripped or blown.

Your comfort zone heater displays error code “E1”

If you see error code “E1” on your comfort zone heater’s display, one of the following might be the reason:

  • The unit is getting insufficient power.
  • The infrared heater is overheated.
  • The air filter is clogged.
  • Inadequate airflow to the heater.

How to solve

  • Ensure the heater is receiving enough power from the outlet. You can do this by plugging it into a dedicated 3-prong outlet without an extension cord. Remember not to plug in any other appliances on the same outlet.
  • Unplug the heater from the power supply and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in.
  • Clean the air filter to unclog it. It’s mostly found at the back of the heater.
  • Ensure the heater is at least 4 feet away from the wall.

The heater turns on but doesn’t work

This is another common problem with comfort zone space heaters. You check everything, and it seems fine, but the heater just won’t work. Here are some reasons behind it.

  • Build dirt on the fan.
  • Build dust on the heating element.
  • The air filter is clogged.

How to solve

  • Remove the dirt from the fan by wiping it with a cloth.
  • Disassemble the heater and clean the heating element.
  • Clean the air filter.

Comfort zone infrared heater keeps shutting off

When this happens, the following could be responsible:

  • Inadequate airflow.
  • You set the thermostat lower than the room temperature.
  • Power supply issues.
  • A dirty air filter.
  • Internal auto safety feature.

How to solve

  • Clean the filter to ensure adequate airflow into the unit. Also, ensure that it is at least 4 feet away from the wall.
  • Set the thermostat to higher settings.
  • Check the electrical power supply to see if there might be any problem like damage in the outlet, wiring, or power cord. Also, check if the circuit breaker is worn out or blown. If that’s the case, replace it.
  • If the comfort zone infrared heater keeps shutting off, don’t forget to check the user manual to see if it’s an internal safety feature.

Comfort zone heater fan is not working

Comfort Zone Heaters

If you find that your comfort zone fan is not working, find out the following causes.

  • The wiring is loose or damaged.
  • The power cable is faulty or loosely plugged in.
  • Faulty or damaged switch in the outlet or heater switch.

How to solve

  • Check if there is loose wiring or connection in the outlet. If you find a disconnection or loose connection, rewire and connect them.
  • Unplug the power cord. Then plug it again tightly and check if there is any damage or cut up in the power cable. If yes, change the cable.
  • Check if your heater switch or outlet switch is in good condition. If you find any fault or damage, replace the switch.

The comfort zone infrared heater displays error code “E2”

An “E2” error code typically means that the temperature sensor of your heater may not function properly.

How to solve

This might be a bit complicated to solve yourself. You should contact the manufacturer for technical support.


Can I leave the infrared heater on all the time?

Yes, A comfort zone heater is entirely safe, and you can leave it on overnight. However, it’s recommended that you turn the unit off when you leave the house to save on power costs.

Do infrared heaters wear out?

Infrared heaters don’t have moving parts. So, there is no risk of wearing out.

Why is my comfort zone infrared heater not working?

One of the most common reasons for an infrared heater to stop working is power supply issues. Alternatively, the air filter might be clogged, causing insufficient airflow to the heater.

Do infrared heaters use a lot of power?

Yes, some infrared use a lot of electricity. However, you can check the manufacturer’s label to see how much power your unit consumes. Generally, most infrared heaters require 1500 watts to operate smoothly.


Comfort zone heaters are industry-leading home appliances. We hope the guide above will help you reset your unit. However, if you can’t figure out any of the issues we’ve listed above, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.