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Troubleshooting LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Issues: Fixes Solutions

Ice is necessary to cool down the fridge during the summer heat. However, what should you do if your LG refrigerator’s ice making machine breaks down when you need it?

The most common LG refrigerator ice manufacturing issues are temperature variations, malfunctioning ice makers, damaged control boards, and broken freezer ice maker fans.

LG Fridge Not Making Ice: How to Fix it Yourself

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Issues

Many LG refrigerator ice-making issues can be addressed by simple modifications without a specialist. The most common causes and quick treatments for an LG fridge without ice are below.

  • The LG Ice Maker is Switched off

Troubleshooting an LG fridge that doesn’t make ice starts with the basics. No ice is made while a maker is off.

If your fridge is new, the freezer contents may have moved the ice maker or arm switch. LG ice makers’ ON/OFF switch is usually on the left. Check that the ice maker arm points down or the switch is on.

It could take the ice maker up to 24 hours from the time you flip the switch or lower the arm before it begins producing ice. Even with the switch or pointing arm in place, the ice maker may need a reset after 24 hours. Reset your LG ice maker:


  • Faulty Ice Maker

If the LG fridge cannot make ice after turning on the ice maker, it may indicate damage. A new ice maker is the sole option for a broken one.

  • Unstable/Inappropriate Temperatures

Your freezer must be at the right temperature for an LG ice maker to work. High temperatures above 10°F prevent icemaking.

Ice maker ejector arms won’t expel ice to the ice bin if the temperature is too low. An LG freezer should be at 4°F for optimal ice output.

Check your LG freezer door if the temperature is too high after programming it.

Make sure the door seal is tight and closed. If your refrigerator isn’t cold enough, several issues may occur.

  • Inadequate or Total Absence of Water Supply To the Ice Maker

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Issues

There might be a problem with the water supply if your LG fridge isn’t producing ice. Water supply issues might arise for a number of reasons:

  • Ice maker water filter blocked: The filtration system cleans ice maker water. If filtered contaminants block the filter, the ice maker may lose water. If ice production is compromised, replace the water filter immediately. Additionally, replace water filters every six months or sooner.
  • Water flow to the ice maker is restricted: If the water line to the fridge from your home’s water supply is twisted, the ice maker won’t receive enough water as required. Verify whether the water line has kinks and gently straighten them.
  • Fill tube with frozen water: The fill tube for the ice maker’s residual water may freeze, preventing water from running to the ice maker. Gradually warm the tube and dissolve the obstruction using a hairdryer.
  • Faulty water inlet valve: The water inlet valve opens and closes to enable water flow to the ice maker. A broken valve reduces water flow, lowering LG refrigerator ice production. A faulty intake valve will not power up on a multimeter and must be replaced.

What Temperature Should LG Fridge Produce Ice?

An LG refrigerator’s ideal temperature setting for typical ice formation is -2°F or -20°C. Push the FREEZER button to process the various temperature settings and set the device to the required temperatures.

What Does Ice Plus Mean On LG Refrigerator?

After using all the ice, the LG refrigerator will need 2 hours to generate more ice cubes. Some LG models have “Ice Plus”. The innovation speeds freezing and doubles ice cube production.

How Long Does It Take For LG Fridge To Make Ice?

If you recently purchased and installed an LG refrigerator in your home or office, making ice can take a day or so. After your refrigerator has worked for over 24 hours, the ice maker will manufacture fresh ice cubes every 2-3 hours.

How Can You Reset The Ice Maker of LG Fridge?

Unplug your fridge or turn the switch OFF for a minimum of 30 seconds to reset the ice maker. This process will reset the ice maker.

Why Is My Ice Maker Taking So Long To Make Ice?

If your LG ice maker is generating ice slowly, the following is the main factor to blame- filter clogging. On refrigerator models equipped with a water filter, a blockage will prevent water from reaching the ice maker. After changing the filter, let the icemaker run several cycles.

How Often Should Ice Maker Drop Ice?

8 to 10 cubes are produced every 90 minutes by a good refrigerator ice maker. Therefore, your LG ice maker should go around 16 times every day, producing 130 cubes in 24 hours. The size of your machine’s ice tray and its exact cycle time will affect this estimate.

Why Is My LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice But Water Works?

An observer may see a kinked or twisted water line that blocks water flow to the refrigerator’s input valve. Consequently, this can give rise to the problem of infrequent water filling in the ice maker of the LG refrigerator. The presence of a bent water line may result in water leakage, albeit little to impede the optimal functioning of the ice maker.