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Troubleshooting MTD Yard Machine Carburetor Problems

MTD Yard Machine Carburetor Problems, An engine of an MTD yard machine should start quickly (hot or cold), idle smoothly, and accelerate without hesitation when the carburetor is clean and functioning correctly. The engine should have typical fuel efficiency, and your MTD yard machine emissions should be within limits for the machine’s year.

A “bad” or “dirty” carburetor is frequently held responsible for issues including difficulty starting, hesitancy, stalling, rough idle, flooding, idling too quickly, and poor fuel economy. The carburetor is at blame occasionally, but other times it’s something else. 

carburetors can be difficult to rebuild and expensive to replace, so before working on this vital component, you should be confident of your diagnosis.

MTD Yard Machine Carburetor Problems

MTD Yard Machine Carburetor Problems

Problems With Hard Cold Starting

When the engine is cold, a choke that fails to close results in a rich fuel mixture and makes starting difficult. However, if the choke mechanism and linkage only require a minor adjustment or cleaning, the carburetor doesn’t need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Problems With Hard Hot Starting

When it comes to issues with hot starting, the carburetor is rarely to blame. An overheated area around the carburetor, fuel lines, or the fuel pump is typically the cause of a hot start issue.

Fuel in the carburetor bowl, fuel lines, or pump boils from heat. As a result, a “vapor lock” condition is created, making it challenging to start a hot engine.

Because heat is the main problem, replacing or rebuilding the carburetor would be useless. Rerouting the fuel line away from heat sources (such as the exhaust manifold and pipe) and insulating the fuel line by creating a heat shield or wrapping it in insulation are the two things that need to be done in this situation.

Stumble or Hesitation When Accelerating

A dirty or incorrectly adjusted carburetor with a weak accelerator pump or worn throttle shafts leads to a lean fuel mixture. This, in turn, results in hesitation when accelerating.  The carburetor may require repair or replacement in such a case.


MTD Yard Machine Carburetor Problems the fast idle speed is not tuned high enough, a cold engine may stall. An ingine can also stall after warming up if the fuel is contaminated with water, if the fuel mixture is too lean, if the fuel pressure is too low to keep the carburetor bowl filled or if the idle speed is set too low.    A hot or cold stalling issue can frequently be resolved by adjusting the fast idle, normal idle speeds, or idle mixture modifications.

Rough Idle

Typically, an excessively lean fuel mixture that results in lean misfire is what causes a rough idling state. Air leaks in vacuum lines, the PCV system, or the EGR valve are significant causes of idle issues. To fix these leaks, tighten the carburetor base bolts or replace the gasket under the carburetor. 

Idles Too Fast

The automatic choke is frequently at blame for this kind of idle issue. The engine will idle excessively quickly if the choke is sticking. Examine the choke and choke linkage, and make any necessary cleaning or repair.


Usually (but not always), the carburetor is to blame for this issue. The carburetor may flood if dirt gets into the needle valve and keeps it from shutting. The bowl overflows and spills fuel into the carburetor throat or out the bowl vents since there is no mechanism to stop the fuel flow. Because the plugs are soaked in fuel, a flooded engine can not start.

Carburetor may flood if gasoline bowl float is too high or leaks and sinks. If only the float needs replacing, the carburetor need not be replaced. If new gaskets are needed, a rebuild kit must be purchased since floats are not included.

Low fuel efficiency

If your hands on the accelerator pedal, low compression, delayed ignition timing, or an exhaust restriction are the true causes of the issue, don’t point the finger at the carburetor. However, if nothing else is amiss, the carburetor may have an improperly adjusted or heavy float or incorrect metering jets.

The float setting controls the fuel level in the bowl, which also impacts how rich the air/fuel mixture is. The fuel level can rise, and the fuel mixture can get richer when a float is too high or has become saturated with fuel.

The float level and weight must be checked for fuel saturation to diagnose this issue. Heavy floats must be replaced.

How To Adjust an MTD Yard Machine Carburetor?

MTD Yard Machine Carburetor Problems

Your MTD yard machine carburetor can be adjusted. You can adjust the carburetor if the idle on your lawnmower is excessively high or low by rotating the idle adjustment screw on the back of the engine. It will take roughly 15 minutes to adjust the carburetor.

Step 1

Start your yard machine and let it run for around seven to ten minutes to warm up the engine. Once the engine has warmed up, turn it off.

Step 2

Place the Phillips screwdriver into the idle adjustment screw on the Lawn Mower, on the left-bottom side of the engine, next to the air filter cover.

Step 3

Rotate the screw to the right until it comes to a halt. Avoid overtwisting the screw as this can harm it.

Step 4

Turn the idle adjustment screw again a full turn to the left, and restart the machine. Determine whether the engine sounds like it is running too low or too high by listening to it run.

Step 5

If the running speed seems sluggish and slow, turn the screw a quarter turn to the right. If the engine runs too high, adjust the screw a quarter turn to the left.

Final Take

We hope you now know some of the problems you might have with the motor on an MTD yard machine. But you should always be careful with your diagnosis when it comes to this part, since it can be hard to fix and can cost a lot to replace.