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Troubleshooting Ring Doorbell Pro Light Issues: Solutions Features

Ring Doorbell Pro Light Issues, The device is straightforward yet popular as one of the video doorbells in the market nowadays. It has advanced features that enable you to monitor your property even in your absence.

Mostly, the device functions without any hitch. However, Ring Doorbell Pro Light Issues fails to work sometimes. The most common problem experienced by many home users is the ring doorbell pro light not spinning. A problem triggered by issues with the battery, power, or it is hardwired. It should be attached to a 16-volt AC transformer for the light to spin. Therefore, if power is insufficient, there will be no light spinning.

For details on how you can solve this issue and learn more about this fantastic device’s features, we have this piece prepared just for you.

Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning: Understanding the Problem

Ring Doorbell Pro Light Issues

Before we look at various ways to fix the issue of light not spinning, we must understand the reason behind the problem. The device displays different lights, which communicate further information to the user, as we will see in the subsequent sections.

So, light is very crucial when it comes to the operation of the ring doorbell pro tool. There are multiple reasons why light malfunctions but here are common:

  • The doorbell is not in the set mode, so you will have it reset
  • Lack of enough power primarily if you use both the previous doorbell alongside ring doorbell pro leading to you is the latter not getting sufficient power. The doorbell pro has to be connected to a 16-volt AC transformer to ignite.
  • An electric spike/ surge can also cause your router to stop working or the router wire has become loose.
  • Additionally, there would be a change of WI-FI network
  • The battery may have run out

How to Troubleshoot the Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning

There are various methods you can go about fixing this problem, such as

Method 1: Examine The Device’s Power

The device needs the power of 16-24 volts for the ring doorbell pro to operate effectively. To check on the power issue, follow these steps.

  • In the ring app, open the device’s health
  • Next, search for the voltage setting
  • Check whether there is enough power in your ring doorbell pro

Method 2: Setup Mode

The first time your doorbell is powered, it automatically switches to the setup mode. However, when that fails, you have no choice other than to reset it manually by

  • Press and release the orange button without holding it down
  • Turn the power off and back on immediately
  • Repeat the two steps, and the doorbell will enter the setup mode

Ring Doorbell Pro Light Issues it fails to respond, do a hard reset

  • Press the orange button, but this round, hold it down for 20 seconds before you release it.
  • You will see the light blink meaning the doorbell is restarting, and once the process is through, your ring doorbell will enter the setup mode.

Method 3: Check On the WI-FI

A network disconnection of the device leads to the light not spinning. It is vital to note that this issue is transitory. Mostly, your device will automatically reconnect to the network after whatever caused the disconnection has passed.

  • If your device remains disconnected, then use these steps to check its connection.
  • In the ring app, select the ring doorbell, then click on the Device Health
  • If it is disconnected, you will see “offline” displaying in the network header
  • Double-check to ensure all connections are intact and the router’s front panel lights are on and green.
  • Examine whether other WI-FI are experiencing connection problems to the network
  • Disconnect your router for 30 minutes before you reconnect it
  • Ensure you monitor your ring doorbell to see if it reconnects automatically
  • Next, press the ring pro’s side button to activate the setup mode
  • Give it an allowance of 10 secs before repressing again for your ring doorbell to re-enter instantly.

Understanding the Ring Doorbell Pro Light Feature

This device displays different light patterns to assist you in comprehending the doorbell’s state. The lights will notify you of any underlying issue with the doorbell pro. They are the LEDs around the buttons on the front surface of the ring doorbell pro. They are red, blue, and white.

Ring Doorbell Pro Lights and Meaning

The device spins blue when you press the button. 

 It spins white after setting up as it tries to connect to Wi-Fi temporarily on your phone, and if there are no network credentials, it times out after 10 minutes.

It emits blue lights that continuously move upward when it tries to reconnect to Wi-Fi. 

 A white light that goes on and off when the device’s update is in progress

It flushes blue light that is on and off when the doorbell is booting

It emits a solid blue light when the speaker is on- you can speak and converse on the phone with your visitors

To indicate a successful setup of the doorbell, four LEDs flash four times, followed by a blue light

For a failure setup, there is a white flash light at the top part of the button indicating a password error

White light flashes on the right side mean the doorbell failed to connect to the ring network

White flashes on the left side mean something else

If the device is charging, it flashes half blue light at the top after it has powered on 

It will display half-down red lights when the power is low.

What Are the Other Feature of the Ring Pro Lights 

Ring Doorbell Pro Light Issues

The device is a favorite of many because of the fantastic features it possesses, such as 

Hardwired; thus, don’t overwork yourself for low battery. All you need is to charge it.

 HD video with Night vision for clear tape and a bird’s eye view

Motion Detections and Alerts to detect motions and notifies you of any suspicious movements out of the house

Two-way talk about enabling you to hear what the visitors communicate and the visitors to listen to your response

The ring app controls all activities like recording videos, reviewing them, including audio, turning off notifications, etc.

Should The Ring Doorbell Lights Be Spinning?

Yes. The lights communicate the state of the doorbell, and each pattern light has its meaning. Therefore, if you have set up the doorbell yet, the lights don’t display; there is a problem with the device not being in the setup mode; hence you have to reset it.