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Troubleshooting Samsung TV: Fixing Red Light and Power Issues

Samsung TV troubleshooting is one of the best TV brands we have in the market. It comes with the latest technologies, especially for newer models and many customers love to purchase this product.  

They prefer doing it from the Samsung Electronics TV online store because it offers discounts on its large-screen television models. 

Samsung TV is not Turning the Red Light On: What Could be the Problem

Samsung TV troubleshooting

The brand just like any other is not devoid of some setbacks and one of the most common is the red light not coming on sometimes. 

Your Samsung TV screen might blink red during certain conditions. When you turn on your LCD TV, it shows a red blinking light. There might be a few troubleshooting steps that you can use to get your TV back up and running.

Power Supply Board

If your Samsung TV is malfunctioning, troubleshoot it before replacing parts. First, make sure your TV’s power cord is plugged into a functional outlet if it won’t turn on.You may have turned off the circuit breaker, UPS, cable box, or satellite receiver. Then plugging in your TV may not help.

If your Samsung flat screen TV isn’t operating after checking for power, consider turning off and unplugging any connected devices. This includes cable boxes, satellite receivers, and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.Next, make sure all your device connections are safe and plugged in. To ensure correct seating and no damage, check any HDMI connections attached to such devices.

Main AV Board

Samsung TV troubleshooting your Samsung TV has a red light, it is most likely coming from the main AV board. The main AV board is responsible for controlling all of the functions of your TV. If this part fails, it will cause your TV to shut down and turn off.

The main AV board is located in the centre of your TV and connected to the other components by several wires. If one or more of these wires become disconnected or damaged, your main AV board may fail to function properly.

Samsung TV troubleshooting suspect an issue with your main AV board, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage being done to your TV. The good news is that replacing this part isn’t too difficult if you have some basic knowledge about electronics and soldering equipment.

T-Con Control Board

The T-Con control board inverter is responsible for converting the power from your wall outlet into the high voltage needed to light up your TV screen. If your Samsung TV is not turning on, then it’s possible that the T-Con board is faulty. The good news is that this is a relatively easy component to replace and can be done in about 30 minutes.

First, unplug your Samsung TV from the wall outlet and remove all cables or connections from it. Next, locate your model number on the back of your TV. It should be printed in small letters near the bottom. Once you have found this information, search for your specific model number. 

You should find at least one seller who sells replacement parts for your specific model of Samsung TV. This seller will send you a kit with all the parts necessary to repair your television and detailed instructions on how to do so.

LED Strips

If you are facing a problem with your Samsung TV not turning on, you need to check whether the LED strips are working. The LED strips are responsible for displaying your TV’s on/off status. If these LED strips are not working properly, it might cause this issue. To fix this problem, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Check if there is any physical damage to the LED strip. If there is any physical damage, you need to replace it.

Step 2: Ensure all connections between the LED strip and your Samsung TV are secure and intact. If they are loose, then reconnect them properly.

Step 3: Update your TV software by connecting it to the Internet or using a USB drive.

Inverter Board

Samsung TV troubleshooting

The inverter board converts DC to AC and provides power to the screen. If this board stops working, you might see no picture or black screen on your TV. You can replace the defective part with a new one, but you need to open up your TV and make some changes inside it.

The steps for replacing an inverter board:

  1. Check the power cord and make sure it is plugged in. If it is, you may need to replace the cord or try another outlet.
  2. Ensure all connections are secure and no wires are loose or broken. You may need to replace them or check your connections if they are.
  3. When the power cord is connected, ensure there is no dust around the connection point between the plug and outlet, as this can cause an electrical short that will prevent your TV from powering up properly.
  4.  Remove all screws from the back panel of the Samsung LCD TV set using a screwdriver. Once you remove all screws from the back panel, gently pull off the back cover of your Samsung LCD TV set with both hands from the top edge only.
  5. If none of these steps has worked for you, then it’s time to check out the inverter board on your Samsung LCD/LED TV, which could be defective based on the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Final Word

The TV doesn’t turn on because it is a bit overloaded. The solution is found by monitoring the components of the TV with the help of a multimeter and checking if power gets to each element. When you find that something does not get powered and is required for a start, you should change it and then try again. 

Samsung TV troubleshooting there are no damages to the power supply and your TV still does not turn on, it may be a problem related to the power board, which sometimes heats up more than needed because of an improper position of the cable line. Perhaps from this fact, we can find out what caused the overload on Samsung TV.