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Troubleshooting Samsung Washer UB Error: Causes and Fixes

If your Samsung washer displays the UB code, that indicates an imbalanced load. For the Samsung washing machine to function properly, it should be perfectly balanced. When it isn’t, the UB error code is shown.

An uneven load prevents a Samsung washer from spinning the drum effectively, as indicated by the UB error code. A laundry load that is either too little or too large, broken suspension rods, or even damaged shock absorbers can all contribute to the Samsung washer displaying the UB code. A similar case is noted if the washing machine isn’t balanced because the floor below it is uneven or because its adjustable legs aren’t well positioned.

Samsung Washer UB Code: What are the Causes of the Error

Samsung washer UB error

The following are the most frequent causes of UB error codes:

  • Clumped or tangled up items inside the tub
  • Overloaded washer
  • Underloaded washer
  • Unbalanced Washer

How to Fix Samsung Washer UB Error Code

  • Spread the Laundry Load Evenly

Opening the washer and modifying the load is the simplest way to fix the UB error. Fixing any entangled, bunched, or unbalanced laundry will fix the problem. Another simple hack is removing or adding a few items to the load to balance it out and avoid underloading or overloading.

The UB code error can emerge if the laundry becomes trapped in the drum or agitator, especially for clothes with strings. Use a protective bag for the washing machine, or tie the strings to prevent them from getting stuck in the washer.

It’s also important to choose the appropriate cycle while operating the washer. Each cycle is made to wash a specific type of cloth and dirt. 

The washer may believe it is imbalanced if it is handling a different type of load. Therefore, it will show the UB error. Solve the issue by rebalancing the load and allowing the washer to resume under the proper program. 

  • Reset the Washer

The next thing to try after rebalancing a washing machine with a UB error code is to reset the washer until the UB error code disappears.

A control board failure may occasionally result in a UB error code. In the event of such a problem, unplugging the washer for five minutes will necessitate the control board system reset.

When you reconnect, the error code ought to disappear if it was only a technical issue. However, doing so may serve to delay what will eventually happen.

If the error code reappears, it’s imperative that you need to spend the necessary time fixing the machine because postponing will probably result in bigger issues at a later date.

  • Uneven Washer’s Level

Installing the washer on uneven floors is another significant contributor to the UB error code. If you recently installed your machine washer or if it was moved to a new position, it might have landed on a poorly leveled surface.

On the other hand, the washer’s vibrations during a spin cycle could have led it to fall out of floor placement over time.

Using a leveling tool is the best approach to examine and correct the problem. As the leveling tool indicates, the washer’s legs need to be adjusted until the washing machine is leveled. 

Identify the locking and loosen using a screwdriver to modify the leveling legs. The leg is then rotated either clockwise to lower or anticlockwise to elevate. Once the washer is level, tighten the legs.

The four legs must be firmly anchored on the floor, and the washer must be level to spin steadily.

Put non-skid pads beneath the legs of the washer to protect it from sliding during the cycle if the flooring is too smooth to keep it balanced.

The lock nuts that secure the legs must be tightly compressed against the washer’s base. Make sure the nuts are firmly fastened with a wrench.

Why it’s Important to Balance the Load When using Your Samsung Washer

Your clothes are typically whirled around by the washing machines. By doing so, the washer stirs up the dirt and allows washing detergents to clean each item. Spinning the drum at the end of the cycle aids in draining water from the laundry.

The load within the washer drum needs to be balanced for the washing and spinning process to succeed. In simple terms, the load must be evenly spread for the drum to spin steadily.

Therefore, the washer will show the UB error code when the load becomes uneven.

Other Less Frequent Causes of UB Error Code

Samsung washer UB error

  • Faulty Shock Absorbers

If your washer is a front-loader, there are probably one or more shock absorbers between the outer tub and the base frame. Check if the shock absorbers are attached at both ends and if any are leaking.

  • Defective Suspension Springs

Suspension springs are typically used in top-loading and front-loading washers to lessen vibrations and guarantee proper washer operation. The springs that support the tub above the foundation might be either below or above the tub. Check that the springs are attached and in excellent shape because a broken spring could be the source of the UB error code.

  • Faulty Straps

Four rubber straps on certain top-loaders hold the tub to the machine’s four corners. The tub would be out of balance if one of the components failed, resulting in the UB error code.

  • Loose Drive Bearings

If you have a front-loading washer, the motor shaft and tub spindle may be connected by ball bearings. The tub will shake, and the UB error code can appear if the casing erodes and bearings fall loose. If the bearings are damaged, you’ll probably need to hire a technician to replace them, or you could even consider buying a new washing machine.

  • Worn out Snubber Ring

The snubber ring cushions a top-loading washer’s tub. The tub will come into touch with the metal base if the snubber ring is worn out, resulting in an imbalanced load problem. The snubber ring is located between the dome assembly and the legs. Wear indicators include dust on clumps.

  • Damaged Control Board

To run the washer, the control board transmits and receives electronic signals. If none of the aforementioned fixes were unsuccessful in eliminating the UB error code, replacing the washer’s control board might be necessary.