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Troubleshooting Whirlpool Refrigerator LED Light Problems

Whirlpool refrigerator LED light, We know a refrigerator as an essential appliance in our kitchen because it keeps our food fresh. But do the interior lights of the refrigerator have any use? The lights’ purpose is to give you a better view of the contents stored inside the fridge and preserve the food.

However, you may get anxious when your whirlpool refrigerator led lights to stop functioning. This problem can be triggered by various reasons like letting its door stay open for a longer time, a disconnection in the door’s wire, a jammed door switch, power problems, and the burning of the fridge’s light bulb.

This article gives tips on troubleshooting Whirlpool refrigerator led light issues and how to resolve them. Keep reading.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Led Lights Not Working: Reasons and Solutions

Whirlpool refrigerator LED light

The Refrigerator’s Door Staying Open for Too Long

Whirlpool refrigerator LED light you leave your unit’s door open for more than 10 minutes, the lights automatically switch off to save energy. Also, partial closing of the door can cause the lights to stay on. Opening the fridge door and forgetting to switch off the lights manually leads to rapid wear and tears.

To prevent the LED lights from malfunctioning, open the door for shorter times when removing or keeping an item. It is best to switch off the fridge during cleaning or arranging until you complete the work.

Jammed Door Switch

The role of the door button is to regulate the refrigerator’s light- it turns the light on and off when the door opens and closes. In case of any switch malfunctioning, your Whirlpool refrigerator lights will twinkle or not turn on completely.

The location of the switch differs based on your refrigerator’s model. For instance, it can be at the top right or left corner or near the underneath glass shelf close to the floor. You can also use the fridge’s wires to aid you in finding the switch’s location.

Examine the switch if it has been broken. However, while doing so, ensure the appliance’s doors are correctly aligned, and the device is level. There must be no other electronic or magnetic appliances close to the switch as they interfere with its functioning.

Another reason the lights are not working is a broken switch. The tab’s pressed-in spring would be broken as the door shuts to ignite the light on or off. Therefore, the tab doesn’t bounce out or press in as the door opens and closes.

Whirlpool refrigerator LED light the said factors aren’t the cause, remove the button and test it using a multimeter to establish if it is defective. However, this kind of repair should be done by a skilled technician.

Disconnection of the Door’s Wire Harness

To troubleshoot the wiring issue can be time-consuming as it requires you to open the significant power panel and also needs professional knowledge. This issue is caused by the door’s wire becoming loose, especially when it is moved or modifying the entry.

The harness comprises wires responsible for the door button turning the refrigerator’s lights whenever the door opens or shuts. To assess whether the wiring harness is malfunctioning, remove the fridge’s base panel to access the wiring and the LED lights.

The multimeter method is effortless and fast apart from connecting the meter to the wires.

Therefore, a loose wire can cause the Whirlpool lights to not function.

Power Issues

Every electronic device needs sufficient power, and Whirlpool is no exception. Power issues can cause the device’s light not to function. If you notice the refrigerator doesn’t make ice and the internal temperature is warmer, it is a sign that your appliance isn’t receiving sufficient power.

You can check the power sources by first ensuring the power cord is entirely connected to a functional and faulty-free outlet. Secondly, in case there are any tripped circuit breakers, you should reset them. Finally, avoid using extension cords as they can’t transfer the voltage the refrigerator needs, triggering surges and interrupting power.

Burning out Of the Refrigerator’s Light Bulb

 Whirlpool refrigerator’s LED lights don’t need any replacement. Nevertheless, it all depends on the model that you have. Some models have conventional bulbs that must be replaced when they burn out.

 Ensure the bulb is locked into its housing for the loose bulb doesn’t work. It is good to counter-check the manual for the correct information regarding the bulb’s wattage, shape, and size. It will also instruct you on the replacement procedures.

Nonetheless, if you feel the procedure is something you can’t do, don’t hesitate to call on a professional.

What Other Whirlpool Light Issues Are You Likely To Face?

Whirlpool refrigerator LED light

Whirlpool LED lights Blinking/ Flashing

Your refrigerator’s LED lights may not turn on, but instead, they keep turning on and off (blinking). This issue is more similar to the wire harness or wiring in the bulb. The LED light component and the wiring get replaced if the light is broken. 

Also, a loose wire that connects with the LED lights would cause the lights to blink due to the disconnection and connections. The door switch may be broken and jammed on and off, causing random lighting.

To resolve these issues, refer to lights not working.

Whirlpool Refrigerator LED lights Vague

When the Whirlpool lights are dim, it means a lack of the switch to turn it on and off; therefore requires a replacement. It is an issue caused by the LED light’s faultiness as they are attached in a sequence. If one is dim, it will cause the other to be so.

Hence it is advisable to replace the two lights. For instance, if the fridge’s light is blurred, the freezers will also faint. It is, therefore, advisable to work on the one with an issue first to see whether the other will resolve. If not, order another light bulb.

Alternatively, you can troubleshoot the issue by switching the appliance on and off. Just disconnect your unit, give it 30 seconds or more, and then connect it back.

Whirlpool refrigerator LED lights last up to 50 000 hours, equivalent to 11 years when constantly used. It means you will rarely replace them from time to time. They have good consumption and function efficiently.

If you encounter issues with the lighting system, solve them using the tips we have shared in detail, and your Whirlpool refrigerator will function as it should in no time.