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Unveiling the Controversial Shower Pooping Dilemma

Shower Pooping, A recent study has found that we, as a nation, have some contradictory showering methods. It shows that our cleaning behaviors are not so well, clean.

Just look around you. Can you see those 30 squeamish folks? Whether they’re colleagues or strangers? Well, brace yourselves because now you’re cursed with the fact that- statically speaking- one in 30 of 1010 British and American surveyed have made a poop in the shower.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that these subjects admitted to doing so at work. So, if you happen to ask 29 of them and they all say no, good job; the missing shower pooper is you. Well, that could be a practical joke but this is clearly a lot more people than you’d like it to be.

Maybe they fudged up somehow, or the sample size was way too small, or they just chose a rarely pro-shower-pooping pool of subjects or only sampled people who had called out a plumber to resolve an urgent shower situation. But even so, other doubting skeptics have been running their own thing and they’re all coming back with just about the same number.

So, Can You Poop In The Shower?

Shower Pooping

It might sound gross, but this habit isn’t as uncommon as you’d think. One would even say there’s nothing wrong with it. Well, we wouldn’t recommend this to you, but some people have been doing it for years, saved a ton on toilet paper, and probably had a clean business.

Besides some showers, you can take the grate off the drain by unscrewing it. Then with some trained focus or coaching with water, you can get rid of the waffle stomp. Even so, you definitely don’t want to do this at other people’s places; it’s just not cool.

Note that bathroom showers are not designed to remove solid wastes from their waste. They just don’t have enough pressure or volume of water for bowel movements to pass through drainage systems. The diameter of a sewer pipe is obviously wider than that of the drain.

When your toilet flushes, the larger volume of water can move solid wastes, something that showers are unable to do. Therefore, Shower Pooping continue doing this, you will end up getting clogged pipes and as you already know, it will eventually start to smell. In the end, what you’ll have is a blocked pipe system and a disturbing plumber’s bill.

Poop In The Shower

Sewer pipes are also associated with fewer bends than shower drains. The more bends and junctions there are in the shower drain, the higher the chances of a blockage occurring. When this happens, the awful odor will be coming from the shower drain as well as the toilet drain.

Simply put, blockages are likely to occur in showers because bathroom showers are not designed to dispose of human waste. In a case where a shower has been defecated, it is recommended that you plunge the shower, to shift any build-ups and obstructions.

Jamming or blocking the drain with the plunger, then allowing the shower to half fill work as toilet flushing. You should then plunge the drain repeatedly. If that doesn’t work, a professional plumber should be consulted. You should also make sure the shower is chemically cleaned.

What Could Happen if You Poop In the Shower?

Shower Pooping

Will poop get stuck in the drain and cause a terrible smell at your house? Well, that will depend on the consistency of the waste. If it is loose motions or creamy, it will dissolve in the water without a problem. However, if the poop has a hard solid consistency, it may be able to pass the grating of the bathtub.

You may also want to consider whether your shower and drain flow to the same pipe as your toilet. Shower Pooping, what happens to the waste then? Do the sewer and the water drain go to the same place? These are the various questions you need to answer before commencing your business. 

Alternatively, you can choose to be a good waffle stomper; someone who poops in the bathroom shower then pushes it through the drain to be flushed away with the water. Unless the waste is small and already quite wet, you’ll be risking potential drain blockages.

As mentioned before, the pipes running from your toilet are wide enough and are designed to handle solid waste. The flow of water is sufficient to carry the solid waste away. However, pipes running from the shower neither have the width nor pressure of water to push solid waste without an extended period of heavy water flow, which would still not guarantee.

The Final Word

From a pure plumbing standpoint you could do as you please and as long as you rinsed well and made sure that all solid waste was flushed down thoroughly. Then make sure that you run a large quantity of water down that drain. The water will most probably push all the waste past the trap, which is typically located near every drain.

In the event that your house is properly plumbed, then you should get no more awful odor than from your toilet.

That’s where the traps come in. After all, if the pipes all go to the same place, and the gasses are in all the pipes, they are as well vented through other pipes, to the roof, where they’re released into the air.

Our advice though is to use the proper receptacle, as it’s just nearby, rather than asking if you can poop in the shower. It’s an odd question.