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Upsie vs SquareTrade: Electronics Protection Plan Comparison

Electronics Protection Plan Comparison, Squaretrade and Upsie are two of the most popular and well-known protection plan providers for electronics. Their plans offer extended warranty coverage for a wide range of electronics, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

To decide which provider is best for your needs, check out our comparison of Upsie vs Squaretrade below. We’ll break down the main differences between these two companies to help you decide on which one to use.

Brand Overview

 Electronics Protection Plan Comparison

Upsie and Squaretrade are both insurance companies that offer protection plans for your gadgets and devices. They both specialize in offering protection plans for electronics but differ in how they operate.

Upsie is an insurance company known for its affordable policies and quick claims processing times.

Squaretrade is also an insurance provider that offers coverage for consumer electronics like smartphones, computers, TVs, gaming consoles, and smart home devices. Their policies have some unique features that set them apart from other providers on the market, such as free shipping on all repairs and replacement devices if yours is lost or stolen during the manufacturer’s warranty period.

SquareTrade is a great warranty program for electronic devices. They offer extended warranties for most major brands and models of TVs, computers, smartphones, and more.

In the event you need to file a claim, SquareTrade will send you a replacement device within 24 hours. You will be able to keep your old device until your new one arrives.

Upsie provides customers with repair services and replacements if they’re not satisfied with their purchase. When you buy something from Upsie’s catalog of over 25k items, you’ll have access to unlimited repairs and replacements within the first year of ownership if your claim is within their warranty terms during that time.

The two companies have many similarities, including:

– Payouts for repair or replacement services

– Replacement options for when your product breaks down

– Accident coverage on select appliances

– Extended warranties cover product failure beyond the expiry of the original manufacturer’s warranty

– No deductible for replacements or repairs

Upsie vs Squaretrade: How Do They Compare?

Upsie and Squaretrade are two of the most popular protection plans for electronics. They offer warranties, repair services, and other perks that can help you save money on expensive gadgets. But which one is better?

We’ll compare the two companies to help you decide which one to use. We’ll look at their payouts, replacement options, coverage, cost, and more.


Squaretrade and Upsie offer similar protection plans for your devices but differ in pricing. Squaretrade charges a flat fee for its protection plans irrespective of the device, while Upsie sets varying warranty costs for different phone pricing tiers. If you have a low-priced phone, you will pay less for the warranty through Upsie than with Squaretrade.

Electronics Protection Plan Comparison  choose to work with Upsie, you can expect your warranty to cost less than if you were to get Squaretrade. However, if you have a phone that costs $200 and chooses to go with Squaretrade, you can expect the warranty to cost $215.


Squaretrade lets you make a maximum of four claims per cell phone plan. However, you will only be able to claim if you have a smartphone receipt. Upsie works a bit differently; it does not limit you to a certain number of claims per plan, but it does consider the purchase price of your device when calculating your payout.

Upsie offers extended warranties that overlap with the manufacturer’s warranty on all of its products, including smartphones and smart home appliances. You can buy an Upsie warranty anytime after purchasing your product; however, we recommend purchasing it before your item arrives so that there are no surprises when it arrives damaged or defective! Once purchased, you can use our 24/7 chat support to request a replacement item at any time from anywhere in the world!


SquareTrade offers a variety of protection plans for your devices. If you’re looking for coverage against physical damage to your phone or tablet, SquareTrade’s “Accidental Damage from Handling” plan is designed to cover drops, spills, and cracked screens. If you want more protection than just physical damage coverage, SquareTrade also offers a “Cell Phone Protection” plan that covers all mechanical failures of the device as well as screen breakage so long as it happens within two years of the purchase date. For example, if your phone breaks after two years but before three years have passed since the purchase date, then you would be covered under this plan rather than having to pay out of pocket for repairs yourself.

Upsie offers similar coverage options with its “Protection Plan.” This plan is pretty basic — Electronics Protection Plan Comparison includes accidental damage from handling (“ADH”) coverage up to $500 per claim with no deductible — but it does include ADH.

The accidental protection plan also covers humidity or liquid damage and audio failure of any kind.


Both firms provide Extended Warranty Programs and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP). SquareTrade and Upsie will cover accidental damage like drops, spills, and other device use accidents if you pay for an ADP. The only difference between these programs is cost: SquareTrade charges more than Upsie on average.

How much they will pay if your item breaks or is damaged is the most crucial factor when comparing warranties. A commonly offered warranty plan that only covers the first year may not be worth it for a $500-$800 phone or laptop.

Replacement Options

 Electronics Protection Plan Comparison

Squaretrade offers a 30-day replacement guarantee and a one-year extended warranty. This means that if you need your item replaced or repaired in the first 30 days of ownership, Squaretrade will send you a replacement without charging you any fees. If your item needs to be replaced after 30 days, but within a year of purchase, Squaretrade will send you another unit.

SquareTrade also repairs and offers replacements, while Upsie offers both options at no extra cost (including free shipping). In addition, Upsie allows users to pick their preferred replacement option.

Upsie vs Squaretrade: Which is Better?

In the battle between Squaretrade and Upsie, there are a lot of similarities. Both companies offer protection plans that cover accidental damage and breakdowns. Both also have multiple plans to cover your various devices.

However, there are some differences between the two companies that could make one better than the other for you. For example, Squaretrade offers more coverage options than Upsie (but they’re also more expensive).

The best way to determine which protection plan is right for you is to compare them side by side on our comparison page.