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Why Towel Bars Are Still Trendy Today

While towels are going to be in nearly every bathroom that features a shower/bathtub, they need to be hung somewhere. Towels bars, racks, and hooks are the various common and effective ways to hung towers usually because they promote comfort, convenience, and style.

However, recent times have seen the majority of people opting for specific options such as simple hooks. Racks and hooks can deliver a perfect combination of quality and aesthetics, but then again, they can make you wonder- are towel bars out of style? This article will get closer to some of the benefits of towel bars and why they’re still trendy present day.

To get things clear, towel bars are not out of style. In fact, they are some of the most common fixtures you’ll find in a bathroom. They serve the purpose of keeping towels organized, dry, and accessible and they do their job wonderfully, making them a simple, yet beautiful handy piece of furniture and décor.

Moreover, the towel bar can integrate a great feature of heating should you choose to go that route. These benefits make towel bars a fantastic option in this day and age, whether the bathroom is small or big. Simply put, there’s nothing terrible with installing a towel bar in your bathroom. It is still stylistic and will look perfect.

How Many Towel Bars Should You Have In Your Bathroom?

Towel Bars

In most cases, one relatively long towel bar can be sufficient. However, two towel bars may serve better in a larger bathroom. Note that different bathrooms can accommodate different fixtures. If you don’t have that much space, one towel bar can be great in your design. That said, there’re two things that go into deciding where to mount your towel bars. The first one is accessibility.

You want your towel bar to be within reach from where you’re standing in the shower. If your shower has a door, then it will likely have a bar set on the handle. If the shower doesn’t have a door, check that your towel warmer is within arms’ reach of your shower. You can install multiple towel bars, but make sure at least one is accessible to you at all times.

Heated Towel Bars

Perhaps the best fixture you can install in your bathroom design is a heated towel bar. This is important for several different reasons. For instance, heated towel bars are an extremely convenient and comfortable way to hang your towels. That means you’ll have a fresh warm towel to use at the end of every shower you take. Aside from comfort, this will also enhance the quality of your bathroom design.

Heating is an excellent feature that a towel bar utilizes very well in keeping your towels dry and clean every time you need them. This is amazingly satisfying in that the more you can maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom, the better off you will be.

Another great benefit associated with heated towel bars is their health. It is one of the most important elements of your bathroom design, yet many people aren’t really aware of it. Heated towel bars will keep your towels dry and prevent mold and bacteria buildup.

If you leave your towels rather damp or wet, this can cause bacteria build-up and make your bathroom a less healthy environment. You might want to consider this aspect when planning to install a towel bar. What’s better, most aren’t that expensive, yet they bring incredible benefits to your bathroom.

Towel bars Common Finishes and Materials

Towel Bars

The various things that are common in towel bars and racks are the materials and the finishes employed in the making of these models.

The most common base materials include different types of metal such as steel and bras among others. It’s good to state that the variety of finishes can be quite a vas. That said, the most common finishes are chrome, brushed nickel, and stainless steel.

Matte and white are likewise popular finishes for bathroom accessories and can be a great alternative as well.

Most likely you will want to match these fixtures and accessories with the rest of the bathroom design. You will therefore have to keep that into consideration, especially if you’re planning to buy these items separately.

The Bottom Line

Overall, towel bars are not out of style and are going to remain practical and wonderfully useful in every bathroom that has a shower or a bathtub. With their excellent features and incredible benefits, these accessories towel bars are a great way to improve the overall comfort and design of your bathroom.

They are common and effective ways to keep your towels clean and dry. More importantly, these models aren’t that expensive. Even the budget options are considered to be safe and reliable. Heated towel bars, meanwhile, come in handy to keep mold and bacteria at bay.

Note that wet or damp towels can lead to the development of mold and bacteria, which will only do you more harm than good.

A good towel bar should promote comfort, convenience, and style. Not to forget that you can achieve a perfect combination of personal preference, quality, and aesthetics depending on the model you choose.

They are available in different sizes and the prices tend to vary. But generally, these towel bars are amazingly effective even when compared to towel racks and towel hooks.