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Aprilaire Thermostat Troubleshooting: Complete Guide

Aprilaire thermostat troubleshooting, A well-designed thermostat does much more than simply turning your heating and cooling system on and off. Aprilaire formulates smart thermostats, which offer additional benefits to meet your home needs, offer comfort, and save energy.

They regulate your home’s air quality, humidity level, and indoor odors and eliminate allergy-causing pollutants. All these features are mobile-controlled, but there are moments when the thermostat displays error codes or completely stops functions.

This article will extensively share guidelines for troubleshooting Aprilaire’s thermostat problems. Let’s get straight into the topic.

Aprilaire Thermostat Troubleshooting Full Guide

Aprilaire Thermostat Troubleshooting

How regularly does your Aprilaire thermostat require repair? You should know that maintenance is crucial, such as cleaning, replacing various parts, and system repair if necessary.

However, upon the need to replace the heating element in Aprilaire thermostats, consider calling a professional.

Blank Display Issue

Low batteries, a broken circuit breaker, a loose thermostat furnace door, or a pressed power button may cause a thermostat display to blank out.


Check if the power switch is off and turn it on.

Check for a possible blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker which causes the thermostat to malfunction. So, to fix the issue, reset the circuit breaker and, if need be, replace it with a new one.

If the problem is with low batteries, switch off the thermostat, remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones.

Ensure your furnace door is firmly closed.

Thermostat Not Giving Hot/Cold Air

There are moments when your thermostat may fail to give as much heat as required or cold as it should. Here are the possible causes:

  • The thermostat is not be set to heat/cold mode
  • The heating/cooling system needs to be serviced or repair
  • Check if there is a loose electrical connection to the thermostat system.
  • The Fan motor is not running, or it is dirty, meaning the air is not moving around the house
  • The broken blower wheel/ blower belt is loose
  • Clogged filter
  • Blocked ducts
  • Overheating of the furnace


To set the thermostat heating/ cooling system on heat/cold mode, switch it to the required heat mode and increase its setpoint above room temperatures for heat mode and below room temperatures for the cold mode.

Ensure the thermostat and the system wires are securely connected. Repair any loose attachments of the thermostat.

If your heating system may require service or repair, involve your manufacturer.

Fan Problems

Aprilaire thermostat fan stops working due to various reasons such as:

Fan’s wiring system- If there is a short in the fan’s wiring, it causes problems with the thermostat fan

Malfunctioning fan system

The fan switch is turned off

Problem with the thermostat wiring- either they are loose, or a short wire can cause the fan to malfunction.


Turn the fan switch on if it is off

Check each wire connection to confirm they’re not shorted or touching. If so, you need to replace the wires. However, it is best to involve your manufacturer or a professional who will guide you on the operation or even do it himself to ensure the system’s smooth operation.

Try to reset the thermostat as described.

Contact a professional electrician to resolve problems with the fan’s internal system.

Furnace/ Cooling Cycles Are Too Short

If you’re experiencing short cycling in the thermostat furnace or cooling cycles, the size of the room or the thermostat’s location might be influencing the cycle’s rate.


The cooling cycle rate is fixed and thus can’t be adjusted. Therefore, it is best to contact your local services professional for advice and also to adjust the location and the thermostat size.

Thermostat Not Displaying Outdoor Temperatures

If the outdoor temperature is not shown, verify whether the outdoor sensor works properly.

How Can You Reset Aprilaire Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the temperature inside a building. It senses the outdoor temperature and turns the heating system on or off accordingly. A programmed thermostat enables you to set the temperature according to your preferences using a remote control or smartphone app.

On the other hand, a thermostat fuse acts as a safety mechanism designed to control overheating. It safeguards the electrical thermostat components from damage due to excessive current.

To establish whether your thermostat fuse is broken, turn off the main breaker, switch the circuit breaker, and test the thermostat fuse. If the fuse is intact, the thermostat will continue functioning normally. 

Any damage to the fuse will cause the thermostat to malfunction

4 Types of Aprilaire Thermostats

  • WiFi thermostat with IAQ control
  • Non Programmable thermostat
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Home automation thermostats

Advantages of Aprilaire Thermostat 

The four Aprilaire thermostats are equipped with the latest technology and function digitally. They are mercury-free, offer pinpoint accuracy, and regulate single-stage or multi-stage forced air, hydronic HVAC systems, or heat pumps.

How to Program Aprilaire Thermostat

Aprilaire Thermostat Troubleshooting

Aprilaire thermostats are programmable. Therefore, to implement the various timed settings, you will have to program them into it, and here is a quick procedure on how to do it.

First, press the program button to enable you to change the time settings.

Normally, the AM/PM flashes and selects the correct one with the up and down navigation buttons before you press the mode button.

Proceed to the Hour, which will be blinking, and make adjustments using the up and down buttons. The method will apply to adjust minutes and save the changes by pressing mode. 

Finally, the thermostat will show “Done” without further input. If the corrections are complete, press “Done”.

The Aprilaire thermostat is a stable smart system, however it may have issues. Unless the thermostat’s internal mechanism or wiring needs professional repair, the concerns are simple and can be remedied quickly.

Is your Aprilaire thermostat not operating as it should? The guideline shared will assist you in determining the problem with your thermostat and how you can resolve it as soon as possible. Resetting can also help restore the factory settings. Just use the reset button below the battery cover, then press it.