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Assessing John Deere 1025R: Common Problems and Solutions

John Deere 1025R, a Yanmar three-cylinder with a fast speed of 3200rpm, is categorized as a sub-compact utility tractor because it falls between a compact tractor and a regular tractor.

It can maneuver and packs a decent power level for challenging work, making it a source of relief to most small-scale farmers.

However, we can’t afford to close our eyes to the John Deere 1025R problems. Many farmers have reported issues to do with transmission, overheating engines, hydraulic problems among others.

So it’s important to dig deep into the Jd 1025r construction and go over the main points as to whether it’s a worthy investment. Note that this is not a rant about John Deere quality or junkie equipment; it’s a list of problems and looking to see if there are any fixes to the issues.

Common John Deere 1025r Problems

John Deere 1025R

John Deere 1015r Hydraulic Problems

Similar to most power machines, the John Deere 1025r features a hydraulic system as the source of energy to drive fluids. However, it appears that the hydraulic system is not the easiest to work with. Below are some of the hydraulic system complaints and a few troubleshooting techniques.

Poor Performance

The Jd 1025r hydraulic system works with respect to the law of pressure. Thus, any alteration to the pressure of the hydraulic fluid will result in poor performance.

The Good news is that you can improve its performance by draining and filling the hydraulic fluid. Also, you might want to check on the hydraulic oil filters and replace them if necessary.

Sluggish Operation

Some of the operators noticed that the operation speed of this machine decreases with time. In response, the manufacturer suggested that the problem would be due to water in the hydraulic oil altering its density and pressure.

Fortunately, there seems to be a correlative mechanism for this problem. You can simply drain out the hydraulic system and fill it in with pure and prescribed oil type for hydraulic systems.

Jd 1025r Transmission Problems

This is yet another issue some users faced while dealing with Jd 1025r. Some reported that the transmission problems were quite adverse such that the machine couldn’t move an inch even with the engine running.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to call in a mechanic to help resolve the issue. You can perform a corrective measure all by yourself. These transmission problems can be as a result of:

Cold transmission oil- the transmission oil should need to be slightly warm for better oil movements. Therefore you might need to wait for some minutes for the oil to warm up, especially if it is chilly weather.

Low oil- if the oil level is below the minimum level, then it’s low. You can correct this by adding more oil.

Neutral Shift Level Position- Your Jd 1025r could be having a problem because the neutral shift lever is not well-positioned. The level should be at a high or low range position.

Jd 1025r Engine Problems

Working with a faulty engine is just the same as having a useless machine, considering that an engine is the source of power. A defective engine means no power, and consequently no functionality. The various engine problems are;

Hard to Start Engine

Sometimes the engine can be pretty hard to start or even fail to start at all. One major cause of this problem is a wrong gearshift level positioning, which in this case, is likely to be a neutral position.

So make sure that the engine gearshift is in the high or low range whenever you want to run the engine. Moreover, wrong or stale oil types can make your engine hard to start.

This is because the wrong/stale oil type has poor viscosity, which leads to inefficient movements. You should therefore regularly refill hydraulic oil with the correct hydraulic fluid.

Overheating Engine

The excessive temperature on the engine will definitely compromise the longevity of the machine. An engine can overheat due to the accumulation of debris on radiator fins. Thus, it’s important to clean the radiator fins regularly.

In addition, the engine would overheat due to improper adjustment on the fan belt. So make sure your fan belt is always tight and in place.

The good news is that you can grab a coolant and use it to resolve the engine back to its room temperature. You can also reduce the engine speed to cool it down.

Other Problems with Jd 1025r Lawn Tractor

In addition to the above major issues, there are other complaints you might want to know about:

Brakes and Steering Problems

Unreliable brakes and steering are pretty deadly and we strongly suggest that you check on them regularly. Jd 2015 might be faulty if they take a long time to respond. Fortunately, you can fix them by replacing or repairing them. Here are some of the causes of faulty steering:

  •         Too much play on the steering which can be fixed
  •         Faulty oil filter
  •         Improper tire inflation (always check that the tires are correctly inflated)

Electrical System Problems

John Deere 1025R

Issues with the electrical systems are usually caused by faulty batteries. Either the battery is not charging or has corroded terminals resulting in high current resistance. It’s important to check that;

  •         The electrical belt is tight always
  •         The terminals are regularly to prevent corrosion
  •         The battery connections are correct
  •         Any defective battery is replaced


So, is Jd 1025r Worth It?

Now that we have discussed the shortcomings of the John Deere 1025e tractor, you might be wondering if this machine is worth your money.

Besides the problems, the Jd 1025r is equipped with unique features and specifications such as compact design, fast speed, fast transition, and many others. It’s good to note that the problems do not stem from mediocre construction as the manufacturers have done an excellent job.

To sum up, the John Deere 1025r has the most seamless, fast speed, and robust operations. But on the flip side, we have scrutinized some of the users’ complaints and a step further suggested solutions to the Jd 1025r problems.

The shortcomings accompanying this machine are typical and expected challenges while using a power tool. In fact, you can fix some of these issues all by yourself with no extra expense of hiring a mechanic.