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Bosch vs Maytag Dishwasher: Making the Right Choice

Any dishwasher, including the cheaper options, can clean the supper plates and breakfast plates effectively as long as you use a good detergent. However, the best dishwashers, on the other hand, can manage the toughest workloads while remaining quiet, dependable, and simple to fill.

When it’s time to buy a new dishwasher or upgrade the one you’ve been using, you have to choose the most excellent appliance for your kitchen. It should be the option that is reliable, easy to use and handles the most challenging cleaning tasks.

For that case, which one among the two world’s favourite dishwashers will you go for? Will you choose the Bosch dishwasher or the Maytag dishwasher? If you decide to equip your kitchen with a Bosch dishwasher, there is a paramount reason that made you pick that specific variety.

It’s not hard to choose between the Bosch dishwasher and the Maytag dishwasher. After knowing the specifications of each item, you can narrow it down to the pros and cons and slowly move towards the unit that suits your preferences.

Sometimes, choosing between the Bosch dishwasher and the Maytag dishwasher can be a daunting task. Fortunately, this comparison of Bosch vs Maytag dishwasher is set to help you overcome the battle and know the ideal option for your home.

Are you ready to know the difference between Bosch Dishwasher and Maytag Dishwasher? Let’s get started.

Bosch Vs Maytag Dishwasher: Overview

Bosch vs Maytag Dishwasher

Bosch Dishwasher

The fascinating feature of the Bosch dishwashers is the smart connectivity found only in advanced units. Nonetheless, all units have extremely useful features for the standard 6 to 7 wash cycles.

For a residue-free clean, Bosch dishwasher models use the condensation drying method. The AutoAir technique is also available to help you effectively dry the washed dishes.

The Bosch dishwashers’ best features are their quiet operation (starting at 40 dB) and excellent rack flexibility. Furthermore, some units have ADA-compliant features such as internal lighting.

For durability, A Bosch dishwasher is expected to last at least 15 years.

Maytag Dishwasher

Unlike the Bosch dishwasher with smart connectivity for the advanced units only, all Maytag dishwashers have smart connectivity. As a result, you’ll be able to access effortless remote control, auto-replenishment and downloadable cycle services via the Maytag app.

The most recent versions of Maytag dishwashers now include twin power filtration to remove food particles. However, all units have a water softener.

The PowerBlast cycle, which performs heavy-duty cleaning for tenacious residues, is included in most Maytag Dishwashers.

You’ll appreciate the almost imperceptible background noise of the Maytag dishwasher. The little doesn’t get stuck in your head. In addition, you will use the Maytag dishwasher without having it repaired for a period of 10 years or more.


The price of Bosch dishwashers in the 100 and 300 Series starts at $500. The 800 Series Bosch dishwashers are ultra-modern, packed with edge-cutting features, and their prices start at $700.

On the other hand, the cheapest Maytag dishwasher is available from $500, and the price is likely to reduce if you buy it during the seasonal sales.

Price Winner; Maytag Dishwasher

Noise Level

First, how do you figure out whether your dishwasher is noisy or not? 30 dB, for example, is comparable to the noise you’d hear in a calm rural location. The 40 dB level is similar to a silent library or distant bird cries.

When you evaluate 50 or 60 decibels, you can see that they are certainly a few decibels higher. Consider low-key conversation or ambient noise at cafés.

Sound-absorbing insulation in the Maytag MDB4949SHZ dishwasher reduces noise by 50 decibels. However, that again depends on the unit’s design since only a few models have a noise level of 47 decibels.

The Bosch SHP878ZD5N Dishwasher from the 800 Series is the king of lowering the noise level to 40 decibels and below. You won’t even notice when the machine is on. Of course, there are some entry-level Bosch units with a noticeable sound.


Bosch vs Maytag Dishwasher

When you go into a room with a dishwasher, what is the first thing that attracts your eye? The exterior design and style are equally as significant as the internal design.

Even if the design doesn’t help much with cleaning like the control panel and the handle areas, it’s still worth the attention.

When it comes to a modern design that mixes well with various kitchen settings, Bosch dishwashers are unrivalled. You may pick from various handle types, user-friendly features, and even scratch-resistant doors in a series or unit.

The ADA function on Bosch dishwashers is unparalleled.It helps in ensuring easy accessibility for the  physically challenged persons.

Maytag dishwasher, on the other hand, is straightforward. Generally, Maytag Company is a Whirlpool subsidiary that sells a variety of dishwashers under the Maytag name. The firm is more concerned with the functionalities rather than the appearance.

As a result, some people may find the design of Maytag dishwashers distracting in the kitchen. Most Maytag dishwashers are designed to accommodate many dirty dishes and not for a stylish appearance.

Design winner; Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch vs Maytag; Are they similar?

Maytag and Bosch share some features in one way or another. Similar characteristics make most customers indecisive when choosing between the two. However, there are also reasons that you need to incorporate into your shopping list.

First, Bosch Dishwashers and Maytag dishwashers have robust stainless steel tubs, a third rack to improve loading capacity, and a water leak detection system that shuts down the dishwasher before flooding occurs.

Furthermore, Bosch and Maytag’s dishwashers are modern appliances with excellence in conserving electricity and water. All Maytag and Bosch machines include user-friendly control panels and easy to use handles.


Ultimately, you’ve gathered all of the essential information you’ll need to decide your kitchen’s environment.

While Bosch has been a trusted brand for several years, the Maytag dishwasher is a low-cost option that minimizes your effort and kitchen anxiety. It also has a more sophisticated smart connectivity, only available in Bosch advanced versions.

As you debate between a Bosch dishwasher and a Maytag dishwasher, please remember that the noise level, exterior design, quality, and durability are worth considering before making a final verdict.

After going through thousands of user reviews and the stress-testing results, it’s clear that the Bosch dishwasher series is the best option that is helpful though more expensive than Maytag Dishwashers.